6 Common Smartphone problems and how to fix them

These days, it seems like as the sales of smartphones rise, the issues found on these devices rise.

Thankfully, some of these common problems can be fixed without having to take it to a technician; all you need is the knowledge of how to fix them.

To help with the acquisition of this knowledge, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 common smartphone problems and how they can be fixed.

1. Smartphone is Running Slowly

This is the most common smartphone problem. This problem is most of the time caused by keeping apps running when not in use, installing unnecessary apps that choke your device’s RAM storage and saving numerous files on your device which congest your internal storage.

Solution: Close apps that are not in use, uninstall and disable unnecessary apps, free up your device’s storage and clear your cached data. If the issue still isn’t resolved you can download diagnostic apps like Phone Doctor Plus and Z-Device Test to help pinpoint the problem. You can also perform a factory data reset to wipe your device clean, leaving the software of your phone the way it was when it was first turned on.

2. Bluetooth Issues

Most Bluetooth issues are either pairing or interference issues. These can occur over time, sometimes due to the build of cached data in the ‘Bluetooth share’ system app or due to interference from sources like microwaves, wireless speakers, certain external monitors and LCD displays, Direct Satellite Service (DSS), power sources like power lines or stations, 2.4GHz or 5GHz phones or wireless RF video.

Solution: You can try switching off and switching on on your Bluetooth, if it is malfunctioning. If it still doesn’t work, go to Settings> Apps> Systems Apps> Select Bluetooth Share> Clear Cache. The steps vary for different smartphone brands, but the important thing to know is that ‘Bluetooth Share’ is a system app and should be sourced from the system apps of your phone.

For interference issues, either switch off the source of interference or take your device away from it. For pairing issues, you should make sure your device’s discoverable mood is on, get away from or power down likely interferers and make sure the devices you are attempting to pair are in close proximity to each other. If these don’t work, you can try powering your phone off and back on and limiting the data shared between the devices, before trying the above suggestions again.

3. Cracked Screen or Immersion in Water

We all know water and electronics are not a good mix, but unfortunately accidents happen and devices suddenly get immersed in water or have a hard impact with the floor when they mistakenly slip.

Solution: To avoid such accidents, a sturdy mobile phone case and screen protector can help to protect your phone. Though relatively expensive, it’s a worthy investment because they can help prevent cracked screens and water entering the phone’s ports.

4. Battery Problems

Battery problems are also fairly common in smartphones. The common battery problems are battery drain, slow charging and ‘system-hogging’ apps. They are mostly caused by users’ abuse.

Solution: To solve this issue you should start by stopping unnecessary apps from running and desist from using defective or wrong chargers to charge your phone. Google Play Service is a feature on most Android phones that drains a lot of battery, so you should clear the cache at least once a month to stop it from draining your battery. Also, you can reduce your screen’s brightness; shorten your screen timeout; and reduce the frequency your widgets and background apps update.

5. Phone or Apps Crashes

This is indeed a frustrating problem. It can be caused by bugs in your apps, too many apps open at a time, too little memory on the phone etc.

Solution: If your apps crash, you can clear the app data from ‘App Info’ or ‘App Manager’ (depending on how it’s named on your device). Also, learn to clear your cached data and avoid opening too many apps at a time.

For phone crashes, you can try troubleshooting your device for random restarts, troubleshooting apps on your device for random restarts, remove the case and external battery of your device for a short while, or performing a factory data reset on your device.

6. MicroSD Card Not Working On Your Smartphone

There are a lot of microSD cards in the market, but unfortunately not all of them will work on your smartphone. That can be frustrating.

Solution: There are mostly two types of microSD cards that you’ll come across – SDHC and SDXC. Before you buy any of them, you need to confirm the one which your smartphone supports. In terms of speed, most smartphones support these three primary speed classes of microSD cards: Class 10, UHS-1 Class 1, and UHS-1 Class 3. There are also UH-2 cards but only a limited number of mobile devices support them.

