5 Tips To Run a Business While Still Employed

It is never easy to start a business especially in this economic situation in Nigeria. It is even more demanding and difficult for those who are working and also running a side business.

But you have no choice than to have a side business. If not for anything but to diversify your sources of income. So, you should know that you can successfully run your business while being employed. You don’t have to leave your job. Jumia Travel shares tips on how to pull this off.

1. Ensure they don’t clash

No matter how demanding and exerting your 9 to 5 job or your side hustle is, you should ensure that they don’t clash or separate. If you need to attend meetings, you should schedule it in such a way that you won’t be questioned afterward. Remember that you need both jobs to keep body and soul together.

2. No need to keep your side business secret

Depending on your position at work, you should let people know that you have a side business. You don’t need to keep it hidden. This is easier for persons in the line managers as they can inform the managing Directors without any fear. For others, you can inform your friends. And depending on your relationship with your line manager, you can inform them.

3. Manage your time

If you are able to keep your day job and side business separate, you should do same with time. The way you manage your time will make running two jobs less cumbersome and frustrating.

4. Check your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also go a long way in determining how well you run both jobs. If you party every weekend, it may be time to reduce the time spent partying. This will get you to get more done and you can also sleep more.

5. Get help

If you cannot run your business smoothly without it affecting your daily job, you should consider getting help. This will reduce the stress and burden on you. You don’t get help from just anyone but someone who is reliable and trustworthy.

5 Reasons Nigerian Children Are Not Speaking Their Mother tongue

In the past children spoke Nigeria’s indigenous languages namely Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa fluently and unashamedly. However, today, the complete opposite is the case. Kids can barely communication in Efik or Idoma without adding a bit of English. The consequences of this are that many of these languages are facing extinction while some of them have gone extinct. A research that is cited by those concerned to lend credence to the import of indigenous languages is that of former Minister of education, Prof. Babs Fafunwa.

1. Parents don’t speak the languages to them

Parents don’t speak their mother tongue to their children anymore. In fact, some of these parents when they go for attending events one of the best hotels in Lagos, they order their children not to speak the language. How can such a child learn the language? Parents should speak more to their kids in their mother tongue.

2. It is tagged vernacular

In some schools today, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo among other languages are banned because they are considered vernacular. A child who speaks his or her mother tongue would be penalized. So from the formative years of these children, they already have the perception that speaking their mother tongue is bad.

3. They are uncivilized

Many people believe that you are uncivilized or local if you speak your mother tongue. So, in other to join the bandwagon and be accepted, they dish Ibibio for English. This is all in the name of being civilized. Children have also been caught in this web

4. It is not compulsory in primary and secondary schools

While English is compulsory in secondary schools today, the indigenous languages are not even though a child must study one of these languages. Children will think the languages are a joke. Hence, they won’t bother to learn or speak it.

5. Technology

The engagement or interaction of children with technology is entirely in English. Their smartphone, video games, laptop and other tech gadgets are in English. So since many of them spend so much time with these gadgets, they don’t have anything to do with the languages. This is a challenge to Nigerian developers to design tech gadgets in the indigenous languages.

How To Make Flying With a Baby Less Stressful in 5 Ways

If given the opportunity, quite a number of parents will not fly with their babies.

If you are worried about flying with your baby, Jumia Travel, the online travel agency identifies ways to make flying with your baby less stressful.

1. Pack smart

Packing smart can seriously help you to reduce stress when travelling with your baby. You should ensure that you pack your baby’s things in an exclusive bag for easy access. This will make it easier to get your preserved bottled breast milk and change diapers.

2. Bring a travel mate

You can also book a cheap flight ticket for a travel mate on Jumia Travel. Your travel mate or companion will either carry your luggage or take care of your baby. It is better than going alone.

