Week 42, 2019 Bigwin Soccer pool banker, pairs, 2018

Week 38 was the week my faithful and committed registered members recovered their losses this season.

In a week of 7 draws, my Nap delivered: 3/3.

Like I have said before: all you need is one winning to make it in pool.

Week 21 was also another lucky week for one of my students in Newsbeatportal School of Poolology.

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Bigwin Soccer forecast pools paper is one of the most popular coupon papers which compilers rely heavily on for fixed draws each week.

Are you a compiler? Do you use and understand Bigwin Soccer Football pools forecast paper?

Do you have a little knowledge of this special 1/2/X guide paper? Will you want to work with us every week?

Kindly drop your forecast on the comment box.

If you want to know the games that I have picked to stake this week, kindly continue reading.

Please, I need to state this clearly: do not think that the soccer banker prediction I post here weekly will deliver.

I do not expect the games I post online to play always; so, kindly put at the back of your mind that everything in pool is constant trial.

I know you may be wondering why I have decided to be as plain as possible here; it is simple: I do not want you to think that I am a magician who is very good in producing draws.

So, kindly stake my games with what you can afford to lose.

These are the forecast from Bigwin Pools Paper for this English Football Season.

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Week 41:

Pair: 17/47

Week 35 Forecast:

Pair: 24/26

Week 29 Forecast:

Pair: 14/43

Week 24 Pool Games:
Dec 22, 2018

Banker: to see the pool banker of the week, kindly watch the proof on Youtube===>>>Bigwin Pool Banker

Week 22 Free Games
Dec 8, 2018

Pair: 17/30

Good Luck!!!

Week 21 Games
Dec 1, 2018

Pair: 25/34

Nap: 19/23/28

Good Luck!!!

Week 20 Bigwin Key
Nov 24, 2018

Pair: 5/8

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Week 19 Free Pair:

Pair: 36/41

Good Luck!!!

Week 17 Bigwin Key:
Nov 3, 2018

Banker Pair: 19/36

Good Luck!!!

Week 15 Bigwin Forecast:
Oct 20, 2018

Pair: 9/15

Good Luck!!!

Week 13 Bigwin Soccer Forecast:
October 6, 2018.

Pair: 2/7

Good Luck!!!

Week 12 Bigwin Soccer Forecast: September 29, 2018:

Nap: 16/25/32

Week 11 Bigwin Soccer Forecast: September 22, 2018:

Pair of the week: 5/17


Week 10 Bigwin Soccer Forecast: September 15, 2018.

Pair of the week: 34/39

Week 08 Bigwin Soccer Forecast: September 1, 2018.

Compilers Jackpot Super “X” Pair has been ditching out draws since Week 5.
Week 5:
Pair = 39/42
Banker: 39xxxx

Week 6:
Pair = 20/23
Banker: 20xxxx

Week 7:
Pair = 24/27
Banker: 24xxxx

Week 8:
Pair = 13/19
Banker: make your selection


Week 06 Bigwin Soccer Pools Forecast for August 18, 2018:

Here is the banker pair for this week.

Key: Watch Box column on page 2 of Bigwin has been ditching out a fixed banker pair since Week 01, 2018 Aussie Pools Season.

Second Setting:
Week 02:

Watch box = 39 and 41
Banker: 39xxxxx
Third Setting:
Week 03:

Watch box = 41 and 45
Banker: 41xxxxxx
Fourth Setting:
Week 04, 2018:

Watch box = 7 and 11
Banker: 7xxxxxx
Fifth Setting:
Week 05, 2018:

Watch Box = 7 and 8
Banker: 7..pair..8
Banker: 8xxxxxx
Sixth Setting:
Week 06, 2018:

Watch Box = 38 and 46
Banker Pair: 38 pair 46

Note: do you think the pair will produce this week?

Good Luck!!!!

Week 03 Bigwin Soccer Pools Forecast:

This is a banker pair from Bigwin soccer forecast paper.

Go to backpage of Bigwin, you will see two numbers on top of “Tips for Saturday Coupon”

The two numbers will be transferred to “Watch” box on page 2.

If the setting above is met, you have your fixed banker pair.
First Setting:
Week 02:
two numbers on top of “Tips for Saturday Coupon” = 39 and 41.

Watch box = 39 and 41

Kingborough vs Launceston @39xxxx
Adamstown vs Weston W @41fffff
Second Setting:
Week 03:
two numbers on top of “Tips for Saturday Coupon” = 41 and 45

Watch box = 41 and 45

Adelaide C vs Para Hills @41 (..?..)
West Torrens vs Adelaide O @45 (..?..)
Note: the above setting is a second time movement; so, take coupon number 41 and 45 as pair.

