6 Signs Your Child is a Tech Addict

With technology in our faces, it is unsurprising that many of us are addicted to our gadgets.

You may be very unaware of this devotion to your device. Irrespective, adults can easily streamline the relationship with their gadgets.

However, for children, this is absolutely not the case. Children are straightforwardly fascinated and carried away by anything.

So, parents should be very concerned and worried because when children addicted to anything at a very young age, it may be difficult to abdicate it as they grow.

This is why it is important to look out for some signs to ensure that your child doesn’t fall into the abyss of technology and stay there.

You can nip it in the bud with these signs shared by Jumia Travel, the online travel agency.

1. Has replaced his book with Facebook

There nothing wrong with early exposure of a child to technology. But the mistake here is that some parents introduce it at a lump sum instead of gradually. If this is the case, and you observe your child always on Facebook instead of reading his books, it obvious signs. You should be concerned with his performance at school declines. It may be time to get rid of the phone.

2. Social withdrawal

When your child is meant to be playing with his friends, he’s either alone playing a computer game or on his phone surfing the internet. He is oftentimes doing something with technology on his own instead of building physical relationships. This is a sign that he is becoming a tech addict. When you notice this, try to encourage your child to take breaks and play with friends.

3. Complains of boredom

The question is can a child be bored? If they are not playing with their friends, they will play on their own! That are children for you. This doesn’t take away the fact that they can be bored. But if your child tells you that she is bored especially when she is not with a phone or playing a video game, it may be a sign. You should teach them how to engage with technology.

4. Spends too much time with tech

Your child doesn’t do any other thing than to spend time looking or playing with their preferred device, it is time you do something. For children, technology should only be for leisure not to be so attached or addicted to it.

5. They refuse to answer after several calls

A child that is addicted to tech will be so carried away that he will be unable to answer his name. In addition, he throws tantrums because you disrupt whatever he is doing. This is not good. It is better you get rid of that gadget before it gets out of hand.

6. Procrastination

Procrastination is postponing whatever you do for later. Notwithstanding, children shouldn’t be procrastinating. But with technology all over the place, procrastination is very rife among children.

5 Android Apps For Blocking Unwanted Spam Calls

Spam calls are unsolicited calls you receive from businesses or companies who are marketing their businesses. If these calls become a regular phenomenon, it can be very frustrating especially when you are expecting an important call.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the best and popular Android apps for blocking spam calls. It has been downloaded more 100 million times. You can use it to block spam calls as well as search for the caller identity of any number. It is an awesome app to download.

2. Mr. Number

The unique thing about Mr. Number is that it has a list of spam numbers it automatically blocks. You can add subsequent spam numbers yourself. It is quite reliable.

3. Calls Blacklist

Some telemarketers are very smart that they keep changing numbers. Regardless, there is a feature you can use to identify them. It could be the numbers that start or ends the numbers. You can specify these numbers to add them to your blacklists numbers.

4. Call control

It is free, and easy for anyone to use. It can be used to block unsolicited calls and text messages that may be disturbing your mobile phone.

5. Antinuisance

This is a perfect nomenclature for blocking any nuisance calls. The apps allow you to block spam calls, messages as well as block unknown callers as the click of a button.

5 Reasons you should password your device

Your data is worth a lot to thieves and fraudsters; therefore you should be careful with the sources these thieves and fraudsters can use to access these data.

Jumia Travel shares 5 important reasons you should password your devices.

1. To Avoid Pocket Dialing

Pocket dialing, especially for smartphones and even basic phones, can be humorous or annoying, but most annoyingly because your airtime is being wasted without your knowledge. Here, a preloaded phone number can be dialed when a person has a phone in the rear pocket and sits on it, or if the phone gets ‘jostled’ in a purse or briefcase. This occurrence will be reduced, if not eliminated, if your device was locked with a passcode.

2. To Protect Your Private Information

Symantec, a leading security software maker, conducted an experiment to encourage smartphone users to protect their private information. In the experiment, a phone was loaded with fake password, banking information, emails and photos, and a tracking software was installed on it to monitor what people will do with the phone when found. At the end of the experiment, the result showed 72 per cent looked through photos, 57 per cent checked out saved passwords and 43 per cent accessed the phone’s online banking app.

3. To Prevent Unwanted Prying Into Your Business

This goes without saying. Nosy friends, partners or family members who want to know about ‘every and anything’ you are doing, will have a field day with your ‘password – unprotected’ device. To protect your privacy and avoid unbelievably embarrassing and awkward scenarios, it’s best to password your device and encourage these friends, partners or family members to simply ask you questions about whatever they want to know.

4. To Monitor Others’ Use of Your Device

This is important especially if you have children that like to play with your devices. In the process of moving from one game app to another, children can keep your device running without rest till your battery runs down, regardless of the power situation. Also, without a password, a child can easily pick up your device and while looking for their favourite app, mistakenly rearrange, hide or delete sensitive information on your phone.

