2023 Presidential Elections: Peter Obi Is The Man To Beat

Peter Obi is a Rockstar & solid. He oozes integrity. He is the most strategic choice to win the next 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria.

He will get all the disillusioned voters and drive the enthusiasm of the youths to its crescendo. Atiku and Tinubu cannot compete. That is the mistake the APC and PDP made.

Nigeria is changing, and fast!! Many want that very ‘elusive’ fighting chance and the Throne of Good Men restored.

Peter Obi will win the South East (SE), South South (SS), and the North Central (NC). He will get the moderate votes in the North West (NW) and the North East (NE), perhaps, swing the hardcore Northerners.

The South West (SW) are the most advanced and enlightened voters. Forget the bad eggs called the BATifieds. Peter Obi might even win Tinubu in his own backyard.

Everything is on the table now. The state of play is changing. The die is cast. Obi has grown so much. He is now a formidable force.

Campaigns are months away, already Peter Obi is making huge inroads & incursions into traditional PDP & APC strongholds.

He puts all his cards on the table, and fills the shoes. He ticks all the right boxes and checks off enough columns as well. Peter Obi is the man to beat. YES!

Hate, tribal bigotry & violent attacks from Tinubu supporters against ObiDIENTS, it won’t stop Peter Obi from winning, I see no reason why he can’t win.

Majority of the votes and over 25% of the votes in at least 24 of the 36 states, is all he needs. It is very PO-ssible. YES!!


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