8 Common habits that damage your eye sight

There are a number of habits that pose a threat to a healthy vision.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 8 of the most common habits that damage eyesight.

1. Rubbing Your Eyes

This, especially when done forcefully or vigorously, can break the tiny blood vessels under the skin’s surface causing dark circles, puffy eyes or drooping eyelids. Using your hand to rub your eyes when you feel something in your eye can also scratch and permanently damage the cornea. In addition, if your eyes are itchy rubbing them tends to release more of the allergens responsible for the itch, making the itch feel worse.

2. Exposing your Eyes to the Sun or High- Energy Visible (HEV) Rays

This can prematurely age and damage your eyes and eyelids. To avoid this, it is advisable to wear a good pair of sunglasses to block these rays. Sunglasses help to minimize the effect of bright lights which include headaches, blurred vision, or red eyes, and prevent you from excessive squinting which can lead to eyestrain and pain.

3. Eating Poorly

Eat less fast food meals and more foods, fruits and vegetables like carrots, leafy greens, fish etc. that are good for the eyes. They will help provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids for optimum eye health.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water daily, alongside eating a high-sodium diet can cause dehydration which eventually causes the eyes not to produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist and properly nourished. This in turn leads to dry eyes, redness and puffy eyelids.

5. Too Much Screen Time

Too much screen time tends to slow your blinking rate which eventually causes dry eyes and smeary vision. It can additionally make the eyes burn and water. Make it a point of note to look away from your screen regularly.

6. Straining Your Eyes

Straining your eyes to read tiny texts either in a book or on your phone can make your eyes start to hurt, especially if you do it for long hours. It can lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, dizziness and nausea. Try to avoid reading tiny fonts, but if you must do so take breaks in between reads to give your eyes a break.

7. Misusing Eye Makeup

You should be careful in your application of eye products like mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and eye creams. Try to apply the makeup far away from your lash line so you don’t block the oil glands of your lids because buildups here can cause infections. Also, you should change your eye makeup after every three months because after this time, especially if not stored in a cool place, they can become breeding ground for bacteria.

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep eventually hurts your eyes. Sleep deprivations causes symptoms like twitching, dry eyes, blurry vision and pain in the eyes. Try to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep each night to help maintain a healthy vision.

7 Smart Ways To Check If An Image Is Real or Photoshopped

There are thousands of pictures online now that you find it difficult to determine if they are fake or original.

No thanks to photoshop. You can now magically combine two different photographs and make it appear as an authentic photo. Jumia travel shares 7 smart ways to check the authenticity of a photo.

1. Look at the Background

A photoshopped image always has a loophole no matter how perfect it appears. If you closely observe the background, you will see that there is something wrong with the picture. If the picture looks too curved or bent, then the image has been manipulated. There is no way an original photo will look that way.

2. Check the shadows and lighting

When an object has been added or removed from a real photo, the reflection and shadows will form as a result of the lighting. But graphic artists who are very good with Photoshop or Corel draw can hide this flaw. But still, all the reflection and shadows can’t disappear. You will know.

3. Minor errors

An original photo cannot be questioned. It is perfect. But with a photoshopped image, there will be minor errors. It is either one hand is bigger than the other or the shape is out of place. There is always a mistake even though it is not conspicuous sometimes.

4. Search for the photo’s metadata

Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data. You can get information about a photo’s metadata by checking online. You will get information about the software the photo was saved, the camera that took the photo and the editing tool used. If you cannot get this information it’s highly likely that the image is edited.

5. Do a reverse Google image search

The Google reverse image search helps you search for the original image of a photoshopped picture. If you find it, you can compare both photos and use it to determine the originality of a photo. It also works.

You can also use apps to check

6. FotoForensics

Fotoforensics is one of the best software to know if a photo is fake or not. It gives very quickly to give results. The interesting thing about the app is that it doesn’t use metadata to decide a picture’s integrity.

7. Izitru

In the case of Izitru, the app relies on metadata to authenticate an image. However, it has some limitations. It doesn’t say where the distortions were made on the photo. But you can still use it.

6 surprising Signs Your Eyes Reveals about Your Health

The role the eyes plays in your life can’t be overemphasized. One of such roles is alerting you about your health status. So if anything changes in your eyes, you immediately take notice. It may not be just any change. These eye problems may be alerting you to some crucial health conditions that you must not ignore.

In line with this, Jumia travel identifies six things your eyes says about your health. Try to pay attention to these signs.

1. Jaundice

Jaundice is very common in common in newborn babies. It causes the yellowing of the skin and whitening of the eyes. It can also happen to adults. If jaundice doesn’t disappear within a reasonable period, it may be a sign of liver issues.

2. Swollen Eyes

A swollen or bulging eye is oftentimes a sigh of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid gland produces too much thyroxine hormone according to mayo clinic. This can increase your body’s metabolism resulting in weight loss, increased irregular heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness or irritability according to mayo clinic.

3. Distorted Vision

Distorted vision is most a sign that you either need have your eyes checked by an optician, or you require a break from your computer especially if you have been staring at it for hours. A break will help you regain focus and clear your eyes.

