9 Ways to Save a Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is usually more common in men than women, nevertheless it’s a menace suffered by all.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 9 ways to help stop and regrow a receding hairline.

1. Avoid Too Much Styling

Excessive styling tends to cause front hair loss and thus a receding hairline. Hairstyles like braids, pony tails or cornrows, especially when done too tightly, can damage the hair shaft and follicles. In addition, extreme amounts of combing and rubbing of hair, particularly forceful combing and vigorous rubbing of hair, can cause a receding hairline. You should avoid excessive styling, combing or rubbing of your hair to save a receding hairline.

2. Wear Wigs

This largely applies to women. There are a hundred styles of wigs to choose from and wear so as to give your hair a break from the constant handling and styling. This can give your hairline time to naturally regrow.

3. Minimize the Use of Chemicals on Your Hair

Excessive amounts of shampooing, drying and over-processing of your hair can weaken your hair causing thinning and some temporary hair loss. Also, the buildup of these products alongside dandruff on your scalp can clog hair follicles making it more difficult for the hair to grow.

4. Consider Using Sulphate-Free and Anti-Fungal/Dandruff Shampoos

Sulphate-free shampoos are good for the hair because they tend not to dry out the hair when used regularly. Dandruff or anti-fungal shampoos kill yeast that causes dandruff in the hair which helps prevent flaky dandruff. This helps to reduce the amount of yeast on the scalp which may help reduce hair loss.

5. Be Selective About Your Hairstyles

For men, haircuts like the Caesar haircut are best to help a receding hairline. Also, you can get a buzz cut or shave your head bald to conceal a receding hairline and give it time to regrow. But this requires regular maintenance to ensure the hair does not regrow in a way that makes the receding hairline more visible.

For women, hairstyles that are about shoulder length or shorter are best if your hair is thick in front but thin at the crown. Longer hairs tend to further define the receding hairline you intend to conceal. You can also opt for styles that include bangs or fringes and have blunt rather than layered ends.

6. Eat Healthily

Ensure you consume foods high in substances like protein, minerals, carbohydrates and ‘good’ fats. Foods high in protein typically aid hair growth and help maintain a healthy hair. You should also supplement your diet with vitamins essential for regeneration and overall well-being like Vitamin B, E, Iron etc. However, you should avoid excessive consumption of these vitamins. For example, too much of Vitamin A and E has been linked to shedding of hair.

7. Try Natural Shampoos

Natural shampoos are great for helping to regrow your hair from hair loss because they typically don’t contain harsh ingredients that can damage the hair and cause hair loss.

8. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils help to stimulate and circulate the hair to grow in its healthy state. They can help to give that extra boost the scalp of your hair needs to regrow. Some of the best essential oils are tea tree oil, cedar wood and lavender.

9. Eggs

You can consider using a mixture of olive oil and egg white to promote your hair growth and stimulate the regrowth of new hair. The mixture is thoroughly applied into the entire scalp of your hair and left for twenty minutes, before being washed and rinsed off.

The Odd Things That Happen Whenever It Rains In Lagos

When it rains in Lagos, the city appears to run or function differently. This is why some Lagosians may be unhappy whenever it rains. But, they don’t have control over this.

As the center of excellence, the people and government should take immediate action to cushion the effect or impact of the rain. In line with this, Jumia Travel discusses five things that happen in Lagos when it rains.

1. The traffic doubles

Traffic has always been one of the highlights of any megacity. It should not surprise anyone that traffic is a problem in Lagos. A lot of man hours are wasted in traffic. Although, the government is making effort to ensure the free flow of traffic; it has so much work to do. You can only imagine the nature of the traffic when it rains. The traffic can be very bad. What many workers and employees do to cushion the effect on them is to leave work as early as possible.

2. The roads are flooded

The traffic doubles because the roads are flooded. This happens as a result of a poor drainage system. So, there is nowhere the rainwater will flow to than to stay on the road. The government has been opening up the drainages around the city but some Lagosians will still dump refuse inside to block it. Well, if you cannot drive home, you can book a hotel to spend your night.

3. No electricity

This may not be peculiar to Lagos alone. When it rains, it is an opportunity for the Power Holding Company of Nigeria to hold on to power. Funny but true. However, in some cases, PHCN may not interrupt power no matter how heavy it rains. They are very unpredictable.

4. The heat disappears

This is the most obvious reason Lagosians want it to rain. Even if you use a generator, you will still switch it off at some point. The heat that follows every time power supply is seized can sometimes be unbearable. With the rain, the heat disappears and everywhere is cool and warm.