5. In Case of Theft

Theft is a sudden and unexpected occurrence. You don’t exactly see it coming. In the case of the theft of your device, it will be better for you if there is a security lock on your device. This is because it gives you some time to inform your bank and other relevant institutions about the theft, before the thief is able to use personal data gotten from your device(s) against you. For some devices like the iPhone, once your device is stolen and it’s password-protected, it’s easier to remotely lock and wipe it.

4 simple ways to improve your iPad battery performance.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness:
Officially Apple has stated that “There are two simple ways you can preserve battery life — no matter how you use your device: adjust your screen brightness and use Wi-Fi.” To reduce screen brightness of your Apple device, go to Settings > Display & Brightness to adjust the brightness.

Unless you are currently using your device in a lit environment, we advise you turn on Auto-Brightness, which adjusts the screen level based on ambient light.

2. Disable Location Services:

Location services is another battery hogging function of Apple devices, especially the iPad. It a little different from the past when you can just turn Location services ON or OFF. Now Apple has made the function settings better by allowing us to turn them off for Apps that don’t need it.

In other words the lesser the number of apps using the Location service the better your battery life should be.

You can also decide to turn off Location services completely as it would save more juice, but it might affect performances of some apps. But if in an emergency and need your device up for as long as possible then turn Location Services off completely until you can recharge.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to adjust which apps are requesting your location.

3. Background App Refresh:

Most smartphones usually still run apps in the background, that is why it is possible to get an Instagram notification when the app is not open on your iPad- or other smartphones.

Background refresh is certainly convenient, but it is also a drain on battery life.

Head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and you can turn Background App Refresh off entirely or select which apps you’d like to refresh in the background. This tweak can also be finessed when you un-jailbreak your iPad.

4. Temperature control:

Frequent high room temperature can affect battery life. It is recommended that you keep your iPad between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and points to the range of 62 to 72 degrees as the comfort zone.

This means your device should not be kept inside a locked vehicle in the summer or taken to the beach. Also ensure to remove all case that covers the body and might cause it to heat up, remove the case before you begin the charge. It is also an important step when improving iPhone battery power.


It’s important to keep certain things in mind before buying a new smartphone, this is so you can make the best decision and maximize your user experience.

Jumia Travel shares information on 6 things you should know and consider before you buy a new smartphone.


When your budget for a new smartphone is able to get you either an iPhone with the Apple iOS, or a smartphone with the Android Operating System, the burden is then about which of the two to choose. Some people say the Apple iOS is better than the Android OS, but the truth is, it depends.

The Apple iOS on all iPhones is an easy to use OS (Operating System) and you can be sure of getting the hottest and best apps first, along with the timeliest software updates, tight security and very rare malware problems. However, with the Android OS you have more hardware choice and more control over your user experience. The Android OS is easier to customize as you can change almost anything you want and file transfer is also easier than that of the Apple iOS. In the end, it depends on which OS best suits your needs and taste.

Not forgetting the Windows OS, Windows is also a good choice if you are looking for an OS with good performance because it’s tailored to offer better performance than the Apple iOS and Android OS.


Smartphones with a below 5-inch screen should be sourced if one-hand-use is important to you and you are looking for a portable smartphone you can perform quick tasks with. However, if you like to watch videos, play video games, browse online (especially for reading text on a website), basically if you use your phone mainly for media rather than quick tasks, a smartphone with a large screen size (5-inch screens and above) is better for you.


This is unarguably the most important smartphone feature for most smartphone buyers. When buying a smartphone, consider the camera specs like megapixels (the larger the better), aperture (the lower the better) and, if it’s within your budget, try to get one with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). If you are unable to get one with OIS, it’s fine, simply consider mainly the megapixels and aperture of the camera.


For CPU results, speedier operations and better multi-tasking on your smartphone, you should consider both the RAM and processor of the smartphone. For example, a good RAM and processor will reduce, if not completely eliminate, the incidence of your smartphone ‘hanging’ while in use. However these days RAM is becoming a more reliable indicator of a phone’s performance than the processor, because sometimes a dual-core processor can be far more powerful than an eight-core processor.

Smartphones with 2GB RAM and above are recommended. Smartphones with very limited RAM are the cause of rudimentary performance problems. 1GB and 1.5GB RAM can be quite tight and lead to performance problems on your smartphone. However, if 1GB and 1.5GB RAM smartphones are the ones within your budget, you can make the best of this by downloading very few apps and refraining from opening multiple apps at the same time. You should close every app you open the moment you are done using them.

Multi-core processors like the dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core and octa-core processors are recommended when sourcing for a good smartphone. But be careful, powerful processors tend to drain the battery of your smartphone. If you will only perform simple tasks with your phone like communicating through text messages, making calls, checking emails or browsing the internet, a smartphone with a low but reasonable processing power, like the dual-core or quad-core processor, is good for you.


When buying a new smartphone you have to make sure the smartphone has good battery life. Usually, smartphones with a 3000mAh battery are recommended if durability is important to you. You can settle for one above 2000mAh, but avoid going for one lower than 2000mAh.


Most smartphones come with 4GB to 64GB internal storage. 16GB internal storage is usually recommended when buying a smartphone because after system partitions are considered, the user accessible storage ends up being as low as 8GB. However, if a 16GB smartphone is outside your budget, you can settle for an 8GB smartphone which you can couple with an external storage device like the microSD memory card.

