Abdussalam Is Over-Stretching Himself And His Committee

Peace committee? Someone asked, are we at war? Looking at the men. Peace? Let me not talk about the S/A weapons and private jet here. But need to say Abdussalam is over-stretching himself and his committee. After his recent closed-doors meeting with the , one might ask what does he want?

I know that both parties signed the ‘Peace accord’ before the March 28 general elections. Elections have come and gone, Jonathan Goodluck congratulated the winner, outcome was respected by both parties, then a smooth transition. I don’t know if it was ever part of the deal not to fight corruption in anyway. So what does this committee want again?

Pardon looters? No way! Thank God Mr. President’s response was ‘No mercy! And trial of these thieves to begin soon!!’ reiterating his irrevocable commitment to wipe out corruption and simple stealing.

It couldn’t be happier than this. If Nigerians wanted any pardon or whatever would have voted Jonathan so that he can pardon other Alamiyeseigha’s brothers and keep visiting corrupt and convicted politicians even in their jails. Now things have changed, the goats have started to feed on dry leaves and dead grasses. Stealing is officially corruption therefore thieves must go to jail.

Baba Go Slow and steady, but don’t compromise as one Former Nigeria’s Permanent representative said: ‘do justice to ALL!’ If there should be any pardon shouldn’t it be the man sentenced to months in jail for stealing vegetables? If there can’t be a presidential pardon for the young man that stole tiger mini generator why should there be any for the one who stole $6bn? Selective justice is another form of injustice.

So behind the doors someone told the president that this is not a military government, I’m not sure if he needs to remind the President of that if democracy is all about rule of law.

But if their meaning of democracy is another form of kleptocracy, it’s something different. Where was he, when they were looting our billions daily, when funds meant for fighting war were siphoned, when trillions were diverted to their own generation accounts in the name of subsidy.

Which part of the constitution was suspended before they raped us in the day light? Is that his definition of democracy? Government of the thieves for the thieves, by the thieves? No more!

Surely this is democracy and their will be nothing as a ‘secret’ tribunals like it happened in ’84, Decree which allowed politicians to be in detention for up to 3 months without any charge, trial or bail. The anti-corruption bodies will be allowed to do their job regardless of personality or affiliation this time around and thieves will be duly convicted in a court of law with prosecutable evidences.

Last month PMB visited the US, met with Obama and Loretta Lynch (the attorney general of Justice) to discuss all on how to prosecute Nigerian oil thieves and recover stolen money from banks abroad. Slowly and steadily! Who’s even in a hurry here? They can continue to lie peacefully on their sick beds, for now!

If the committee went to beg the President to slow down from his Go slow. The show just started, one can grab his popcorn, it’s movie time! In a matter of weeks we’ll get to know those who short-changed our country. I heard they didn’t went their for that. Better!

Elections are over, we had a peaceful transition, contrary to many predictions of doom sayers, thanks to that Heroic call from Jonathan Goodluck. Now Gen. Abdussalam Abubakar (rtd) and his committee should allow President kill corruption before it kills Nigeria. Carry on Baba Go slow!

Dear peace committee, you have done your job, Well. Let PMB do his. See you next elections.

Muhammad Malumfashi is on twitter @Ya_waliyyi

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