6 Signs your PC is about to crash

Computer crashes can sincerely be frustrating – one moment your PC seems fine and then next it’s down and takes your files along with it. However, as suddenly and seemingly unexpected computer crashes can be, they do give signs beforehand.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency reveals 6 issues your PC is likely to have before it crashes.

1. Hardware Conflict

Sometimes, two components of a PC will try to consume the same resource or perform the same task. This creates a hardware conflict which manifests itself in unusual behavior during certain tasks. An example of this is an audio conflict that might disable audio in some programs, but not in others. These conflicts might not initially crash the system, but they tend to cause instability in the system which leads to a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) and/or a reboot.

To fix this, you should open the Windows’ Device Manager (you can find this in the Control Panel or via Windows Search) and check for hardware with a conflict. Hardware with a conflict typically appears with a yellow exclamation point next to it. You can re-install drivers for the malfunctioning hardware, or if you can’t stop the two components from interfering with it each other, try disabling one of them. If that still doesn’t work, then you probably have to physically remove one of the conflicting components (a technician should be able to help with this).

2. Random File or Program Corruption Issues

This is one of the classic signs of an imminent computer crash. This is when files that always worked suddenly don’t open, or only work on occasion. It may or may not be accompanied by an error message. To fix this, you should first ensure your anti-virus is running and up to date. Then you should run a full system scan for malware. A virus can sometimes be the cause of this issue. Another cause is a failing hard drive, so you should also check this for problems. If this doesn’t reveal the problem, look for hardware conflicts in the Windows Device Manager. A driver issue might be the cause.

3. Slow, Unreliable or Noisy Mechanical Hard Drive

Though Mechanical Hard Drives have become reliable over time, they still contain mechanical components that eventually wear out over time. So, the failure of these parts is a reality that users should prepare themselves for.

If programs are taking a long time to load, files don’t always open, or the sound of the driver has become louder when it’s working, then it’s likely the hard drive is wearing out. You can check the drive for errors, but please don’t consider yourself problem free if the result shows no errors. It is better to backup data to be safe.

4. Noisy System Fan

If your PC fan is suddenly louder than normal it’s because its internals are too warm. This can eventually lead to a crash and even hardware damage. SpeedFan, a PC monitoring tool, can help you investigate the problem and give you information on the temperatures your CPU and GPU are reporting. If the problem persists, you can take your PC to a technician to open up your desktop and clean out its fan, or replace the cooling pad with a new one.

5. Random Software and/or Adware Launches

If software launches without your permission, it is likely that your PC is a victim of malware. Often, the programs that appear are linked to one advertisement or the other, but Trojan can allow this avenue of attack. Also, if certain hardware like the webcam tends to activate without your consent, this is also part of the issue. This tampering eventually leads to problems with your PC as your PC is slammed with unwanted programs or its files are corrupted maliciously.

Solving this problem is not very easy, but you can remove the malwares and properly clean up your PC after an attack. An easier solution would be to make sure your files are backed up and then perform a clean re-install of Windows.

6. Occasional Boot Errors

When your system occasionally shows errors when you are booting your PC, it’s one of the signs to consider. The error message is usually along the lines of “boot device not found”. The Windows might eventually fail to reboot after the message, but might work at a later time or immediately if you press the reset button.

Occasional boot errors are generally a sign that something is wrong with your hard drive, or that your Windows installation has become corrupt. The common and usually the only way to fix this problem is to replace the drive and/ or re-install Windows.


There are a lot of microSD cards available in the market but not all will work with your Android phone.

Jumia Travel shares 6 ways to ensure the microSD card you purchase will be compatible with your Android phone.


In terms of capacity, there are majorly three types of microSD cards: SD, SDHC and SDXC. SD cards have a capacity up to 2GB and can be used in any microSD slot. SDHC cards have a capacity of 2GB to 32GB and can be used in hardware that supports SDHC and SDXC; while SDXC cards range from 32GB to 2TB and can only be used in devices that support SDXC.

Don’t be tempted to buy the one with the largest capacity; you should first check what your device supports. Generally speaking, less expensive Android devices support SD and SDHC cards, meaning you’ll be limited to 32GB max. Additionally, according to CNET, the following is a list of a couple of Android devices and their supported capacity: Galaxy S and S7 Edge (200GB), LG V10 (2TB), Moto G 2015 (32GB), Xperia Z5 Compact (200GB), and OneTouch Idol 3 (32GB).


For example, hardware that supports microSDXC slots will not automatically support every size within the microSDXC range. The HTC One M9 officially supports microSDXC but it’s physical limit is 128GB, anything larger might not work.


