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A dollar debit card, in simple terms, is a debit card that does transactions in dollar instead of naira. It is the dollar equivalent of a naira debit card.

While the naira debit card transactions are done in naira, the dollar debit card transactions are done in dollars. A naira debit card is attached to your savings account or current account; but the dollar debit card is attached to your domiciliary account (a foreign currency account).

A dollar debit card is an international debit card that is issued in partnership with MasterCard or Visa; and it is directly linked to the customer’s domiciliary account.

Banks including those in Nigeria have some similar products (prepaid dollar cards) that are not linked to a domiciliary account. They are different from the dollar debit card. The dollar debit card is denominated in the US dollars, but can also be used to settle purchases in other major currencies. All transactions carried out using the dollar card are reflected on the account instantly.

It is important to note that a customer can choose to apply for a pound sterling debit card or a euro debit card, depending on his/her needs or preferences.

Most people open dollar debit card because the US dollar is the most popular currency in the world and transactions done in dollars are easily convertible to other currencies.

A dollar debit card offers immense benefits. Changing your travel money before you embark on a trip can be a bit of a hassle; and bringing out wads of cash is less than ideal. However, with the dollar debit card, paying for things in a foreign currency has never been easier.

The US dollar is one of the world’s most common currencies; and it is used in numerous countries. It is therefore important to obtain a dollar card instead of the local currency card.

The benefits are highlighted below:

1. Exchange rate

You don’t need to bother about the exchange rate your bank will charge you. According to www.moneyuk.com, one of the biggest financial issues most travellers face is the exchange rate. Intending travellers often ask whether they should change all the naira cash with them into dollars at the beginning and swallow up the commission charges or hold some back and hope that the exchange rate will improve.

By opting to have your cash already converted into dollars and paid into your domiciliary account, you don’t need to worry about exchange rate fluctuation.

In addition, one of the biggest problems that occur when paying for transactions abroad is opting to have the purchase debited in pound sterling. By using dollar debit cards instead, you will pay the same price that you saw on the shelf.

2. Transaction fees

Most banks do not charge any transaction fee on the dollar debit card. Exchange rate isn’t the only factor that can influence how much money you have to spend.

3. Global acceptability

The dollar is a global currency. It is therefore accepted everywhere. You are not likely to be stranded.

4. Payment for sundry expenses

It can be for hotel or air ticket bills. Paying for your hotel bill or airline tickets will become easier.

5. Entry visa fees

Some Nigerian bank customers are unable to pay for the UK and Canadian visas online. But with a dollar card, such challenge will no longer be there.

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