3. Get the right plane seat

Getting the right seat is essential for you to travel with your baby. The best seat is a window seat. It offers you privacy to nurse your baby. Some people may frown at you breastfeeding your baby openly. So try as much as possible to get a window seat. You can talk to the attendants at the ticket counter.

4. Leave the big luggage behind

If you can, you should leave your big luggage at home especially if you are vacationing for a few days. With this, you don’t need to pay more for luggage, and you can focus on taking care of your baby on board. But if you need your luggage, you can ask your partner to send it to you. This will only cost a little extra.

5. Don’t forget baby toys

Babies love being engaged on board. One of the fun ways to do this is by giving them toys. This will keep them distracted and you can worry less about flying with your baby.


There is something about pressure from loved ones, peers and people in our social circle that places such a heavy weight on us. It makes it difficult to do anything but give in and dance to their rhythm.

Jumia Travel, the online travel agency, shares 4 reasons to strengthen your resolve and put off the weight of societal pressure.

1. Anger and Resentment

When you give in to societal pressure, you are doing something against your beliefs, principles and most importantly against your will. There is little chance that such will not give you a load of anger issues to deal with.

You’ll find yourself angry at those who pressured you, yourself for giving in and everything that becomes a consequence of your actions. You weren’t given a choice, now you are stuck with what you didn’t want or choose, that’s enough to make anyone angry and resentful, and that’s not a life to live.

2. Depression

Especially if you give into societal pressure and things don’t work out well, you become sad and disappointed in yourself for not being assertive enough to stand your ground and giving in.

Such feelings of sadness and disappointment if experienced for a prolonged period, without being checked or treated, can degenerate into depression. The individual thus falls into bouts of depression, and in extreme cases, self-hatred and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

3. Loss of Individuality

Each time you give into societal pressure, you are more or less compelled into going by everything your peers, loved ones and those in your social circle think is right.

You tend to blindly imitate them, adopt their tastes and force yourself to begin to see things the way they do. Ultimately, their likes become yours, their ideals become yours, their beliefs become yours, and their pressures become yours. You thus lose your original way of looking at life, which eventually devastates your confidence.

4. Eating Disorders

Particularly for those under societal pressure for their bodies to look a certain way or be a certain size, disordered eating like binging and purging result from the struggle to regulate the negative effects of this pressure.

The person therefore binges to feel better after a period of restrained eating, and then purges (self-induced vomiting, intake of diuretics, performing enemas and laxative abuse) to relieve the emotions of depression, anxiety and guilt caused by binging. Also, over-eating or binge-eating to gain more weight because of perceived ‘over-thinness’ is another example of this kind of disordered eating.


Every night we go to sleep and go through different stages of sleep until we sometimes reach the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage when we have the most vivid and memorable dreams, and our brains are the most active when sleeping.

Dreams remain much of a mystery, though psychologists and philosophers have tried to explain the reason why we dream. Even with these explanations and scientific studies, the reason we dream is still largely a mystery.

1.Your Mind Can Incorporate External Stimuli into Your Dreams

If you are sleeping and music is being played during your sleep, you are more likely to dream of being in a concert or having a ‘music-centric’ dream. The same applies if loud shouts or noises are being made around you during your sleep, you are more likely to have a noisy dream or a dream of being shouted at.

2. Women and Men Dream Differently

Men tend to have more men than women in their dreams. Also, men tend to have more aggressive dreams than women. Women’s dreams mostly feature the same amount of men and women.

3. Dreaming Can Help You Learn

Researchers report that dreams are the brain’s way of processing, integrating and understanding new information. When the brain dreams, it helps you learn and solve problems. So when studying for a test or trying to learn a new task, you will learn and understand better if you take a nap in the process or head to bed early, rather than forcing the information into your brain.

4. For Most People in Relationships, Their Most Common Nightmare Is Their Partner Cheating

A survey of more than 5000 people in relationships found that, the infidelity dream is the nightmare that haunts most people. It rarely has anything to do with an actual affair but is born from the universal fear of being wronged or left alone.

