5 Ways to avoid counterfeit car parts

The incidence of numerous counterfeit car parts flooding the market has become a serious problem in recent years.

Counterfeit or imitation car parts typically aren’t very easy to spot because counterfeit part makers work long and hard to fool consumers. This makes it difficult to avoid them.

However, there are a couple of things you can keep in mind to help you, at least to a reasonable extent, identify these fake car parts.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 of these things to help you identify and avoid counterfeit car parts.

1. Extremely Large Difference in Prices

Sometimes the cheapest deal isn’t always the best, especially when buying car parts. If you do your research and when in the market for parts you are given a price that is outrageously low, the car part is most likely fake. You should be suspicious.

2. Buy Your Parts from Authorized Dealers and Retailers

This might be a more expensive option but in the long run, it’s worth it. Most of us already know this but we still manage the cheap fake parts because they get our cars moving. However, though these fake parts temporarily fix the problem, they also cause bigger problems in the meantime. These fake parts are not built to your car’s specification, so they tend to lead to mechanical problems, system breakdowns and safety problems. Not to mention the fact that you still end up spending a fortune on them, because they don’t last long and need to be constantly replaced. It’s better to set your car aside while you save up for the original part or rework or fix the faulty part (if it can be fixed) rather than opting for cheap fake parts. However, avoid these ‘salvage parts’ for risky parts like distributor, alternator or brakes.

3. Check for Distinct Marks

In an attempt to check the activities of counterfeit part producers, some brands have now started affixing distinct marks on their car parts. This mark will assist you in distinguishing genuine products from counterfeit products. You can search online for information on these distinct marks or ask authorized dealers and retailers about it.

4. Inspect the Packaging

If the packaging appears flimsy and of a low quality, if it lacks a brand name or logo, has graphics or a name similar to but not the exact name of the original manufacturers you’re used to seeing, it’s most likely fake. Counterfeiters often try as much as possible to use the colours, artwork and type fonts similar to the original packing, but there would always be slight variations to give them away once they are properly inspected.

5. Get a Trustworthy Mechanic

Most times we tend not to buy these parts ourselves. Our mechanics handle the whole thing, we only give them money. Typically, it’s advisable that you are as involved as possible in the servicing or repair process of your car and if possible go along with these mechanics to purchase the parts so you can monitor their activities. However, this is not always possible, so you need to ask around, search diligently and find a mechanic you can trust, not a mechanic that will charge you for the price of the original part and then buy the fake part and pocket the leftover cash. Get a trustworthy mechanic who knows what he’s doing and is unlikely to extort you with fake parts.

5 Reasons Why Taking Selfies Can Be Good For You

Taking selfie is widely popular today, thanks to smartphones. You don’t require any photography skills or a professional camera to take pictures. Several clicks on your camera phone will do the job.

Jumia Travel gathers some reasons why taking selfies is good for you.

1. You will love yourself

There are times when you take an awesome selfie and you look very good. At that moment, you will love and appreciate yourself. You don’t need to wait for someone appreciate you.

2. Captures the sweet moments

Taking a selfie can help capture the wonderful moments of your life. The time you graduated, the vacations you took, and your birthdays. Everything is recorded. You can check them anytime to relive these memories.

3. You will be confident

Selfies can also make you confident. One way to do this is by taking a nice selfie and posting on social media. You will be confident than ever when you read the pleasant comments. When next you have an interview or you are under pressure, just take a selfie!

4. Reveals your artistic side

Some people are experts in taking and editing/filtering selfies. They take selfies at Epe Resort in Lagos, when they filter and post it social media, you will think they are in London or America. Selfie brings out your artistic talents.

5. Self-expression

Selfie is an avenue to express yourself without anyone troubling or disturbing you. You can post pictures of the food you eat, the places you have visited and a whole lot more. You only need to regulate yourself by being cognizant of the things you share.

6 Places You Should Never Toast a Nigerian Girl

Some Nigerian guys tend to toast (woo) any girl they are interested in without even considering the time and place. Not minding the location and with so much confidence, they approach you and begin to run their mouths, spitting lines they have specially practiced for wooing girls.

However, you should be conscious of the places you intend to hit on a woman. Jumia Travel identifies 6 places you should never toast a girl.

1. Hospital

Even if she is Miss Nigeria, you should not toast a girl at the hospital. You don’t know her purpose at the hospital. You appear from nowhere to woo her. You are just disturbing her and wasting your time as she will not answer you.

