10 Top Things to Consider before Investing into any ONLINE PLATFORM


(1) Don’t invest what you’re not willing to lose🤷‍♂️

(2) Nothing last forever🙅‍♂️

(3) No matter how sweet it feels in the beginning don’t be tempted to invest your life savings❌❌

(4) Draw a personal investment plan and stick to it.

(5) Don’t stop your normal hustle bcs of the sweetness of investment🙄

(6) As you invest, always remove your ROI and only reinvest your capital. E get why☝️

(7) Never give assurance to any downline. You’re not the CEO and it is not your father’s company✌️

(8) Only introduce downlines who know the risks involved not anyone that will threaten your life when the chips go down.

(9) If you don’t have an extra source of paying back DON’T BORROW TO INVEST.

(10) Always do giveaway when you Cashout so that the gods of investment will be at peace with you.

*BONUS TIP: Never collect money to invest on behalf of anybody. Let them pay the money into the official Account by themselves*🚶‍♂️


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