7 Ways To Make Your Online Accounts Safer

A day scarcely goes by without a reported case of hacking. Millions of accounts are exposed and all sorts of information released to the public.

Recently, over 500 million Yahoo user accounts were hacked. So, any account can be illegally accessed. You never know because hacking is becoming more sophisticated daily.

This makes your online existence vulnerable. You must secure and protect your different web accounts.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, gathers 7 ways you can make them safer.

1. Close dormant accounts

Inactive accounts easily get hacked. It is because they remain unused for a very long time. If you know you are not using a particular account, you should close it. As a rule of thumb, only open accounts you can use often.

2. Set up a password manager

If you find it difficult to recall your password (s), you should use a password manager. It will save all your login details for you. It can also generate unique passwords for you.

3. Add two-step verification

The two-step verification has been around for a while now. And it is just a way to make it difficult for your account to be hacked. The two-step verification prevents anyone from logging into your account from a new device even though they have your username and password. They need a code delivered via SMS to your phone.

4. Delete third-party account connections

There’s nothing wrong with allowing other services to connect to your Facebook and Twitter. But you should reduce these connections to your main account. And don’t forget to close third party apps you’re not using in order to block off any potential loopholes for hackers to exploit.

5. Change your passwords often

We all know that we must not use weak passwords and change your passwords often.

6. Be conscious of what you share online

Ensure your personal details that can be used to verify your identity, like your home address, and your birthday is not readily available online. Hackers may need this sensitive information to access your accounts.

7. Keep your software updated

You should keep your computer software as well as your online accounts updated. But most times these accounts automatically updates itself. You can still check to update others manually.

7 Ways to Make Long Drives More Comfortable

Travelling is generally fun. But having to travel long distances by road can be a nightmare! Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 7 ways to make travelling by road more comfortable for you.

1. Get a good night sleep

Most times, because we pack at the eleventh hour, we end up getting very little sleep the day before we are to travel. Avoid this. Have a good night’s sleep before the travel day; unwind, relax and prepare your body for the trip. It’s much easier to cope with the stress of road travel this way.

2. Wear a comfortable outfit

This is very important especially for the ladies. For long drives, relegate fashion to the background for a bit and let comfort take center stage. There really is no need to dress to impress since you are going to be in a car or bus for the better part of the day. Loose fitting pants and shirts are ideal for road travel.

3. Pack healthy snacks and eat light

If you decide to pack snack along with you on the trip, be sure it’s healthy, not the type that’s likely to purge or upset your stomach. Also, eat light. You don’t want to be that person in the vehicle with the constant need to ease himself/herself, and some of the time you are going to have to do so out by or in the bush because the nearest toilet might be a mile away.

4. Be mindful of your posture

You should keep your body moving during the trip, especially if you are a passenger. Periodically switch sitting positions, pump your ankles and move your arms to prevent aches and pains. You should also avoid slouching and can consider taking along with you a travel pillow or a small pillow to support your back. If you are the one driving, you can also consider using cruise control (if your vehicle has one) when you can, so you can rest your feet for a bit. Be sure to set the cruise control at a safe speed.

5. Use relaxation techniques

Playing soft music during the trip or using relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation etc. can help reduce your stress levels during a long ride. You can also take full advantage of the few stops during the trip to stretch and walk around. In addition, you can take a book along with you to read and take a biro and notebook to scribble thoughts on and maybe write journal entries or even new music (if you are a writer or songwriter).

6. Bring along disposable pre-moistened body wipes

Riding along in a car for hours can make your body feel sticky so you can bring along disposable pre-moistened body wipes to freshen up a bit during the ride and keep comfortable. You can wipe your body down in the privacy of the restroom at a rest stop or simply wipe yourself discreetly in the vehicle. Favour alcohol-free disposable wipes when buying these – they are kinder to your skin.

7. Stop occasionally

Especially if you are the one driving, you should build some stops into your timeline when planning road trips, especially if you have children with you. Stop for some minutes to stretch, use the restroom and walk around to relax your body and help improve your blood flow.

9 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rice

You probably haven’t thought much of certain details about rice, right? After all, all that matter is that it’s a delicious cooking staple that’s readily available, relatively cheap and able to be eaten alongside a variety of dishes.