2. At work

You hear what it is called work. She is very busy at work and you still want to collect her number or you want to ask her out? She will just ignore you and at the end of the whole episode, you will be embarrassed. Well, some girls will have pity on you and walk you out.

3. Church/Mosque

The Church is a place to listen to the word of God and receive anointing. The same for the mosque. These places are not hubs for chasing women. But it is today. That doesn’t it make right.

4. In danfo buses/BRT Stations

Imagine in serious traffic (even when there is no traffic) inside one of those Lagos’s rickety danfos and these guy sitting beside is trying to get your attention. The girl will even be angry that under such harrowing and uncomfortable situation you are toasting her. What she just want is to get home. You are a distraction. For BRT stations, you see a girl standing in a long queue, you want to woo her. That is a wrong time.

5. Cinema

We all go to the cinema for different reasons. Some go there to search for potential lovers. But the cinema is a place where you to enjoy the movie you paid for and leave. So, enjoy your movie and when it is over you can go talk to whomever you are interested in. Don’t do this immediately after the movie, though.

6. Her father’s house

When a Nigerian father sees their daughter with, they think about all sorts of things like she has joined bad gang. Most of which are negative. Hence, quite a number of girls don’t like guys wooing them in front of their father’s house especially if they are meeting you for the first time.


For a number of people, the thought of public speaking is enough to upset and unsettle their insides. Nevertheless, public speaking is one of those skills that need to be developed because of its inevitable use at certain points in our lives and careers.

Jumia Travel shares 5 ways to improve on your public speaking skills.


It is important to understand the message your speech is trying to pass across. Try to relate the message of your speech to a personal experience or something close enough to drive the message home to you.

When you understand the message of your speech, it makes delivering it much easier because if you forget one or two things, you can easily fill the gaps with the right alternatives. Remember that one of the worst things you can do in public speaking is to cram the content of your speech without trying to understand it. Cramming rather than understanding your speech increases stress and anxiety over delivering the speech, impairing your ability to concentrate and deliver your speech well.


Please don’t let the moment you deliver your speech be the first time you have ever done so. It is important to practice before hand and perfect the art of your speech delivery. Every speech has a way it should be delivered, and you need to understand this and go a step further to personalize the style of this delivery so it is more authentic and thus more effective. This can only be done in the place of practice.

You should take note that practice is not advised to give you time to perfect the cramming of the words of your speech, but to give you time to understand the message of your speech, discern the best style of delivery for the speech and tailor this style to suit your personality, strengths and abilities.


This should be done alongside understanding your speech and practicing to be perfect. This very important step should be kept in mind from the very beginning of your public speaking preparation.

Firstly, your speech – its content and message – should be relevant to your audience and something they can relate to. When you are done with the speech (if it is written by you), the next step is to consider your audience in preparing to give the speech. Consider what style of delivery will appeal to them (alongside the style of delivery that suits your speech type). Equally in personalizing the style of your speech delivery, you should also consider what will agree with or be offensive to your audience.

In all, consider your audience at every stage because in the end your speech is about them not you. Learn as much about them as you can and use the information to deliver a speech that will be effective and memorable.


Liven up your speech delivery with gestures that communicate confidence. You really don’t have to feel confident to use them – that’s the beauty of gestures. All you need to know are the right gestures to make at the right periods and you are good. The interesting thing is, most times in the course of making these gestures, you are likely to get comfortable and actually relax as opposed to when you are standing stiff and staring down the audience.

An important thing to remember here is that the appropriate gestures for your voice, hands and even legs (in terms of walking from one point to another as you give your speech) are things that can be learnt. A visit to YouTube to see the many videos on this can help you. You can also consider hiring a public speaking coach, if you have the money to spare. Once these gestures, alongside how and when to use them are learnt, it will make the public speaking exercise easier for you and eliminate the possibility of overdoing or misusing these gestures.


The truth is, the nervous feeling might never go away, no matter what you do. It helps to accept this and do it anyway. Don’t waste time, energy and emotions hoping you stop feeling nervous, your hands and voice stops shaking or your knees stop buckling. Instead, learn the gestures, actions and reactions that can help you mask your visible cues of nervousness. As for your emotions, just remember that the fact that you feel nervous is known only to you, you don’t have to show it to the world.

Make peace with the nervous feeling, know that you can even joke about your nervousness in the course of your speech (if you consider yourself someone with a good sense of humour) and go on to deliver a great speech.

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