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Tombs opened at Luxor.

Archaeologists have opened two new tombs at the Egyptian temple complex of Luxor. The tombs, near the ancient tomb of Hatshepsut, were undisturbed and at least one mummy was found inside.

A mummy was discovered inside one of the tombs, but the identity is unclear.

A mummy was discovered inside one of the tombs, but the identity is unclear.

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – Archaeologists have explored two new tombs in the Luxor temple complex in Egypt. The tombs are now open for others to view, following their excavation and the announcements of several discoveries. 

The tombs were discovered in the 1990s by the German archaeologist, Frederica Kampp. They date back some 3,500 years to the New Kingdom period of Egyptian history.

Both tombs were rich in artifacts which have also been put on display. The Egyptian government hopes the new tombs and artifacts will boost the tourism industry which has been depressed as a result of unrest. 

The tombs were only recently excavated, having been partially explored by Kampp. Human remains and mummies have been found. The identities of the mummies are a mystery, but researchers think they have narrowed the candidates to a short list of people whose names appear in the tombs. One appears to be a scribe, which was an important post in ancient Egypt. 

The name “Djehuty Mes” is inscribed on one tomb. That name refers to Pharoah Thutmose I, the father of Hatshepsut, the famous woman-pharaoh of Egypt. 

Objects removed from the tomb include wooden coffins, carved statues, figurines, funerary furniture, such as chairs, and small cones inscribed with text. 

The people buried in these tombs were certainly high-ranking officials, known to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and probably served them directly. 

The artifacts are now on display for the public to view. 

The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest in history, behind only that of the ancient Sumerians in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia. The Egyptians enjoyed environmental and political stability and the main part of the kingdom was unified early. Because of this, Egyptian history is particularly rich and provides the best insight into how people lived, and were governed during the time in question. 

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