April 17, 2021 Summary of Racksterli CEO Live Instragram Broadcast

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme, Mr Michael Chidiebere, on Saturday April 17, 2021 addressed old investors of the company on the efforts the company has been making in Refunding Invested Capital back to them.

Addressing investors from the official Instagram page of the company, Mr Chidiebere revealed to everyone the resolutions the board of directors arrived at moving forward.

Read the summary of the broadcast below:

Summary of BlackGold Instagram Live Update for Saturday April 17, 2021!

1. The refund process is still on going and no day, even Saturdays and Sundays are not excluded. People are getting paid.

2. We have come to the conclusion about the refund process. You are free to choose any option that suites you.

3. It is not compulsory to register on the new platform before you get your refund. It is only required to make you get a refund immediately.

4. To enjoy the easy refund process, you have to register equivalent amount of money you registered with on the old platform.

4.1 For example, a standard package must be registered to retrieve a standard package on the old platform same with other packages.

4.2 Meaning if you had 14k package on the old Racksterli, then pay 14k for this new platform and get 2 14k standard packages which you will register and cashout after 30 days with your ROI.

4.3 You can merge your deposits to upgrade to a higher package if you don’t want to have multiple accounts. i.e if you had 14k on the old platform, you pay another 14k on the new platform, you can request for a 28k coupon code to register for one account, there by merging your investment.

4.4 You cannot half your payment e.g you can’t pay 14k on the new platform to get 14k as part payment from the old platform if you registered for 28k on the old platform. It is going to mess up our books and people would take advantage of it.

5. If you registered more than 1 accounts on the old platform, you can invest on the new platform to get refund for one and continue like that until you are able to retrieve all.

6. The instructions to follow about the code refund process will communicated tomorrow by 6pm and the coupon code refund process is slated to commence by Monday, 19th of April.

7. This process will help to make more time to sell off more properties and reduce the numbers of people to be refunded in cash. It will help you to get your refund faster and even earn more after 30 days.

8. We understand that it is not everyone that could afford to key into the new development as some registered with loans, thier school fees, house rent etc.

8.1 You can hold on to get refunded, we will have lesser people on the queue once people key into the instant refund via coupon codes offer.

9. No day has gone by without capital refund of subscribers. Everyone will be refunded till the last investor. We are here to make you financially independent. We shall continue to workout all possible means to sustain this.

Meanwhile, do you agree with the new development?

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