6 Myths about healthy eating you shouldn’t believe

There are lots of misconceptions about healthy eating out there.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 misleading myths about healthy eating you should stop believing.

1. You’ll Lose More Weight If You Eat Less

This is one misleading food myth you should stop believing. Eating too little food and too few calories tends to disrupt your body’s blood sugar level and metabolism. This causes your body to store every calorie you eat as fat instead of fuel for your body’s activities. A better alternative would be to eat small quantities of your meals three to four times a day and stop when you are like 80% full, rather than eating till your tummy expands so much you can hardly fit in your clothes.

2. A Detox Is a Good Way to Start Healthy Eating

Whether we like to admit it or not, detox diets are more like crash diets. They restrict certain foods groups and sometimes deprive the body of adequate calories and nutrition for a period of time. The body then feels deprived, and when these foods are reintroduced, the body tends to store up more and gain more weight as if in fear of another starvation or restriction. Detox diets are actually notorious for causing weight gain.

3. Cut Your Calorie Intake and Loss Weight

Eating less calories than you burn off during exercise might be the foundation of losing weight, but it is not the only factor to consider. Calories are not your enemies and they are not bad for the body. Your body needs fuel for its activities and calories provide this fuel; it only needs to be consumed in moderation. Remember that it’s not about counting calories; it’s about the quality of food you eat.

4. If I Don’t Work-Out Really Hard All the Time, It’s A Waste of Time

Nothing could be farther from the truth. You don’t have to constantly go to gym or do functional or floor exercises to keep fit. Moderate exercises like walking, playing games, dancing or doing other fun things alongside healthy eating can do wonders for your body. You only have to be consistent with it and try to be as active as you can daily.

5. Eating Healthily is Expensive

Again, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Considering there isn’t enough time or writing space to go into the details, just know that you are more likely to find a lot of cheap and affordable healthy meal ideas if you change that mindset. When shopping for healthy foods, you should aim to buy what’s local and in season.

6. Fat Makes You Fat

Eating fat actually helps to cut your diet, boost your calorie burning and prevent fat storage. Cutting down (cut down not stop eating entirely) your sugar and refined carbohydrate (like white rice, pasta etc.) intake, eating more vegetables with fruits, and then consuming fat in form of olive oil, avocados, nuts, butter etc. is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight, rather than completely eliminating fat from your diet. Just make sure it is all done in moderation, don’t be excessive about it.

6 Signs of Emotional Manipulation

At one point or the other, you might have likely encountered a person or people who are emotionally manipulative and controlling. They typically use passive aggressive behaviors to get their way with you. Sometimes, they might not even know they’re doing it and sometimes they know.

Jumia Travel shares 6 signs to help you know when you have become the object of emotional manipulation.

1. Your Words Are Being Used Against You

Manipulative people typically have trouble admitting fault and accepting responsibility for their behavior. If you call them out on their faults, they will most likely use your own words against you and turn it around to absolve themselves of guilt and make you feel guilty.

For example, you can say something like, “You didn’t clean the house like you said you would.” The person then replies with something like, “Don’t be so inconsiderate nau. You don’t even know how tired I was. I was feeling sick. Why can’t you be more considerate and think of others?” A normal response would have been to simply apologize for not cleaning the house and explain the sickness and weakness, rather than making you feel like a bad person.

2. You Are Constantly Being Made To Look Forgetful, Demanding and Ridiculous

This usually relates to when a manipulator has obliged your request or made a commitment to you. When the time comes to follow through and you confront the person, the person will twist the previous conversation and replay it to suit his/her needs at your detriment (because you don’t have proof), making you look forgetful, demanding or ridiculous. You begin to question yourself and feel guilty and wrong for challenging the manipulator.

3. You’re Always Being Made To Feel Guilty and Wrong

You can be wrong a couple of times, but you cannot be wrong all the time. A manipulator knows how to play the victim role quite perfectly, leaving you feeling like the wrong and spiteful person.

4. Passive Aggressive Methods Are Being Used On You

Manipulators are hardly direct and forthright with you. They prefer passive aggressive methods to honest communication. They would rather talk behind your back, ask someone to be their spokesperson, shout or be loud about confronting you so you hardly have space to react or respond, or give you the silent treatment, rather than sit you down and just talk to you.

5. Your Energy Around Them is Low

Manipulative people tend to suck all the energy in the room, they want all attention on them and need everyone to notice when they are sad, angry, happy or discontented. They typically do this is in an attempt to make people scramble to see how to help them feel better. Being around a manipulator makes you feel sort of restricted, drained and off-balance.

6. Be Careful

Knowing all the signs, you should at the same time be careful to ensure you’re not also the problem. Sometimes, you can unknowingly be the manipulative, victimizing and spiteful one. The person you consider the manipulator might be sincerely reacting to your unfairness.

You should therefore tread carefully and not be quick to cast blame. Take a step back, analyse the situation and even yourself as objectively as you can, even asking others for advice if you deem fit, and be sure before you proceed. Naturally, when you are dealing with a manipulative person you will know without a doubt after studying the situation and person for some time.


1. Bitterleaf also known as Veronia Amygdalina

2. In scientific parlance is an aborigine of Africa. It can be cooked, juiced or chewed raw.*

3. Regular consumption of this vegetable helps to regulate blood

4. cholesterol levels which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke

5. Bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Due to the presence of nutrients especially Beta Carotene,

6. It controls the synthesis of female sex hormones. This allows women to stay younger and healthy for a longer duration of time.

7. Bitter leaf has been shown to significantly lower blood sugar levels. It does not only reduce blood sugar, it also helps to repair the pancreas.

8. The plant has been widely used and recognised for its efficacy in preventing malaria. Drinking the juice alone is an antidote for malaria.

9. Consumption of the plant is helpful in increasing milk production in breast feeding mothers. It increases appetite in anorexia(loss of appetite).

10. It is also useful in treating sleeplessness(insomnia) and boosting immune function. It can be utilised in the management of coughs, helminthiasis(worm infestations) constipation ,and as fertility inducers.

11. There are strong revelations that bitter leaf if incorporated in the diet can slow cancer growth and even kill cancer cells.

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