Jumia Travel shares 9 interesting things you probably didn’t know about rice, you never know when the information might just come in handy.

1. Rice Can Last For Years – Unless it’s Brown

Uncooked white rice can stay fresh and edible for anywhere between 10 and 30 years (if stored properly). However, uncooked brown rice has a shelf life of just three to six months because of its bran coating which tends to oxidize within this time.

2. Rice Can Poison You

It can if it’s not stored properly. When cooked rice is left at room temperature, the spores in the uncooked rice that survived cooking tend to grow bacteria that can eventually cause food poisoning. To avoid this, you it is advisable to cook as much rice as you’ll eat, or cool leftover cooked rice in the fridge and reheat to steaming hot when you want to eat again.

3. All White Rice Starts Brown

You probably already knew this, but then maybe you didn’t. All white rice is just brown rice that has been rid of its bran coating and polished.

4. Rice Grows Everywhere except Antarctica

Rice is adaptable and easy to grow, which makes it possible to grow almost anywhere. It also has a very high yield which makes it a terrific crop to grow to feed a large population. Just a seed of rice can result in over 3,000 grains.

5. Toyota and Honda Are Named After Rice

These two Japanese brand cars were named after rice. Toyota actually means “Bountiful Rice Field” and Honda means “The Main Rice Field”.

6. Rice Needs a Lot Of Water To Grow

Rice cultivations utilize about 5,000 litres of water to produce just 1kg of rice!

7. Eating Rice Can Actually Make You Happier – Really!

Of course, eating something as delicious and satisfying as rice can typically make you happy, but aside this, carbohydrates like rice trigger the production of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a hormone known to boost mood and help reduce your appetite. Plus, rice is additionally easy to prepare, relatively cheap and nutritionally rewarding. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

8. Wild Rice Exists but It Isn’t Actually Rice

Wild rice is a distant relative to every other rice eaten today, most of which are in the Oryza sativa family. Wild rice is part of the Zizania genus and its grains are harvested from marsh grasses grown in North America and China.

9. The Great Wall of China is Held Together By Sticky Rice

While the Great Wall was being built during the Ming dynasty in the 15th and 16th centuries, workers used a porridge made with rice along with calcium carbonate as a mortar to hold the wall’s stones together.

7 Easy-to-remember ways to deal with difficult people

We read many articles on ways to deal with difficult people but when faced with the task of dealing with these difficult people, it’s like all the tips we made up on our minds to use to successfully handle the situation escape our memories.

Jumia Travel shares 7 ways to deal with difficult people that are not only useful but easy to remember.


No matter what, don’t lose your temper. A calm person is seen as being in control, centered and more respectable. When a difficult person sees that you remain calm and unmoved despite what he/she is doing, you will start to get their attention. Remember, never lose your calm.


Understanding can go a long way in helping you deal with difficult people. For most normal people, no one is really being difficult for the sake of being difficult, there’s usually an underlying reason (not matter how properly concealed) motivating them to act that way. Try to uncover and understand it because rarely is this motivation apparent.


You do this to get another perspective on the matter because you might be blind to certain things due to how emotionally invested you are in the situation. These people will be able to see things from a different angle and offer a different (sometimes valuable) take on the situation.


It might be difficult and take all the strength in the fiber of your being to do, but you have to try to build some rapport with them. In the end they are human beings, so try to get to know them as people, try to connect with them on a personal level.

In the process, let them in on the reason behind your actions and give them the full background and details of all that’s happening; it might help them empathize with your situation. Sometimes they might be resistant and difficult to you because they think you are being resistant and difficult to them.


It would be surprising if you treated a person like trash and they weren’t difficult and resistant to you. You should first be sure that you treat them with respect and see if that gesture melts their resolve and makes them less difficult and resistant to you.


If you want to move forward with a difficult person, you must learn focus on the things that can be actioned on. Don’t dwell on the things you cannot change, respect one another’s limits, be diplomatic and be willing to give up what you can to make a resolution.


If all your efforts to deal with these difficult people are futile and you consider them hopelessly negative and impossible to deal with, the best thing you can do is to ignore them. You’ve done what you can within your means, the next thing to do is to find a way around them to achieve your goal. If there is a higher authority you can escalate to, you can do so if you conclude that’s what you have to do.