You should watch out for these labels when buying microSD cards for your smartphones. MicroSD card type (SDHC or SDXC) and capacity (GB or TB) are labeled on the card. The three speed classes above also have logos to signify their minimum speed. Class 10 is the letter C with the number 10 inside. UHS-1 Class 1 and Class 3 are the letter U with a 1 or 3 inside, respectively. Finally, you may also see a I or II label on the card, which references a UHS bus speed.

6 Reasons Why People Love Apple Products

Apple devices have gained significant repute and place all around the world by its users as well as other competitors.

People like Apple devices and prefer it due to their unique operating system and user friend application.

Here we have selected some to the main reason why people love apple devices:

1. Apple makes products for users taste.

Apple’s unique idea might seem strange to some individuals, but the facts are that Apple has a number of designs that continue to drive users to make their products first choice compared with other device creators, Apple follows a firmly focused technique than a ‘something for everybody’ technique, which concentrates on quality and overall consumer experience. This also means that most of the products are directed at high-end classification.

2. All the Products of Apple Company are fully baked.

The technology brand is unusual in their way to the design of the product. It has long been said that the iPad was in growth, in some form, for years before it was declared. So much so that early designs were believed not worthy of launch and scrapped, though their technological innovation would be born-again as the iPhone.’ This comes in distinct comparison with products that are freed by technology companies even when they are not completely baked in terms of performance and overall experience.

3. Apple’s products incorporate well.

Apple also ensures each of their products works well with both hardware and software. The features and specifications of the Apple latest devices probably cannot do a complete lot of tasks; they nevertheless, do according to brand vision such as a specific set of projects, while being reliable and useful.

4. Apple’s products pleasure customers.

Customers of Apple-like products as such as MacBook and iPhone because of design and appearance of both application and components. This is why individuals are willing to pay whatever the price of Apple laptops or products can be. Apple, on the other hand, is constantly on the appeal its customers with its continuous advancement in their products.

5. Apple allows their customers advertise.

Apple customers’ display all Apple Devices such as MacBook and iPhone are more than anything else does, and this is one the best and special quality for Apple to have. The trend and enjoyment that Apple affiliate marketing can produce every year talk about their products and why individuals buy them. Each Apple customer is a great marketer himself of Apple products.

6. Apple’s fine tunes products.

Everything that Apple does is thought out through. From design to new function to product packaging, Apple does it in a different way. Above all, they strategize on everything they do and every decision they make.

The company concentrates on enhancements of their R&D direction into single produces yearly, rather than growing them out over a few designs. Apple produces some of the most expensive smartphones in the world.

5 Helpful Ways To Avoid Online Identity Theft

Identity theft is very common today because more people have access to the internet. In addition, almost everyone has a presence online, thanks to social media.

Jumia Travel shares 5 helpful ways to avoid online identity theft.

1. Don’t disclose too much info on social media

The easiest way for anyone to get information about anyone is via their social media account. Many of us tell it all on social media from personal phone numbers, house address, emails as well as other sensitive information that other people don’t need to know.

2. Shop on secure websites

There are so many e-commerce websites where you can shop. Of course, you can shop on all of them. However, to prevent identity you should shop on popular ones that are safe and secured. You are assured that your personal information will not end up in the wrong hands.

3. Protect your wireless network

Protecting your wireless network is a way to prevent identity theft. If anyone can access your wireless effortlessly, they have access to the personal online activities. Through this, they can get your personal profile which makes it easier to impersonate you. Always password your wireless network.

4. Download from safe websites

The rule of thumb for anyone who downloads any data online is to download from a safe website. If you don’t, you may download virus or software that allows hackers or impersonators to steal sensitive information.

5. Use a unique password

Using a unique password has been over flogged. A weak password leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of attack especially if all your information is online. Importantly, you should try as much as possible to avoid using the same password for all your accounts.

5 Ways To Tell If Your Smartphone Is Being Tapped

Almost everyone is using a smartphone in Nigeria. What many of these smartphone users don’t know is whether their phones are being tapped or not. Jumia Travel gathers 5 ways to tell.

1. Your phone takes time to shut down

If your phone takes forever to shut down, it may be a pointer that your phone has been compromised. You will notice that when your phone eventually goes off, the backlight will still be on. This may likely means that your phone is in control of whoever has bugged it. So, whether you switch off or not, it will be difficult get rid of them.