Banker pair: 41…/…45

Bigwin Soccer pools forecast paper repeated the sequence it played in Week 46, this current Week 50.

The sequence is controlled by the appearance of coupon number 11 at “Midweek Matches box”, and the appearance of coupon number 37 at “Something to think About” column.

There are no hard and fast rule here; it is very difficult to accurately predict what will happen this week, but now you know what I am focusing on.

You can reference Week 46 of this Aussie Season to understand what may likely happen this week 49.

Based on my reflection and understanding, here is my take:

Week 46, 2018:

Midweek Matches = 11ffffff
Something to think about = 13fff, 37ffff
The two numbers beside “Super Pair” on page 3 = Sturt Lions vs West Adelaide @44xxxx,
Broadmeadow vs Maitland @45xxxxx.
Week 50:
Two numbers beside Super pair = 34/41

Soccer ‘X’ box on the front-page of Bigwin Soccer pools paper has been producing a fixed banker pair since Week 48, 2018.

Week 48:
Soccer Box = 45xxx/46xxxx
New York City vs Atlanta U @45xxx
Portland T vs Kansas C @46xxxxx

Week 49:
Soccer Box = 47fff/48xxxx
Macquarie vs W. Workers @47ffff
Lambton J vs Broadmeadow @48xxxx

Week 50:
Soccer Box = 31…/32…
Nunawading C vs Box Hill @31 (???)
Springvale W vs Dandenong C @32 (???)
Still on Week 48, Compilers Super ‘X’ games on Front-page has been ditching out a fixed pair.

Check it out:

Week 48:
Compilers ‘X’ = 25xxxx/26ffff
Sunshine G vs Brunswick C @25xxxx (2-2)
Week 49:
Compilers ‘X’ = 9ffff/42xxxxx
Hobart Z vs Devonport C @42xxxx (1-1)
Week 50:
Compilers ‘X’ = 46…/47…
Clarence U vs Northern R @46 (???)
Devonport C vs South Hobart @47 (???)

Week 49 forecast games:

Since the Aussie Season started, Midweeks Matches box on page 3 of Bigwin has been failing to draw.

From the result below, you will realize that it has carved out a very unique movement.

Week 46: 11ffff
Week 47: 36ffff
Week 48: 33ffff
Week 49: 37ffff

The forecast from Bigwin for Week 48, 2018 Aussie season.

This banker from Bigwin Soccer Forecast paper is a very simple, but powerful sequence that started in Week 48, 2017 Aussie Season.

When you go to page 2 of Bigwin, you will find two numbers boldly written at the bottom left corner under the “Hot System” box.

The focus is on the left number: whenever it registers a draw any given week, it is guaranteed a fixed banker the following coupon week.

First Cycle:
Week 48, 2017: Gungahlin vs Belconnenu @45xxxxx
Week 49, 2017:
Cockburn vs Floreat Athena @31xxxxx

Second Cycle:
Week 2, 2017: Sydney FC vs Hakoah Sydney @1xxxxx
Week 3, 2017: Box Hill vs Springvale W @25xxxxx

Third Cycle:
Week 47, 2018: Hume City vs Kingston City @22xxxxxxx
Week 48, 2018:
Subiaco vs ECU Joondalup @33 (????)

Bigwin Soccer pool paper banker, pairs for Week 8 - Sept 2, 2017

Bigwin Soccer pool paper banker, pairs for Week 8 – Sept 2, 2017

Bigwin Soccer Pool paper dead game of the week is: <<<<<<<<<<<()>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My best dead games of this football pool week are coupon numbers………

So, do you have a contrary and conflicting forecast? Drop a comment below, thanks! Do you need the proof of my chief cannot draw this week?

You can get the rest of my dead games on our cannot draws page, kindly visit =====> English football Pools Betting Dead Games, Cannot Draws for this Coupon Week

You can watch the proof of our dead game special secret movement formula on our Youtube channel page.

Wishing you all the best of Luck!!! Feel free to check back again next week.

Bigwin Soccer Pool paper banker this week pool forecast is: <<<<<<<<()>>>>>>>>>

Bigwin Soccer pool paper pairs for the week: <<<<<<<<(6)/(32)>>>>>>>>

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Free Bigwin pools paper perm:


Good Luck, and God bless you, Amen!!!!

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