Abokifx dollar price at Lagos Parallel Market

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The rates shown below reflect the current naira exchange rates obtainable from the Nigerian Foreign exchange market in the Lagos black market from abokifx.com

26/05/2017: 377/ 382
25/05/2017: 375/ 380
24/05/2017: 375/ 380
23/05/2017: 375/ 381
22/05/2017: 375/ 381
19/05/2017: 375/ 380
18/05/2017: 375/ 381
17/05/2017: 380/ 385
16/05/2017: 380/ 385
15/05/2017: 383/ 386
12/05/2017: 383/ 386
11/05/2017: 384/ 390
10/05/2017: 385/ 490
09/05/2017: 386/ 390
08/05/2017: 387/ 391
05/05/2017: 386/ 391
04/05/2017: 385/ 391
03/05/2017: 385/ 391
02/05/2017: 385/ 391
01/05/2017: 385/ 390

Abokifx is the most trusted platform to get the accurate live
exchange rates from the LAGOS Black market or parallel market.

It is a very popular website for daily update on Nigeria’s conversion to major currency exchange rates.

Aboki Forex provides daily updated currency exchange rates of the Nigerian Naira.

If you are thinking of buying or selling things online in foreign currency like Dollar, Pound, or Euro then Abokifx.com is the best place to check for the black market or parralel exchange rates to Naira.

Meanwhile, The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, on Tuesday March 7th, 2017 injected another $100m into the forex market in a bid to make the greenback available and the naira appreciate.

CBN Director of Corporate Communications, Isaac Okorafor said the measure is part of the initiatives to crash dollar demand at the black market.

This way, commercial banks will have enough Forex to cater for Nigerians needing travelling allowance, medicals and tuition fees, he said.

This fresh injection by the apex bank brings the amount so far pumped into the interbank Forex market within the last two weeks to 1.14 billion dollars for both forwards and invisibles.

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