7 Healthy Ways to Fry Foods

There has been much talk about fried foods generally being unhealthy, but we all know as Nigerians we really can’t but fry our foods from time to time.

Thankfully, Jumia Travel shares 7 ways to help make your fried foods healthier to eat. The goal here is to minimize oil absorption.


The sub-heading says it all. Heart-healthy oil with low cholesterol is what you should use when frying your foods. Also, different oils have different stabilities, also called the ‘smoke point’. The higher the smoke point the more stable your oil and the better suited it is for cooking at high temperatures.


Please don’t wait till your frying oil is dark-brown or even black before you change it. The more oil is exposed to high temperature, the more readily it breaks down and releases free radicals etc into your food. It’s advisable to reuse your oil for about 3 or 4 times, after which you should change to a fresh one.


Make sure your oil is clean and be sure to remove the crumbs or debris that might be left in the pan after frying. It’s important to often remove this debris because they will continue to burn in the pan. The burned particles will cause the oil to discolor and eventually infuse it with an off flavor that will affect the taste of the food. Slotted spoons can easily be used to remove these crumbs.


Be sure to heat your cooking oil to the proper temperature before you start frying. Without doing this, your food will end up absorbing more oil than it should, defeating the goal of minimizing oil absorption and increasing the fat and calorie content of your food.


It’s not enough to heat to the proper temperature before cooking; you should also maintain the proper temperature when cooking the food. If this is not done, the food will absorb excess oil, not only adding fat and calories to it but also making it soggy and greasy. Typically, a greasy fried food is a badly fried food.


When battering foods before frying, you should use carbonated liquids or a small amount of leavening (baking soda) or both in the batter. They help to release gas bubbles as the food cooks and further reduces oil absorption.


To prevent excess oil from clinging and soaking into the food, you should drain your fried foods on a paper towel, one to two minutes after frying.

7 Things you should ignore to achieve your dreams

Achieving your dreams isn’t easy, you have to brave and be willing to stand strong to adversity and criticisms. Jumia Travel shares 7 things you should ignore to help you stand strong and achieve your dreams


Rather than dwelling on difficulties, think of solutions. Remember that the time wasted dwelling on difficulties, can be invested in contemplating solutions to bring you out of difficulties. Contemplating solutions helps move you forward, while dwelling on difficulties keeps you stagnant.


There is a popular belief that there are good and bad critics. The good ones criticize constructively, the bad ones criticize destructively. However, the truth is, the input of individuals who know nothing about your dreams and abilities is useless. You should therefore ignore these critics, and listen instead to the input of those who not only know about your dreams and abilities, but also believe in you. Their contribution and advice is worth more than gold because it is sincere, based on an understanding of your personality and the situation, and it is more likely to be helpful when applied.


Just learn to do it afraid. Don’t focus on the fear because it might always be there. The feeling of fear might just not go away, and that’s the point. Your dreams are meant to challenge you to face your fears, they should bring out the best in you and help you grow as a person.


Stop comparing yourself to your peers. You are not all going to the same place. Does someone who is going to live in the north-pole pack the same clothes as someone going to live in the desert? It’s a funny analog but if you think deeply about it, you will find truth in it. Learn to ignore what others are doing and live your own life. If social media is making it difficult for you to do so, take a break from social media or create new social media accounts. Find your path, stay true to your path and avoid unnecessary comparisons.


Sometimes, the sad truth is you are your own enemy. There is no reason why you should destructively criticize your own self and abilities. Believe in yourself. Be your own cheerleader and you should not, for any reason, bring your own self down. Don’t be your own enemy and kill your dreams with unnecessary pessimism and negativity.


Think of it this way, if you are travelling a long distance by air, land or sea, you are not going to feel completely comfortable throughout the journey, but you endure because you know you have to get to your destination. Apply this mindset in the pursuit of your dreams and you will be able to overcome the number 1 dream killer – comfort. Learn to choose sacrifice and persistence over comfort.


Listen to the lessons of failures but ignore the fear of failure. The fact that you failed once doesn’t guarantee you are going to fail again; if anything, it should ensure your success because you now know what not to do. Learn to allow failure fuel your steps.

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