Bet9ja booking code weekend games predictions Dec 8, 2018

This is a special page that newsbeatportal pool banker has dedicated to providing free bet9ja booking codes numbers on weekly basis.

Occasionally, we also provide free daily booking codes.

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I want you to understand that the games I post on this page are not always 100% percent accurate.

If you use them, kindly be cautious.

We give out free booking numbers every weekend to our free subscribers, based on our understanding and judgements.

Our perception of games cannot always be right and authentic.

We always consult other professional websites for relevant information on football betting before we drop booking games on this page.

We hold in high regards soccer prediction sites such as SoccerVista, Predictz, betensured, etc.

So, we can never boast or brag about games we post here because they are simply combination of various qualitative sources of authentic betting guide.

This is the reason we need you to always crosscheck and use your forecast knowledge and skills before playing the codes you see.

Do not just invest on the games you see hook line and sinker, kindly apply your knowledge too.

If you are a free subscriber, and you feel that whatever we drop for you here is always correct, then you may be getting the whole process of football betting wrong.

Anyway, the free booking numbers for this weekend pool games will be made available during the week.

And we hope you use your mind to make your selections from our selections below.

Meanwhile, There is a free 50 odds Bet9ja Booking Number for this weekend matches:

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Bet9ja code for Monday Dec 3, 2018 with 20 Odds =

Betting code for Tuesday Dec 5, 2018 with 17 odds =

Booking code for Friday Dec 8, 2018 with 30 Odds =

Free Bet9ja Booking Code Number for Saturday Dec 8, 2018 with 100 odds:

20 odds free code:

60 odds booking code: Z6JVGYJJ

Free booking number for Sunday December 9, 2018 with good odds:

10 odds:

Sunday 60 odds ===

238 odd:

146 odd:

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Congratulations to everyone who took the risk to play thej booking code I posted on this page.

If you are one of the lucky pool winners, kindly contact me, thanks!

Wishing you all the best of Luck!!!

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The true nature of sports betting:
The world of football betting is full of probability, because nothing is 100% sure or accurate.
There are fixed matches, but these matches are only available to a select few individuals.
The odd of winning is stacked against the punters and favours the online bookmakers.
You may accept or reject this next point of argument, but you need to know that football betting is not really a game of the poor.

Names of renowned betting companies:

These are names of betting companies in the world:

Betway, coral, bet365, etc.

And here are the renowned football betting shops in Nigeria:

bet9ja, merrybet, surebet, nairabet, wazobiabet, etc.

The state of football betting:

The punting market, though very competitive among the big players, is very structured and regulated to protect the bookmakers.

Have you ever heard of the statement:

“You can never beat the casino”?

Do you want to understand the world of daily soccer predictions better?

Think of online football live betting as any commercial bank you know in Nigeria.

Is it Zenith bank, First bank, Diamond bank, GTbank, Access bank?

These banks are always on profit because of the model of how they were designed and established.

In the first place, you must have a minimum deposit of N25 billion with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

14 simple ways to achieve success in sports betting:

To achieve success in this business, you need to:

1. Be patient

2. Be dedicated

3. persevere

4. Be smart

5. Hard working

6. Keep accurate records

7. Be Watchful

8. Be Tolerant

9. Be open minded

10. Be prayerful

12. Be humble

13. Be studious

14. Avoid pride

You cannot, I repeat, you cannot boast with prediction because nobody knows it all.

The end result of football betting:

Football betting gives you two verdicts: success and failure.

Whenever you win, be happy and celebrate.

When you fail to win, do not be worried because your day of success will surely come.

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I do not brag about games predictions since I can’t control the outcome.

Have you been playing the booking numbers and games that I often post online?

Hope you know that my banker games do not always work out every week;

I sincerely say: sorry for your loss!

Prof Nicholas: 0903-003-2619
Smart = 0816-514-3146

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