A Peaceful Political Revolution is Underway in Nigeria

Evolution is underway in Nigeria. It’s a Peaceful Political Revolution & it’ll be televised. The young called the Soro Soke, had enough of the old, corrupt & incompetent guards. So we’ve risen. We are witnessing “The Great Awakening” inspired by “Go and Verify” – Peter Obi.

This is History in the Making. The History of First. We are writing a Beautiful Memoir. Young Nigerians dared to dream. We refused to stay down, defeated & humiliated into their small box of unbelief. Some youths are still on the side of the old, corrupt & incompetent guards.

But not for long. We are LIGHT when every other light is fading. We are HOPE, when Nigerians are increasingly HOPELESS. So we fight!! And fight WE SHALL!! The road ahead is tumultuous. It’s like the seas with wicked ocean currents – a wrecking ball.

But as skilled navigators, we shall sail safely to shore. We are the brave young men & women, who dared to dream. Valor, Godspeed & tenacity are on our side. So we will find a way. We will have a great, enchanting & exciting campaigns.

The fire in our hearts can only find oxygen. It cannot be quenched by a thousand canisters. It’ll burn for a thousand generations, until the Throne of Good Men is restored. What we ObiDIENTS share is an undying spirit. May our Young Hearts never grow old.

AND HERE WE ARE! MANY OF US DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Our compadres cut down by the brutality that is Nigeria at the Lekki Tollgate, will be proud of us. WE DID IT!! Finally, we rekindled that EndSARS Spirit thought to be dead. We’ve risen. #EndSARS is a marathon not a sprint!!

And when the righteous rule, the people will rejoice. From that moment on, the pent-up euphoria of Nigerians will erupt like a volcano. From that very day, Progress & Patriotism will become the Anthem, the mood of the nation.

Once again, I urge you Nigerians; don’t give up the fight!! Posterity is with you!! The World is with you!! The Heavens hear you!! God Bless Nigeria.


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