So the next time you dream of your spouse having an extra-marital affair, sit back, relax and take a deep breath. It is rarely a ‘sign’ that something is wrong with your relationship; rather it is more of a pointer to your paranoia. Physical evidence is best to stir up or confirm suspicions about infidelity or unfaithfulness, not dreams.

5. The Best Way to Remember Your Dreams is to Stay Put When You Wake Up

Immediately you wake from a dream you seem to have forgotten and want to remember, just lie still and don’t move a muscle for some time. As you do, take your mind back and slowly latch on to the bits of the dream you begin to remember until the whole thing comes to you. It’s not something you do forcefully or with tension, but rather you relax in a sort of semi-dreamlike state and calmly explore your mind to reach for the memories.

The reason you remain in the position you woke up in is because that was the position you were dreaming in. When you move your body, you more or less disconnect yourself from the dream you were in just seconds ago.

6. Recurring Dreams Can Be Subliminal

If you keep having the same dreams or nightmares over and over again, you should check for underlying messages in the dreams. For example, according to Loewenberg, a renowned dream expert, if you keep dreaming of losing your teeth or of your teeth being cracked, you should then think of what your teeth and mouth represent. To the dreaming mind, you teeth and any part of your mouth mostly symbolize your words, your communications. The dreams might be trying to tell you to monitor and improve the way you communicate.

Also, especially when the recurring dreams are strange, another way to interpret what they are trying to communicate is to analyze how the dreams make you feel. The meaning of these dreams often times relates to things we need to understand about ourselves and the world around us.

7. You Don’t Have To Be Asleep To Dream

There is something called ‘Wakeful Dreaming’, which should not be confused with ‘Day Dreaming’. In wakeful dreaming, you tap into your active imagination. You first think about a recent dream you had (one of your good, bad or strange dreams) in a quiet and contemplative place. When you have brought the dream into your waking awareness, you then let the dream ‘re-energize’ and unfold within your control. This type of dreaming can be used as a relaxation tool and can also help the mind process a puzzling dream.

5 Behaviours To Avoid When Traveling In Some Parts of Northern Nigeria

Nigeria is like an umbrella sheltering different cultures, religions, traditions, and values. This is why there is a cultural difference between Southern and Northern Nigeria. What is acceptable in the South may be outrightly offensive North.

You can describe it as a liberal south and conservative north. Hence, when you are junketing especially around Northern Nigeria, you should be very conscious of what you do because it may unpleasant to the people.

Jumia Travel, the online booking agency identify some of these behaviours. You should not ignore these tips if you find yourself in the North to prevent any unpalatable backlashes.

1. Public display of affection

Cuddling, holding hands and other forms public display of affection is nauseating to many in the North. If you are so bent on showing off your romantic prowess, you should wait till you return to the hotel you booked in Kano or Kaduna on Jumia Travel.

2. Engage in religious disagreement

Religion is a sensitive issue in some parts of Northern Nigeria. So, if you are a Muslim. Christian or traditionalist from any other parts of Nigeria or a tourist, you should sidestep any religious discussion or argument. It is better you just enjoy your stay at the Kajuru Castle in Kaduna and keep your religious convictions to yourself.

3. Not covering your hair

As a lady traveling to the North, you already have a dress code. It doesn’t mean you adopt that type of dressing. But the least you can do is to never to leave your hair open. Always cover it even if you don’t like it. And, don’t display sensitive features of your body.

4. Mingling with women

Culturally and religiously, men are not allowed to mingle with women in Northern Nigeria. So, as a man, you should not be found amidst women no matter how essential your message or encounter may be.

5. Eating publicly during fasting

You will observe that many of these behaviours or actions are hinged on religion. This is because Islam is the major religion in the North and things they do are dictated by Islam. So, if you are a non-believer in Islam, you should not eat in public especially during fasting. Try as much as possible to eat your food in your room.

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