2 Key things you MUST do to win Pool, MERRYBET, bet9ja

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To every staker, winning pool is very easy and simple; but, for the experienced stakers, winning pool is not that easy as people tend to portray.

Over time I have come to understand that the psychology behind this pool industry is very strong.

In every coupon week of play, both compilers and stakers are very optimistic of winning; but, the reality sets in when results are out.

While majority of stakers will be crying, wailing and feeling that sense of regret and disappointment; only very few stakers will be rejoicing after getting a winning line or Nap for the week.

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Here is the odd part: you often hear people say that you cannot win pool every week; yet, these same people dream of winning each week. And what do they do?

They go about looking for keys, and authentic sequence to win, they buy games and keys and formula. But, when results are out, only few of the thousands of games purchased end up giving them winning.

After a few weeks, they repeat the same process again and again; and the end result is often not different. This is exactly what we call “Insanity”

Insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome”.

So, what can you do to turn things in favour? You must think smart and look at pool business from a smart dimension. Now, how do you do this?

After thinking about the question above for a very long time, I arrived at two answers.

Do you want to win pool? I am sure your answer is “Yes”. If so, then this is what you need to win pool.

There are two things you need to do if you Must win pool or MERRYBET or Bet9ja. What are these two things?

They are:

1 = Good forecast sequence
2 = Good money management

The above key ways of winning football pools and bets works differently depending on where your interests rests.

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But, what I have not really explained to you is my good money management strategy.

I am proud of my good money management strategy in both pools and betting because it is 100% reliable and accurate.

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I conclude this post by making reference to what I posted above. It may sound contradictory, but it is not out of place to posit that winning pool and football bets is very simple.

Though, it is tough; what makes it simple is this: getting the brain work behind a successful path often makes that path a success.

Can you ever do something and succeed at it without ever knowing how to do that thing?

Can you ever score a goal in a football match without knowing how to kick a football?

Can you actually write a sentence without knowing how to write alphabets?

I bet you now see the reason why you need to know how to win bets before you can actually win bets.

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