10 Signs your teenage child or sibling is being bullied

A child being bullied is not something to be taken lightly, if you suspect your child is being bullied, Jumia Travel, shares 10 signs to look out for.

You should know that involvement is the key in combating this issue. You should know the child well so that you can easily identify these signs in the child.

1. Vanishing Friends

If you notice your teen’s usual friend(s) are no longer calling or inviting them over. If you ask your teen about his/her friend(s) and they reply with something like ‘I have no friends’, then that’s a red flag and you need to find out more. Vanishing friends can be an indication that bullying is taking place.

2. Changes in Your Child’s Moods

Look out for significant changes in your teen’s behavior and personality. Teenagers who are being bullied typically appear anxious, clingy, withdrawn or sullen. They also tend to appear sad, moody, depressed or teary, especially after school or after being online. You should also consider it a warning signal when your teen starts to suffer from low self-esteem, starts to blame themselves for things and start to voice out how they are not good enough. Bullying, whether emotional or physical, is a likely cause of this.

3. Minor Health Complaints and Injuries

Teens who are being physically bullied tend to come home with constant injuries: unexplained cuts, bruises and scratches. You might also notice they tend to come home very hungry even after being given a lunchbox to school and pocket money for snacks. A likely cause of this hunger is that they are being bullied for their food and money.

4. Changes in Sleeping Habits

If your teen suddenly starts to have trouble sleeping, if he/she seems to be having more nightmares, if you notice he/she sleeps more than normal or cries himself/herself to sleep, these indicate that something is amiss with the child and it can be caused by bullying. Quality sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle; sudden changes in your teen’s sleep patterns should be investigated.

5. Grades Beginning to Fall

When your teen, whose grades are known to be consistently good, suddenly starts performing badly, you should look deeper. When a child is being bullied they usually find it difficult to focus on schoolwork, as a result their grades tend to drop. You should also occasionally ask your child in direct and indirect ways if they like school. If their response is along the lines of them ‘hating’ school, dig deeper, bullying might be the cause.

6. Deviating from their Usual Routine

If your teen stops doing things they once loved to do, if they lose interest in their favorite activities and start skipping school-related or social activities involving their peers, even going as far as deceitfully reporting these activities have been cancelled, you need to gently and wisely find out why. Bullying is a likely cause of this evasiveness.

7. Report of Lost Possessions

If your teen, who typically isn’t careless with his/her possessions suddenly starts to lose personal belongings and property, it might be a sign that the child is being bullied out of his/her possessions. Don’t be quick to dismiss this as irresponsible behavior, investigate, dig deeper to understand the cause of this sudden carelessness.

8. Intense Emotional Reactions

If your teen starts to have intense emotional reactions towards people, conversations or activities, it could be a sign that they are holding anxiety for or around these things or people due to either physical or emotional bullying. Dig deeper to find out.

9. Acting Out Against Family and Sibling

If your teen suddenly starts to withdraw from family, talking and interacting less than usual with family members, it could be a sign that something is amiss. If the teen has siblings and suddenly starts acting out against them, shouting or reacting aggressively to them, this could also be a more prominent sign of bullying. It should not be ignored.

10. They Acquire a Victim Stance

Teens who are being bullied often develop a lack of assertiveness and ability to stand up for themselves. They develop a victim stance that sees them walking with their heads down, talking themselves down and being unwilling to comment or speak their mind. This is one of the effects of prolonged bullying and at this stage patience is needed to help the teen build back confidence.

5 Ways BYODs are weakening businesses data security

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a recent increasing trend towards employee-owned devices within a business.

However, this recent trend of IT consumerization, regardless of its advantages, increasingly poses a security risk to organizations when these personal devices are connected to organizations’ corporate network or when they access corporate data.

Jumia Travel shares 5 ways BYODs are weakening business data security.

1.Unguarded Application Usage

If a company owns and controls a device, it is easier for the IT department to determine what applications can and cannot be used on devices. However, with personal devices there are little or no restrictions. Users can install whatever application they desire on their device. This can be a big risk to the organizations security because in the process users can unknowingly install an application designed to steal confidential data from user’s device or log keystrokes so attackers can gain users to the key systems.

2. Local Storage of Confidential Data

While using personal devices to access corporate networks and data, employees tend to store some of these data on their devices, sometimes forgetting to properly encrypt them. These data can easily be stumbled upon by external individuals if the device is lost, stolen or accessed by a non-employee related to the employee.

