April 5, 2021: Racksterli Refunding Process Continues

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme, Mr Michael Chidiebere, on Monday April 5, 2021 gave an indication that the company has refunded Invested Capital back to some investors.

The CEO of Racksterli made this known through his WhatsApp Status on Morning morning when he wrote, “payments for today disbursed”.

In a recent live Instagram video broadcast, he reassured every investor out there that the refunding process would continue till every Invested Capital is refunded back to investors.

Recall that since March 28th, 2021, Racksterli have been refunding Invested Capital back to investors, even though newsbeatportal.com cannot fully ascertain the total number of investors that have been paid till date.

Though the CEO did not state exactly when and how long the refunding process would take, he maintained that the company would continue to push out payments till every Investor is repaid.

Meanwhile, as at the time of writing this news article, we could only obtain the following screenshots of Payments disbursed today.

See screenshot below; we will continue to provide more updates as they become available.

To make the Job of this website easier in reporting real facts and information on Racksterli, we are calling on both the management of Racksterli and investors to provide us with relevant information for the general public.

Newsbeatportal.com continues to publicly call on the management of Racksterli to become more transparent with information as regards to the total number of investors that has been settled since the refunding process commenced.

We equally call on subscribers to furnish us with screenshots of their Payments received.

Have you been paid by Racksterli? When did you receive your payment? Do you have evidence to back your claims? Do you think Racksterli is a scam? Do you have confidence that Racksterli would refund Invested Capital back to investors?

We like to hear from you. Kindly drop your comments below.


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