6 Ways Technology Has Actually Made You Lazy

You love technology because it has significantly simplified our lives. But, at the same time, it has made you lazy. Jumia Travel, the online booking agency, shares ways technology has made many of us lazy.

1. Shopping online

There are a lot of online shops where you can buy whatever you want and the good will be delivered at your doorstep. So, you don’t see the reason why you should go to the market or offline store for shopping. However, what you don’t know is that you can bargain offline which you cannot do offline.

2. No more in-depth research

Google is now a verb for searching anything online. It takes you seconds for you to get results of your search. But, before, you have to do in-depth research where you have to distribute questionnaires and go to the library and even buy books to make your findings expansive. But with search engines, you don’t need to do this.

3. You don’t need to run your errands

There are now chatbots like Kudi that can help you run your errands. The managers of these chatbots will be the ones to help you buy recharge cards, go to the market, pay utility bills and make deliveries on your behalf.

4. You don’t spend time with friends

Social media and instant messaging sites have ensured that you no longer visit our friends and family. You can just chat them up on WhatsApp or BBM or rather you put a call through to them. The societal bridges for physical interaction have collapsed.

5. Libraries have been abandoned

Public libraries have been abandoned because nobody uses them. This is because the internet is a cesspool of information. Even now very few people buy hard-cover books due to the fact that you can get e-books online.

6. News at a click

You don’t need to rely on traditional media like newspapers, radio, and television for news. The news is now all over the place on social media that even you don’t know what to believe due to the prevalence of fake news. So, you don’t need to make any effort to get news.


Who knew you could use Google to plan a wedding? That’s just a few of the awesome things you didn’t know you could use Google to do.

Jumia Travel unravels the mystery and reveals 6 things you didn’t know you could use Google to do.


You can use Google to set a timer. Simply google the amount of time you want to set and include the word ‘timer’ at the end. A countdown will come up and you can set it to make a sound when the set time has elapsed.

2. Split a bill and calculate the tip

On a night out with a group of friends, you’ve all ordered your meals and eaten to your heart’s content. Now it’s time to pay the bill. Rather than struggle to calculate the amount each person is going to pay, you can simply google ‘tip calculator’.

You enter the cost of the bill and the number of people to pay for it. It’ll give you the cost for each person. If you want to add a tip for the waiter to the cost, you can include the percentage of the tip you want to give or you can just set the ‘tip %’ at 0% if you don’t want to give a tip.

3. Filter your Gmail

Especially when using your Gmail to register or sign up to certain websites, you can add “+anything” to your email address, this will create a folder that all emails from that site will go to automatically. This will help you keep your Gmail in order and avoid irrelevant emails mixing up with the relevant ones.


Simply use this link ‘https://fonts.google.com/’or google ‘google fonts’ to access and download the large collection of free fonts Google has to offer.


Yes Google can help you plan your wedding. You can google ‘Google Weddings’ and follow the result with the heading “Wedding: All-in-One Wedding Planner”.

Google Weddings helps you do everything from announcing the news of the wedding engagement to finding a venue, making a budget, creating the guest list, creating the schedule etc.

6. Easily find out the week’s football fixtures.

All you need to do is google the football league and a chart will come up showing the different teams in the league that have played alongside their scores, and the teams to play in the coming weeks along with the times they are to play. For example, if you google ‘epl’, a chart with all the scores and schedules for the teams to play in that league will come up. The chart basically shows you the scores and game schedules for all the teams in that league.

5 Ways Your Tech Gadgets May Be Affecting Your Health

Tech gadgets have no doubt made our daily activities easier. It seems technology has an answer for everything. However, what you should know is that for everything that has advantages, also has its disadvantages.

Jumia Travel, the online travel agency, gathers ways your tech gadgets may be affecting your health.

1. Hearing loss

Some persons have their ears plugged for nearly half of the day. They are either listening to music or radio. Unknown to them, this regular music banging in your ears is affecting your eardrums. You should give your ears a break in order to prevent hearing loss or damage.

2. Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to sleep. Many of us don’t get enough sleep because when you are supposed to be dozing off, you are fiddling with your gadget especially your smartphone. Then you complain that you are not getting enough and you are unable to function the following day. Some of the negative effects of sleep deprivation include heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Try to get rid of your gadgets if you want to get a good sleep.

3. Nomophobia

A smartphone is one of the most popular gadgets many of us cannot do without. In other words, you are anxious and cannot concentrate because you are not with your smartphone. This means you have nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia). The dependence on your mobile can affect your health because you can be depressed if you are without your phone.You can try to leave your phone at home once in while.

4. Obesity

You spend hours sitting at a particular spot working on your computer or your phone. Unknown to you, the more you sit down for hours at that same spot daily, the more you are susceptible or vulnerable to obesity. If you want to avoid obesity, stop spending too much time sitting surfing your phone.

5. Neck and back pain

Neck and back pain can be unbearable and most people suffer from this because of the time we spend on our gadgets. This is a health problem that you may overlook but if you are not careful, the neck and back pain may worsen and you may be required to go to the doctor.

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