3. Incidence of Lost/Stolen Devices

If devices used by employees in your organization are accessed and stored ‘in-house” it helps to reduce the incidence of lost and stolen devices. But with the use of personal devices, the incidence of lost and stolen devices eventually becomes quite frequent with employees. Once these devices that have access to your corporate network and data are not properly secured at the time of the theft, confidential information could be leaked or access to your organization’s systems could be granted to anyone who has access to the device. This is can indeed be a difficult IT security mess to clean up.

4. Risk of Non- Employees Accessing Your Network

Many personal devices are used not only by your employees but also by friends, family etc. of your employees. This is a potential security risk because these ‘other’ users can accidentally open confidential applications or documents, and share, expose or leak confidential information, especially if your employee forgets or fails to logout of a secure application.

5. Network Risks

Employees tend to connect to internet networks anywhere and at any time with their personal devices – be it at home, in the office, at the airport etc. Some of these networks, especially the public Wi-Fi, cannot fully be trusted, therefore these networks can pose a security risk. If the communication between your employees’ personal devices and your company’s corporate network is not encrypted, the information from such communication can be intercepted by unfriendly or malicious networks.

Hilarious reasons why Nigerians Eat Meat Last

You must have observed at the restaurant that many Nigerians eat their meat last. It raises the question, why do they eat the meat at the end of their meal?

The type of meat you will most likely to get in a restaurant include round about, ponmo, shaki, chicken, and cow/goat meat.

Interestingly, this practice knows no gender as both boys and girls do it. Jumia Travel shares some hilarious reasons why some Nigerians eat meat last.

1. You save the best for last

You order 3 wraps of Eba and sizzling vegetable and meat. The meat is like a trophy you are rewarded with after you have successfully dealt with the wraps of eba, Congratulations, this is your meat trophy, you can now eat it. You clasp your fingers, pick your meat in a slow motion, drop in your mouth, close your eyes to savour the taste and chew. Wow!

2. It is embarrassing when eating and there is no meat

Yes now. You are eating a plate of rice and you eat your meat at the middle or beginning of your meal, you yourself will be embarrassed. If unfortunately at that very moment you ate your meat before finishing your meal a pretty lady sits beside or in front of you, you will regret ever eating your meat. In fact, shame will not allow you finish the meal.

3. It motivates you to complete the meal

Quite a number of people cannot eat a meal if there is no meat let alone complete it. So, the meat inspires and motivates you to empty your food in your stomach. You will even salivate as you look forward to devouring the meat.

4. It is the way ‘I’ was brought up

For some Nigerians, the reason why they eat meat last is the way they were brought. The watchful eyes of mummy will not allow them to eat the meat until they finish the food. Hence, you dare not try to eat your meat immediately you start eating if you don’t want to receive a hot slap. So, it is already part of them.

5. You don’t have enough money to buy meat

If you buy like 5 types of meat buy your plate of write, there will be enough meat to run the full length of the meal. This will enable to eat meat at the beginning, middle, and end. But, you can’t try this if you bought only one meat. You have to reserve it until the end.

6. It is bad habit

Some people consider eating your meat immediately as bad habit.

6 Ways to make a great first impression

Remember the saying you have only one chance to make a first impression? Well that’s pretty obvious which is why you should learn what to do to ensure your first impression is a great one. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 ways to help you make a great first impression.

1. Dress How You Want To Be Addressed

You probably already know this, so now you need to apply it. If you want to make a great first impression, dress the part. From head to toe, be sure you are portraying the image of how you want to be seen in the best possible way.

2. Watch Your Body Language

Your body language speaks volumes, be sure not to be careless with it. Genuine smiles, sincere expressions, purposeful eye contact and well managed emotional reactions and responses are key to making a great first impression. Stand tall and exude confidence and self-assuredness (be careful not to let this border on arrogance or pride because even this should be done in moderation) and you’ll be sure to make a great first impression.

3. Remain Positive

Be positive in your interactions, avoid negative or biting sarcastic remarks, be careful with your words, keep it light, upbeat and positive and you’ll be sure to make a great first impression.

4. Be Attentive

No one likes to be ignored, so listen to people, make them feel heard and understood. Respond appropriately to their body language, and you’ll create a first impression too great to be ignored.

5. Be Respectful

Don’t forget your manners. Remember your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s. Be humble, let your tone and actions be respectful and you’re sure to leave a great first impression.

6. Relax and Be Yourself

Whether or not you consider yourself an interesting person, just be relaxed and free with the process. It’s not really about you being interesting but about the person finding your words, actions, reactions, gestures and mannerisms interesting, and these can only come through when you are relaxed and yourself. Forget how nervous you are and focus on doing the things you know you should do to make a great first impression. Sometimes, people might not be moved by your jokes or attempts at creating fun and excitement, but they will be moved by your humility, respect and genuine interest in them and their words.

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