30 Habits that show improper upbringing in children

Dear Parents,
Please, carefully look into the list below to see where you may want to make amends on yourself or the young ones you are caring for.

Children, if not properly groomed may never get to the top in life, even if the parents are at the top of their career.

Manners take you to where your education can’t irrespective of your status, money or the “who you know” factor.

1) Going to your child’s school dressed indecently? (Think again)
2) Speaking rashly to your child’s teacher. (Hun?)
3) Cursing, using foul words or swearing in front of your children. (And you want the child to recite the beatitudes?)

4) Using makeup on children. (It’s not necessary)
5) Dressing indecently for children.(they can’t handle the pressure it may bring)

6) When your child holds the cup or glassware by the brim and you don’t correct.(that’s dirty)

7) You dress your child in the latest adult fashion (let them be children as long as they are children, they will be adults for the rest of their lives)

8) Your children don’t greet and you just feel they will come around one day because they have a mood swing. ( You will be blamed for it!)

9) Your children eat with their mouth opened and you feel they will grow up some day. (it’s gross)

10) Your children bring home something you did not buy for them and you say nothing. ( that is the beginning of stealing)

11) They talk back at you and you conclude it’s okay since you are a 21st century parent. ( You will regret not cautioning them in the nearest future)

12) They interrupt when you are speaking with another adult and you think they are bold and clever. (It’s really bad manners)

13) They exercise authority over their nanny and domestic staff and you let them be. ( that is bad parenting)

14) They say things like “my driver is on his way…”
(I am not an advocate that children should call your domestic staff aunty or brother, calling them by name when they are not young people is not poise either. The use of Miss, Mr or Mrs will look good on them.)

15) Your children don’t say- ‘Thank you’ when they have been helped or served something and you are cool with that. (It shows you have been negligent)

16) When your children cannot stand children who are less privileged. (come on, where did you start from?)

18) When they pick their nose with their hands.(It’s irritating)

19) When they don’t wash their hands after visiting the washroom.(you should teach them that)

20) When your children take something from the fridge without taking permission. (hmmm, don’t complain when they move to your purse)

21) When your children don’t knock on closed doors.(it’s just rude)

22) When children can’t help you with groceries you carried in as you walk in through the door. (laziness is a terrible habit)

23) When your children request for a bribe to carry out their home chores or extra task. (That is plain disgraceful )

24) When your children act like their grand parents irritate them. (they ought to know better)

25) When your children have not learnt to get up from the chair for the elderly or visitors to sit. (it’s a good culture, teach them)

26) When your child tells a lot of lies. (You will both cry in the future)

27) When your child asks “who is that?” at a knock on your door instead of “yes please, who is there.” (he mustn’t open the door, just answer politely)

28) When your child is always seated by your visitors when being served drinks etc.(that era has passed)

29) When your children still point their fingers at other people. (it’s just wrong)

30) When your children play and jump around when prayers are going on.(age 4 above).

Dont be a 21st Century parent who cannot correct a child to your detriment. Train your child in the way of the Lord so that when he grows up he will not depart from it.


Please circulate to all parents and grandparents that are on your contact list to assure us all a better future.

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