Big Relief for Investors, as Racksterli Announces Concrete Refunding Process

In a stunning big move and a great relief for investors, the CEO of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Programme on Tuesday April 6, 2021 announced a major restructuring in the process of Refunding Invested Capital back to investors.

Beginning from Wednesday April 7, 2021, the refunding process would begin from the lowest package available and moves in an ascending order to the highest package.

Flowing from the major announcement on Tuesday, investors on the Standard package can begin to expect their Payments as soon as possible.

“Found a new strategy to make this whole refund process faster.

“I know that our transparency did us so much good in the past and it also hurt us really bad along the line because people used our transparency against us.

“But, I and my team have decided to keep that transparency because as a brand, we feel we owe it to our subscribers no matter how things are going.

“As from tomorrow 07/04/2020, payment would start with packages ranking. (From 14K packages to the highest).

“It will make the process to be faster. Once all the 14k packages are paid, we move to 28k packages.

“The total number of people paid daily and that are left to be paid in each Packages would be updated daily on WhatsApp and Racksterli’s official page

“Many would not be happy with the new payment method, but it’s the best option on ground to fast track the payment and cover more subscribers on time.

Meanwhile, several investors have described the new Refunding Process as a welcomed development for everyone.

“I think that’s a good idea [new Payment process], says Mrs Joy. “With this his live video today, I am more encouraged than ever”, she concluded.

“If you think BG [Mr Michael Chidiebere] is stupid for his transparency, leave racksterli, go try other platforms, na ur body go tell u d remaining story”, another investor remarked.

“I think the idea is also good”, says Madam Jane. “It is just that people with big packages won’t buy the idea but a wise person will know that the more people are getting paid the more encouraged you are that your turn is near.”

“I hope refund gets faster with this method and I also hope they clear dashboard because over a week now new request hasn’t been cleared”, she concluded. publicly commend the management of Racksterli for their commitment to be more transparent and sincere in providing quality information on how the Refunding Process is unfolding. continues to call on investors to testify after receiving their Capital back.

Are you in support of this latest Payment structure by Racksterli? Are you against the plan? Kindly drop your comments below.

Do you still think Racksterli is a scam or Ponzi scheme? Do you believe you will get your Invested Capital back?

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