2018 Aussie Pools Farewell Message to all Newsbeat Members, Visitors

I am happy that the 2018 Aussie Football Pools Season ends this weekend of 28th and 29th of July, 2018.

The season has been tough, but we will not quit. Because, like I have repeatedly written on this site: “quitters do not win, and winners do not quit”.

I encourage everyone using this site to be patient when you read what I post here.

Everything has an explanation, and you should be able to make efforts to understand what I do here.

If your aim of paying the access fee to be part of this group is just to get coupon number each week, then you are missing the whole point of being a registered member of Newsbeatportal site.

Life is a process, and you must be ready to follow the process through till the end.

So many people who visit this site come and scroll down looking for numbers, this is not the point.

You must be interested in knowing what I am doing here. You must sacrifice your time to read thoroughly and study the sequence I post here.

I am not a magician, neither am I a Cardiff board member; I am just a compiler, who study patterns in Niger Record Fixtures.

I will post my best sequence each week with a careful and detailed analysis of my observation.

You should be interested in what I do; if you not interested in the process then what is the point of even playing pool.

Let me ask you a question: can you be a doctor without going to school of Medicine? Can you be a farmer if you do not learn and know how to plant and harvest crops?

Can you stay on this page if you do not know how to read, browse, and operate your phone?

So, I ask: can you win pool without knowing and picking interest in how to win pool?

If you feel that you can do that because I drop games here, then you are missing the whole point of being a registered member.

So many people who visit this site do not read what I post; they just pick numbers and play.

This is also the case in the registered members page room.

Everyone is looking for sure bankers, fixed matches, and 100% correct predicted games.

But, ask yourself: do we really have sure banker draws and fixed matches?

Can you get them on a weekly basis?

I am sorry to say this, but the answer to the above questions is an emphatic NO.

Listen: I post dead games and banker draws every week on this site.

If you do not read, how will you be able to select the draws from the dead games?

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