BlackGold and Benart TV Making Thousands Of Investors To Suffer For Nothing

The CEO of Racksterli Establishment, Mr Michael Chidiebere, and the CEO of Fieldsmine Establishment, Bernart TV, continue to cause pains to thousands of investors that invested into their respective platforms.

The cold war between these two individuals have not only wrecked their respective platforms, but it has equally made thousands of investors to suffer for nothing.

The bulk of the crisis wrecking serious havoc to both Racksterli and Fieldsmine investors rest fully on the shoulders of Michael Chidiebere and Bernart TV.

In order to be able to ascertain the damage that the internal conflict between BlackGold and Benart Tv has caused to thousands of investors, we have to examine the facts available on ground.

Mr Michael Chidiebere, also known as BlackGold, and Benart Tv came together to form Racksterli 1.0.

According to BlackGold, in one of his live broadcast video on Instagram, it took three months to build Racksterli 1.0.

Considering the fact that the old website made its debut online in June, 2020, it is highly likely that both individuals started working together as early as February, 2020.

From July, 2020 till the first glitch happened in March, 2021, Racksterli enjoyed a wonderful period of stability for more than 9 months, this was exactly the period when both BlackGold and Benart Tv were still together.

Why did Bernart TV break away from Racksterli during the first glitch? Why did he float Fieldsmine Platform exactly three days after Racksterli starting refunding Capital back to investors?

Ladies and gentlemen, we really need to look critically into these questions and start searching for answers.

How can only two individuals make thousands of investors to suffer for nothing?

What actually led this two individuals that go their separate ways remains a mystery that has not been solved till date. Only either of them can eventually tell their stories on exactly what happened.

But then, investors need to realise that these two individuals are the brain behind the current distractions and disruptions in both Racksterli and Fieldsmine.

When both BlackGold and Benart Tv were managing Racksterli 1.0, each of them had their own respective roles and responsibilities. Could this be a likely reason they had conflict? We may never know.

Let us examine the responsibilities of Mr Michael Chidiebere and Benart Tv while they were still handling the old Racksterli website.

An assessment of how both individuals handled Racksterli 2.0 and Fieldsmine platforms showed that BlackGold is a good business man, while Bernart TV is a good administrator.

When BlackGold was pushing for Racksterli to be self sustainable, Bernat TV was the brain behind ensuring that Racksterli ran smoothly without stress.

We need to remind ourselves once again that Bernart TV and BlackGold came together to form Racksterli 1.0. and it survived for more than 9 months before both of them went their separate ways to form their own Platforms.

Bernart TV floated Fieldsmine establishment on April 1, 2021; the platform barely survived for more than two months before it stopped paying its subscribers.

Michael Chidiebere launched Racksterli 2.0 on April 5, 2021; this platform equally stopped payment on June 5, 2021.

Bernart TV had all the managerial skills and experiences, but could not think ‘outside the box’ of how to generate revenue to keep paying his subscribers.

If he was able to solve the financial and business aspects of his platform, then Fieldsmine establishment would not have stopped making payments to its subscribers during the same period Racksterli stopped paying its subscribers.

Mr Michael Chidiebere, on the other hand, knew how to generate revenue to keep the platform running, but he was never good in management skills.

He never really knew how to balance between the goals of Racksterli and the needs of investors.

No wonder, he was constantly changing things and things, bringing one innovation upon another, creating difficulties for investors, and messing up with investors’ thinking faculties.

As a good management personnel, Bernart TV clampdown heavily on his subscribers that attempted to defraud his company.

He sanctioned those who broke the terms and conditions of the platform, and also developed softwares to monitor activities of investors.

While Bernart TV was enforcing the rules and regulations, BlackGold did not to ensure order and discipline in Racksterli 2.0.

Thousands of investors repeatedly broke the rules, exploited the referral bonus system loopholes, and get away with them because they knew invariably that they were never going to be punished.

Investors created multiple accounts instead adding subscriptions to their investments, yet BlackGold did nothing about that scenario.

Another area of weakness in BlackGold was in his lackadaisical style of management.

Michael Chidiebere never knew how and when to convey information to investors; these factors eventually led to full blown crisis in Racksterli.

For example, he launched the Phase 2 of Double Coupon Offer scheme knowing full well that some investors that paid for Phase 1 had not received their own codes.

A good management personnel would have settled aggrieved investors before moving on to reopen the Phase 2 of the Double Coupon Offer.

The final straw that broke the Carmel’s back, which was one of the leading factors behind the whole crisis in Racksterli, was when he launched the Phase 3 of the Double Coupon Offer scheme on June 4, 2021.

He launched the Phase 3 of the Double Coupon Offer scheme exactly three days after shutting down the Phase 2; everyone remembers vividly how he repeatedly warned that the Double Coupon Offer scheme may likely not be opened again.

His actions here clearly demonstrated that he never really knew how to manage and balance information. He failed to fully comprehend that human beings were bound to react to his actions.

More critically, thousands of investors who keyed into the second Phase of the Double Coupon Offer had not received their codes.

These groups of investors were constantly screaming, lamenting, and dropping their complaints on telegram. The complaints were readily available to everyone paying attention to happenings in Racksterli.

The most annoying part of this action was the fact that he practically announced to investors earlier that the double Coupon Offer needed to close so that the management can sort out the backlogs and deliver codes to those who paid for them.

So, it never really made sense to reopen the Third Phase when he had not fulfilled the promises made during the second phase of the Double Coupon Offer scheme.

At this juncture, investors on both Racksterli and Fieldsmine establishments must rise up and demand answers. For how long must this crisis continue?

Thousands of investors out there are suffering, and are in serious pains.

BlackGold and Benart TV need to remember students that are about to be expelled from different universities in Nigeria because they invested their school fees.

They Remember tenants who have been evicted because they invested their house rents, and they are unable to renew their rents.

How about those who have been arrested and locked up in police stations because they borrowed the money to invest.

If God’s heart is hardened like this, who would be in existence on earth today?

We call on every investor to share their own stories using the comments box; alternatively, you can email us

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