4. Frequent Stye

A stye is a small, painful lump on the inside or outside of the eyelid. You don’t need to be concerned as it only takes a few days and it will clear up. But if it takes about three months to clear up, you should see a doctor. It could be a sign of cancer referred to as Sebaceous gland carcinoma.

5. Twists in the eyes

Your eyes are supposed to be clear. No twists, no curves, and no bends. But, if there are any twists or bends in the eyes, it MAY be a sign of high blood pressure. This is why you should see your ophthalmologist from time to time for eye checkup as they can detect if the twists is a sign of High BP or not.

6. Sudden Changes in Vision

You reclining in one of your preferred hotels in Lagos and suddenly you experience changes in vision. It is not the people in your village. No. This may be a vision problem associated with stroke. You should go for a medical checkup immediately.

7 Ways to Make Long Drives More Comfortable

Travelling is generally fun. But having to travel long distances by road can be a nightmare!

Jumia Travel shares 7 ways to make travelling by road more comfortable for you.

1. Get a good night sleep

Most times, because we pack at the eleventh hour, we end up getting very little sleep the day before we are to travel. Avoid this. Have a good night’s sleep before the travel day; unwind, relax and prepare your body for the trip. It’s much easier to cope with the stress of road travel this way.

2. Wear a comfortable outfit

This is very important especially for the ladies. For long drives, relegate fashion to the background for a bit and let comfort take center stage. There really is no need to dress to impress since you are going to be in a car or bus for the better part of the day. Loose fitting pants and shirts are ideal for road travel.

3. Pack healthy snacks and eat light

If you decide to pack snack along with you on the trip, be sure it’s healthy, not the type that’s likely to purge or upset your stomach. Also, eat light. You don’t want to be that person in the vehicle with the constant need to ease himself/herself, and some of the time you are going to have to do so out by or in the bush because the nearest toilet might be a mile away.

4. Be mindful of your posture

You should keep your body moving during the trip, especially if you are a passenger. Periodically switch sitting positions, pump your ankles and move your arms to prevent aches and pains. You should also avoid slouching and can consider taking along with you a travel pillow or a small pillow to support your back. If you are the one driving, you can also consider using cruise control (if your vehicle has one) when you can, so you can rest your feet for a bit. Be sure to set the cruise control at a safe speed.

5. Use relaxation techniques

Playing soft music during the trip or using relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation etc. can help reduce your stress levels during a long ride. You can also take full advantage of the few stops during the trip to stretch and walk around. In addition, you can take a book along with you to read and take a biro and notebook to scribble thoughts on and maybe write journal entries or even new music (if you are a writer or songwriter).

6. Bring along disposable pre-moistened body wipes

Riding along in a car for hours can make your body feel sticky so you can bring along disposable pre-moistened body wipes to freshen up a bit during the ride and keep comfortable. You can wipe your body down in the privacy of the restroom at a rest stop or simply wipe yourself discreetly in the vehicle. Favour alcohol-free disposable wipes when buying these – they are kinder to your skin.

7. Stop occasionally

Especially if you are the one driving, you should build some stops into your timeline when planning road trips, especially if you have children with you. Stop for some minutes to stretch, use the restroom and walk around to relax your body and help improve your blood flow.

5 Reasons Nigerians Should Stop Watching The English Premier League

The English Premier League is one of the most exciting football leagues in the world. Thus, it is unsurprising that many Nigerians are addicted to it.

Every weekend, viewing centres are filled out with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City among other EPL clubs. It is, therefore, near impossible to end the attachment of Nigerians to the premier league.

Nonetheless, Jumia Travel identifies 5 reasons Nigerians should stop watching the EPL.

1. The Nigerian League is now exciting and better organized

Since the league management body started managing the Nigerian League, they have made concerted efforts to make the league more exciting and interesting. They have ensured that the stadiums are TV friendly and the players and fans obey rules and regulation. Most importantly, the matches are on Pay TV. This has encouraged players to give out their best and you now see a Nigerian league player scoring a hat-trick.

2. You get real life stadium experience in the NPFL

To watch a Nigerian League match is very affordable and inexpensive. You don’t have to break the bank. Except you have a deep pocket, you cannot travel the England to watch Arsenal. So, with the NPFL, you can watch Kano Pillars live in Kano or watch Remo Stars in Sagamu. You get the stadium experience.

3. You can support professionally run private clubs

Unlike in the past when the 20 clubs in the Nigeria Professional Football League are government owned, there are now privately owned clubs that are professionally managed. We have The Mountain of Fire Football Club, Ifeanyi Ubah FC, and Remo stars. You can support these clubs because they churn out EPL like football week in, week out.

4. Nigerian Stadiums are safe

Many Nigerians have the mindset that whenever they visit the stadium, they will be harassed and waylaid. This is in the past. They are now safe because it is now incumbent on clubs to provide security for fans and players alike.

5. We will support our own

Nigerians don’t seem to support their own. Like they have a knack for foreign products, it is the same for football. Even the Nigerian Super Eagles team is coached by a foreigner. We stop watching the premier league and support the Nigerian league by going to stadiums to watch their favorite Nigerian club.

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