Week 52 Bob Morton Pool Paper Forecast Aussie 2019 Season

Bob Morton Pool Paper: this is known as Bob Morton Intercontinental Football Pools analysis paper.

It is the most comprehensively compiled weekly 1.2.X guide. It is as a result of its comprehensiveness that makes it one of my best forecast papers.

In fact, I am most likely to admit here that Bob Morton is my favourite forecast paper.

But, why do I prefer Bob Morton to other pools weekly forecasting papers?

It is very complex, comprehensive, and enriching.

Though, it is difficult to understand and comprehend, it does not fail to churn out bankers weekly.

It may take a while to understand this forecast paper, but once you settle down to study it patiently and diligently, you will be amazed at how efficient it is.

The key to understanding bob morton is simple: pay attention to every details.

You need to understand that I do not have access to Bob Morton Key, nor belong to any fan club associated with the company.

I simply devote my time to identifying the secret patterns the paper exposes each week with the hope that everything is a success at the end of the day.

In a nut shell, simply know that I am just a mere forecaster and compiler; so, use the information below as simply a guide towards understanding this complex paper.

One last word: pool is based on trust and belief; meaning: you must believe in the paper you use and hope that everything turns out right.

One thing is certain: Bob Morton forecast paper cannot give you cannot draws every week, they must give you banker draws too.

The question is: will you be bold and confident enough to use and play the bankers when it comes?

Need more consultation on how to understand this special group of RSK papers, call John Paul today.

Note: Consultation and training fee is N30,000. You can reach John Paul on 0703-063-5051.

Anyway, now that you know a little about the above paper, it is time to show you what I can interpret from the aforementioned paper for the current week of play.

These are the forecast games from Bob Morton Forecast Pools Paper for Week 47 of 2018 Aussie Football Pools Season.

1. Since Week 45, game 45 and 46 of Bob Morton Full List located on page 2, have been producing two banker draws. Considering this is the third week, it is worth trying as well.

The key question here is: what is controlling the games to play? My answer is simple: I do not know. See below:

Week 45:
Bob Morton Full List
Game 45: St Truiden vs Lokeren @39xxxxxx
Game 46: Villarreal vs Real Madrid @13xxxxxx

Week 46:
Bob Morton Full List
Game 45: Capalaba vs Rochedale R @14xxxxxxxxx
Game 46: St. Albans vs Moreland C @31xxxxxxxxx

Current Week 47:
Bob Morton Full List
Game 45: Hume City vs Kingston C @22 (????)
Game 46: Lions FC vs Olympic FC @9 (????)

So, what do you think? Will 9 and 22 produce two bankers or two strong cannot draws?

Kindly drop your comments and reactions below, thanks!

2. Fabulous 16 on the front-page of Bob Morton, focus on game 3 and 14. During the 2017/2018 English Football Pools Season, when both numbers carry the same family number, it may likely play or fail.

However, the sequence has continued into this 2018 Aussie Season.

Week 46:
Fabulous 16:
Game 3 = Sydney Utd vs Marconi S @6xxxxxx
Game 14 = Goulburn V vs Altona M @26ffffff

Week 47:
Fabulous 16:
Game 3 = Ballarat C vs Eastern Lion @26 (????)
Game 14 = Rochdale R vs Logan L @16 (????)

What will happen to coupon number 16 and 26 this week 47? Will it supply or will it not supply?

Based on experience, there is nothing suggesting what may happen here. Anything can happen.

Feel free to make your choice and do not have any regret irrespective of the outcome of this week’s result.

Do you have any contrary opinion? Drop your comments below!!!

Bob Morton is really a very good forecast paper. Highly technical, but reliable.

Check out this next observation; if it follows the pattern, then be rest assured that we have a fixed banker pair of the week.

3. Whenever game 22 of Short List carries the same family number with game at Fortune Box, it is a compulsory fixed banker pair.

Key: both “Short List” and “Fortune Box” are located on Page 2 of Bob Morton paper.


Week 13, 2017 (Brown Coupon)
Game 22 Short List = Gibraltar vs Estonia @11
Fortune Box = Boreham W vs Halifax @41
Verdict: 11fffff, 41xxxxxx

Week 14, 2017 (Blue Coupon)
Short List game 12 = Barnsley vs Middlesboro @9
Fortune Box = Bristol R vs Oxford Utd @19
Verdict: 9xxxxxx, 19ffffff.

Week 40, 2018 (Purple Coupon)
Short List game 12 = Norwich vs Cardiff @15
Fortune Box = Macclesfield vs Leyton O @45.
Verdict: 15ffffff, 45xxxxxxx

Week 47, 2018 (Red Coupon)
Short List game 12 = Rochdale C vs Wollongong @4
Fortune Box = Eastern S vs Sunshine C @14
Verdict: This is the fourth time of setting and on the fourth colour of coupon. Anything can happen.

My instinct tells me they are highly likely to be a pair, but do not put your mind on it 100%

Therefore: could 4 pair 14?


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