2. Increased data usage

It will definitely be difficult for a smartphone without internet connection to be tapped. You may surf your phone every second daily but you already know that you cannot exhaust your data at a go. Thankfully most phones will alert you if you are using too much data. But if the data traffic is unusually high, and your phone keeps alerting you, you should be concerned.

3. You find apps you didn’t download

There are thousands of useful apps that you can download in either the Google Playstore or Apple’s store. These are largely safe. In other circumstances, you may find an app you didn’t download which finds its way to your phone. It is one of the coy ways to bug your phone.You try as much as possible not to open this app.

4. Low battery life

A battery is the heart of any of phone. A phone cannot function without a battery. If your battery runs out not long after charging it or it is very hot, it may be a sign that something is amidst. You should take note of this because the process of tapping your phone can easily drain your battery.

5. You receive unusual text messages

You may receive a random text message from an unfamiliar source and many of us tend to ignore it. These messages which you may ignore, arguably, means that someone is monitoring (or about to start) your messages or phone. You should delete the message immediately you notice it.


Is your Android device running slow? Jumia Travel shares 5 tips to help you speed it up.


It could be an app, multiple apps, the storage or the system itself slowing down your device. Before you either fix your device yourself or give it to a technician to help you fix it, it is important you try to identify what the problem is or might be, and what the problem isn’t. With this knowledge, the problem will be easier for you to solve on your own or, if you decide to give the phone to a technician instead, it will help you avoid being cheated.

A diagnostic app can help you pinpoint the problem causing your device to run slowly. Phone Doctor Plus and Z-device Test are good diagnostic apps to consider. You can find them on Google Play Store. Some Android devices come with diagnostic apps, like Samsung with the Samsung Smart Care app. In this case, you can take advantage of that rather than downloading another from the Google Play Store.


This is more or less a temporary solution if your device’s slowness is caused by the unnecessary or ‘rarely used’ apps you installed. Cache data eats up system resources (takes up storage space on your device) while slowing down your device. You should clear this data from time to time or install a cache clearing app, like Clean Master, from the Google Play Store. You have nothing to fear deleting this data, anything important will simply be re-cached the next time you open the app.

This is considered a temporary solution because you’ll eventually have to delete some of these apps you are clearing the cached data of, to more permanently fix the problem of your device running slowly.


If after diagnosing the problem, you find that a certain app or the multiple apps you installed on your device is causing your device to run slowly, you should immediately uninstall it.

For apps that you cannot delete (those that come preloaded on your phone and are otherwise called ‘bloatware’), you should disable as many as you are not using to keep them from running in the background, choking your device’s storage and interfering with its speed and efficiency.

You can uninstall or disable apps through the app manager found in your device’s settings, and keep these apps from becoming the ‘resource hogs’ that slow down your Android device.

NOTE – You should also learn to close all apps you are no longer using. Don’t just open it and change to another app without closing the one you previously opened. This helps to free up your RAM and improve your device’s performance.


Aside uninstalling unnecessary apps, especially if the problem is caused by insufficient storage, you should also delete some of the many files (music, videos, documents etc.) that are filling up your internal storage.

Make the sacrifice; delete those files you don’t actually need but keep for sentimental reasons. If you want to avoid, losing certain files completely, you can transfer them to another device (another phone, a laptop, or a tablet) or a flash drive or hard drive.

NOTE – You can also consider disabling some of the widgets running on your device that you are not really using, alongside animations and live wallpapers you have running on your phone. Widgets, animations and live wallpapers may be fanciful, but they affect your device’s performance and battery live.


Over time, a lot goes on in your device’s software so it’s always advisable to give your device a fresh start from time to time. Know that this should not be done often, only from time to time especially when all the other tips don’t work as well as you want them to do.

A factory data reset will wipe your device clean and leave the software the way it was when you first turned on the device; so be sure to backup important files before you do this. Some Android devices come with a “Backup and Reset” option in the device’s settings, so you can take advantage of that. Some other devices have a recovery menu for backing up important files. The steps are different for every device, so you can use Google to help you out with the steps for your device.