5. Danfo drivers become rational

Not only danfo drivers but every driver who uses the road at that moment drives carefully. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you what will happen if you drive recklessly when it rains.

Top 5 Inexpensive Hotels To Lodge With Your Spouse in Lagos State

1. De’Renaissance Hotel

De Renaissance Hotel is located along Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja. The elegant and glamorous hotel in Lagos is about 15 minutes from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. The hotel features cozy rooms fitted with air-conditioner, ornate lampshades, TV with satellite reception, worktable, `and chair, separate sitting area with sofas and en-suite bathroom. De Renaissance Hotel is just beside Ikeja City Mall. It is a 15-minute drive from the Airport.

2. Morning Sides Suites

Morning Side Suites is an ultra-modern hotel located in the upmarket neighbourhood of Victoria Island, Lagos. The 4-Star hotel boasts an events center, outdoor pool, and elevator for a much convenient movement. Free WiFi is available. The hotel features a conference and banquet facility with a capacity to seat 50 persons. Airport shuttle services are also available at a surcharge. Morning Side Suites is a 5-minute drive away from Silverbird Galleria and Bar Beach.

3. Southern Sun Ikoyi

Southern Sun Hotel Ikoyi is situated at 47, Alfred Rewane Road, in the highbrow Ikoyi area of Lagos. The hotel in Lagos boasts of 195 beautifully furnished en-suite rooms and free WiFi is provided for guests. Being on the top hotels in Ikoyi, Lagos, Southern Sun Hotel offers a 4-star luxury with rooms that gives a pleasant stay. The on-site restaurant at Southern Sun Ikoyi Lagos offers full board meals from a variety of local and continental menus. Guests can enjoy cocktails, wines, and beverages at the bar and lounge area.

4. The Avenue Suites

The Avenue Suites is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos. The hotel boasts a swimming pool and a well-equipped gym. Complimentary WiFi internet access is provided for all guests. All rooms at the Avenue Suites Lagos are fully air-conditioned, fitted with en-suite bathrooms and wardrobes. The on-site restaurant that boasts views of the surrounding skyline serves local and continental meal options and complimentary breakfast is provided daily. The Avenue Suites Lagos is 5 km away from Palms Mall, Lekki, in close proximity to the Bar Beach and Eko Hotel.

5. Villa Angelia

The Villa Angelia is located in Ikoyi, Lagos. The villa features an event center, a swimming pool, and a gym. Meals are provided through an onsite restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hotel offers a bike rental service for outdoor activities and local sightseeing. A fitness room, a swimming pool, and a gym are also available at the hotel. Villa Angelia Ikoyi is a walking distance from Awolowo Road and Sweet Sensation Confectionery. Reeds Restaurant and Bar is a 3-minute walk from the hotel.

Exciting things to do at Whispering Palms

The scenery is overwhelming, the warm breeze from the Atlantic Ocean romantically blows away your worries as you sit comfortably with your lover and the chalets/rooms are readily available for you to spend the night. Whispering Palms Beach Resort is a perfect getaway for anyone from the elderly to the young at heart. Whispering Palms is a conference resort center occupying about 8 acres of land.


Whispering Palms is one of the best resort in Badagry. It is located at Iworo Village, off Lagos Badagry Expressway, Aradagun. It is open to anyone who wants to visit and also you can book any room of your choice on Jumia Travel, the online travel agency. For you to gain access to the resort, you have to pay N2000 entry fee for two.

Things to do

1. Visit the heritage museum

Badagry is known all over the world as a slave-trade hub. So, it should not be a surprise that there is a museum at Whispering Palms. Some of the interesting items at the heritage museum include historical slave chains, boats, and pictures of important slave route and locations. Your visit is incomplete without visiting the museum.

2. Check out the mini zoo

The zoo is also worth checking out even though it is a mini zoo. Animals like donkeys, peacocks, parrots, ducks, Monkeys and Baboons are present for viewing.

3. Boat ride

If you are not scared of water, you should be able to enjoy a rollicking, pleasant and enthralling boat ride with your lover. You can either row the boat yourself or you take the speed boat. Don’t worry there are lifeguards around in the case of any misadventure.

4. Sporting activities

For tourists, who are interested in sports, there are sports facilities available at Whispering Palms. You can play tennis, swimming pool, Volleyball, and Football. You can also hit the gym if you want to exercise and keep fit.

5. Stay, wine and dine

You can enjoy tasty local and continental delicacies at the resort. In addition to this, the banquet hall is available for parties and corporate events.

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