After you’ve considered capacity, the next thing to consider is speed. The speed class of a microSD card determines how quickly it can write data. MicroSD cards are given one of four classifications: 2, 4, 6 and 10. The numbers assigned to the card typically correspond to the minimum transmission speed of the card. If a card is class 2, it has a minimum transmission speed of 2 Megabytes per second (MB/s). Class 4 has a minimum speed of 4 MB/s, class 6 has a minimum speed of 6 MB/s, and class 10 has a minimum speed of 10 MB/s. The speed class of the card is always directly on the card’s label, signified as a number (2, 4, 6, 10) inside the letter “c”. You should confirm the speed class your Android device supports before purchasing.


In addition to the standard speed classes mentioned above, there are two Ultra High Speed (UHS) classes. UHS cards are significantly more expensive and are designed to be used with UHS compatible devices. UHS cards typically have a classification of either 1 (UHS-1 Class 1) or 3 (UHS-1 Class 3), with 1 signifying a minimum speed of 10 MB/s and 3 a minimum speed of 30MB/s. The UHS class has two bus types labelled ‘1’ and ‘2’, however the UHS-2 bus type is rare.


MicroSDHC and microSDXC cards can be any of these three classes, since capacity and speed are not directly related. MicroSD card type (SDHC or SDXC) and capacity (GB or TB) are directly labeled on the card. The four speed classes mentioned above have logos to signify their minimum speed, for example Class 10 is the letter C with the number 10 inside. The UHS-1 Class 1 and Class 3 are the letter U with a 1 or 3 inside, respectively. Finally, you may also see a ‘I’ or ‘II’ labeled on the card, which references a UHS bus speed.


It’s incredibly easy to buy a fake memory card. Be weary of incredibly cheap deals on branded cards from non-reputable sellers, chances are the card is fake. Some of these fake cards carry ‘SDHC’ marking but list capacities over 32GB. Some list capacities of 256GB but are cheap 4GB cards. To avoid this, it’s advisable to purchase your SD cards from a reputable seller.

Additionally, you should equally be weary of cheap no-name brands. Some of the cards from these no-name brands tend to fail and when they do they take all your data with them. For this reason, it is usually safer to buy cards from big brands. You typically can expect better performance and greater reliability from these cards, and you can also get a warranty from them (where your card can be replaced if it fails). SanDisk is an example of a good microSD card brand.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Chatbots

A chatbot is a newbie in the tech town. It is a computer program developed to interact with human beings via the internet.

The software is designed in such a way that it automatically replies to customer inquiries and requests. It makes use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and even SMS. Chatbots are now being used by many businesses to sell products and services.

Jumia Travel discuss six reasons why you need chatbots for your business.

1. Mobile ready

The use of mobile phone has significantly increased. And since chatbots use instant messaging platforms, it is readily accessible to a wider audience. These means that it is immediately available for customers on demand.

2. Track user data

Data is essential for any business. If you want to track the biographical information of your customers, purchasing trend and complaints, chatbots can do these for you. You can use the data to improve your business and resolve customer complaints.

3. Increased user engagement

The customer engagement with chatbot is very high because the user gets quick response to their inquiries. Also, it makes customers feel like they are chatting or working with someone to find a solution to their problems. Sometimes, you may not need the intervention of a human to complete the task or inquiry.

4. Drive sales

This is probably what you are waiting for. Yes, chatbots can drive sales because they are intelligent and responsive. Whatever service the customers want, chatbot will provide it effectively and efficiently. It can send coupons and product details to customers. If the customer is interested in the service, you can then take over to deliver such a service or product.

5. It is inexpensive to use

Chatbots are inexpensive and affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to use it for your business. The returns far outweigh the amount you will spend on setting up a chatbot.

6. No need to download

Customers are not required to download any app. Your chatbot can come in the form of Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. Clearly, you already have these apps on your phone.

5 Social media Actions That Could Limit Your chances of Getting a Job

Anyone can use social media. You can tweet or post whatever you like. You are free! However, this your social media license to share anything can cost you your career especially if you are job hunting.

You may not appreciate the reach of your social media activities until someone points it out to you. You will be surprised.

As a result, you should be conscious of what you do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because you don’t know who is looking.

Jumia Travel gathers some social media actions that could wreck your chances of getting a job.

1. Complaining about your job

If you don’t like your job, you should look for a way to resolve it and if you can’t, you should probably quit. What you should never do is to complain about your job on social media whether you still work for the company or not. Keep your complaints off these networks.

2. Sending friend request to someone who just interviewed you

You may do this because you are concerned about your performance in an interviewed that you had to follow the interviewer on Facebook. You didn’t just stop there, you question him or her about your performance. It will look like you stalking or disturbing the person. So, don’t be astonished if you don’t get the job.