Five Techy Ways To Save Time When Shopping

Shopping can take so much time especially if you have so much to buy. Nevertheless, you can save so much time if you explore technology.

This has no doubt made shopping interesting even though many people do their shopping online. Jumia Travel shares ways 5 techy ways to save time whenever you go shopping.

1. Have a shopping list on your mobile

You can misplace the pad you used to list what you want to buy. But when you have your shopping list on your mobile, you can easily access it anytime. This better because your phone is always with you.

2. Find items with your phone

No matter what you want to buy, you will always find it when you search online. So, if you want to save time you should first do a search before you do your offline shopping.

3. Create alert for particular products

Google is quite versatile. You can now create alert for certain products you want which you didn’t find after doing your search. You will be alerted whenever the product is available. You get all the information like where to buy and the cost after receiving the alert.

4.Know where to go for daily deals

For those who addicted to shopping online, you should know where to go to get amazing daily deals. This is because there are some websites that offer these deals that come with a fantastic discount. If you can get a list of these websites, it will really save time.

5. Pay with your phone

Today, you don’t need to pay for your shopping with ATM card or cash. You simply tap your phone at a contactless terminal and the amount will be deducted from your account. Apple Pay is leading when it comes to settling bills with your phone as far as the contactless terminal is available.

5 Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time

With many organizations dependent on the World Wide Web to do their businesses as well as other activities, many workers now spend hours in front of the computer screen.

If you are one of those who spends hours in front of the screen without taking breaks, Jumia travel shares some negative effects of too much screen time.

1. Eye problems

This is the most obvious effect of too much screen time. You feel pain and irritation in your eyes. And if these continues for months, it affects your vision in the future. Ensure that you always blink your eyes to give it a distraction from the screen.

2. Sleep deprivation

Like earlier said, when some people are not staring at their computer, they are staring at their phones. After your 9 am to 5 pm spent at you, combined with the traffic, and instead of eating and going straight to bed, you spend hours surfing your phone. Your body needs rest and the best way is to get quality sleep.

3. Loss of social skills

Many of us have lost our social and interactive skills because of too much screen time. We spend time on our phones chatting with friends and family. Thus, we don’t bother to visit anyone anymore since we have our phones which have made communication easier.

4. Neck discomfort

Due to the long period, you spend especially on your phone, you may begin to feel discomfort in your neck and spine. This pain may be temporary, it may become a regular occurrence if you don’t give yourself a break from your phone, or computer. Always, be mindful of this.

5. You are likely to procrastinate

With spending too much time on your computer or phone, you find out that you keep postponing the important things you are meant to do. You are either watching a movie on your computer or checking your different social media accounts while you have so many things to do.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Smartphone Always Functions Like Brand New

The undeniable fact is that we all want our smartphone to run like brand new even though you have used it for two years.

In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online booking portal shares ways to ensure that your smartphone runs like brand new.

1. Uninstall dormant apps

There are limitless numbers of free apps you can download in the Google or iPhone store. Since you don’t have to pay, you download both relevant and irrelevant apps on your smartphone. If you do this, then you don’t need to complain about your phone working like a snail. What you should do is to get apps you are not using in order to free up space/

2. Ensure you update your OS

Phone manufacturers don’t in these smartphones include updates for fun. These updates are to ensure that your phone is in sync with the latest version. So, whether you are using an Android or iPhone, you should always update the Operating System intermittently for maximum performance.

3. Clear your home screen

Your home screen makes it easier for you to access your apps. So, many of us prefer to have all our apps on the home screen. This can impact the way your phone functions. You should always clear your home screen or you delete app icons you don’t use regularly.

4. Free up some space

Your phone memory may be filled up or there may be some file residues after you uninstall an app. This will no doubt take up much-needed space. So, you should always clean your phone to free up space.

5. Reset your phone

The worst case scenario is for you to simply reset your phone. This is when your phone is totally unresponsive. But before you reset, transfer your pictures, files, and videos so that you don’t lose them. Most times, the reset will restore the factory setting.

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