APC/PDP Join Forces To Fight and Stop Peter Obi At All Cost

The scrutiny Peter Obi is getting. Can only mean one thing. They are scared. They know. They’re evil geniuses. They know that if he is not stopped, there will be problem. This onslaught is not organic. It is orchestrated. They’re ensuring the horse doesn’t bolt.

They’re applying lessons from EndSARS. If this Peter Obi-centred movement is allowed to proceed at this pace, it will spiral to what they cannot control. The gatekeepers of our status quo are united to derail the train & sadly, they have complicit enablers as always.

They don’t like structureless as our recent history has proven. Structureless cannot be controlled, negotiated & traded off. That is their biggest fear with this movement. The amorphous, organic nature. Again, the elites are united to put a stop to this uncontrollable train.

It’s yet early days & they’re throwing the kitchen sink. The media, SM, everything. It’s deliberate. To arrest this frightening momentum & stop it before it goes far. To sow doubts & kill enthusiasm. To cause confusion in the camp of their common enemy.

The elite consensus is that somebody in the mould of Peter Obi should not be the President of Nigeria. He will stop the gravy train. They are united on this. APC, PDP, alladem. Have you heard the things Peter Obi is saying? Ha! Sleepless nights for them.

New voters have started showing up. They’e the ones registering for new PVC. They stand the risk of eclipsing their comfortable win numbers. They do not belong to the conventional fold. That’s the fear. That’s their worry. When last was there this enthusiasm to register to vote?

So stop wondering why Peter Obi is getting all this heat. He is elite enemy number one & he must be stopped at all costs. They will yet bring up more things. He will face the deepest scrutiny of his life. He is a clear & present danger to the status quo.

So this is not the time to be complacent. We wrestle not against flesh & blood. These are the principalities you read about. They are conclaving at night & throwing mad money at Operation stop this interloper who wants to remove feeding bottle from their mouths.

So Obidients, RISE. Apply pressure. Stand fit. This is a battle for the soul of this country. For how long shall things continue like this? If you believe that enough is enough, then push back. Hard. Do not leave it for Peter Obi alone. Push push push push.

Edo State Governor Obaseki, who in actual fact, is not really one of them, on Tuesday June 22, 2022 ‘let the cat out of the bag.’ They will not be happy with him for revealing their fear. This is what keeps them awake. This is what they will plot to stop. The rise of the unstructureds.


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