3. Forgetting to follow your these companies

Following a company that you are applying to for a job may boost your chances of getting a job. This is because of the ridiculous criteria some companies have laid down to employ prospective employees. It doesn’t take anything for you to follow them. You may never know.

4. Making simple spelling mistakes

This can be overlooked by everyone but simple spelling mistakes are unforgivable. The dilemma here is that many people use shorthand because of character limitation. A good example is twitter’s 140 characters. Nevertheless, avoid verbosity on twitter and try as much as possible to be concise. This is in a bid to stop you from using shorthand.

5. Sharing negative comments about an organization

A business or organization had public relations problems that went viral. Nearly everyone commented on these issues on social media. No matter the public relations offense, you should avoid making such negative comments. These comments may haunt you later as you may be invited for an interview by the same company you have lambasted on social media.

6 Things Nigerian Startups Are Worried About

Startups are the backbone of any economy. They are established by young Nigerians who make efforts to secure capital and start something on their own. This is not a simple task.

Despite this, there are quite a number of challenges they are encountering and are quite worried about. Jumia Travel discuss six of these worries.

1. Power

The issue of electricity can’t be over flogged. If power can be stroked off the list of things startups are worried about, it will have an overall impact on the startup. First of all, you will not factor in money for buying a generator or fuel into your budget. Such a money will be invested in the business or employ more hands. But power is epileptic. You will be gobsmacked if you see the amount even big organizations budget for huge generators and diesel let alone startups.

2. Business registration

Kudos to the Nigerian government for launching the 60-day national plan for ease of doing business in the country. It is good but it is more than just launching a plan. The time, money and stress of registering just a startup are discouraging. This is why many startups just register their business name while they leave the other paperwork for later. Business registration should be automated so that it won’t take more than a week to register a startup. In fact, priority should be given to startups.

3. Capital

Thanks to venture capitalists and seed investors who are supporting these startups to keep them afloat. Obviously, this is usually after you have invested a certain amount of your capital in the business. Where do you get the capital from? It is usually from friends and family. Banks are likely to deny you loans. And of course, the Naira to dollar fluctuations is also an issue.

4. Little tangible corporate or government support

Corporate organizations rarely support startups. They prefer to sponsor or support entertainment programmes or ideas. If you pitch your idea to them and it is not entertainment related, you are probably wasting your precious time. Corporate organizations should sponsor competitions, where individuals with startups ideas can compete and get, will get financial support to implement the idea. As for the government, they are trying but there is more to be done.

5. Taxation

There are different bodies that collect taxes in Nigeria. And they charge to pay all sorts of rates. Although some organisations fail to pay tax, it’s not their fault sometimes. The government needs to block these loopholes and harmonize the taxation process. Hence, startups will know that they are not double taxed.

6. Lack of patronage from Nigerians

It is worrying that Nigerians don’t buy made in Nigeria goods. They prefer foreign to Nigeria made. Patronizing Nigerian startups doesn’t only means you are supporting them, it shows you recognize their efforts.

5 Reasons You Should Live stream Your Business Event

Live streaming an event is no longer a big deal. You don’t need to own the most sophisticated tech gadgets to live stream your business event. With your smartphone, you can employ any of Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram to broadcast your event.

This said some organizations are yet to recognize the need to live stream their event. If your established and well-grounded business is in this category, Jumia Travel, roll out 5 reasons why you should live stream your event is good for your business.

1. Create social media engagements

Whichever social media platform you decide to use for your live stream, you can take advantage of it to create a social media buzz around the event. This is because it is possible for your followers and friends to comment and like your event. You will even discover that after the event, your friends and followers will still be talking about it.

2. It shows your brand in action

Persons viewing your live streaming will have a first-hand experience of your brand without them being present at the event. They will see the executives and those in charge of the day-to-day running of the brand. With this type of experience, your viewers will have more information about your and will be more than willing to do business with you.

3. Get Instant feedback

Feedback from your audience is important whenever you organize an event. The added advantage of live streaming is that you will get immediate feedback about the business event. The feedback may be good or bad.

4. Expand your reach

One interesting way your live streaming your business event is that you will be able to expand your reach. This is because the World Wide Web is borderless. So, you don’t know who is watching your live stream. So, it live streaming automatically expand your reach without you paying a dime.

5. It will have an impact on turnover

Since the live stream is likely to reach more people, it is possible that it has an impact on turnover. You get more people making inquiries about your services and these inquiries may translate to actual sales. So, live streaming is something every organization should embrace.

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