Bombshell: Is Racksterli CEO Scamming Investors?

The article below was written by a Racksterlian, an investor into Racksterli affiliate marketing programme. The write-up is inspiring, motivational, highly factual, and worth reading. Is BG, the CEO of Racksterli, a scam? Is he absconding with investors funds?
Your questions are answered in this article

Good day, people!

I cannot say “trust we all doing well”, because I know a lot of us are down emotionally… But I do not know who needs to hear this but YOU, yes YOU, you need to know this.

So, I slept pondering over these few thoughts:

*why are refunds alerts not massive.
**why do one have to wait for his or her complete circle before he or she gets a refund.
**is BG trying to scam us.
**why would he go through the stress of live videos, refunds story if he wants to scam us, why not just run away like that.
**with rumours circulating that he is a scam, why is he still showing investors his face to assure us of our money?

Let us throw away rumours, false information, and fake news aside; and let us focus on the facts on ground.

First: BG, the CEO of Racksterli, needs to raise funds and liquidate some assets to refund Invested Capital back to investors. In other to do this, he needs time; this is the reason why he said everyone needs to wait for his or her circle to b completed den click cash out to get refunded(buying time) same reason alerts are not massive.

Secondly, BG, when everything was running smoothly, told us his story of how he had nothing and everything was taken from him. He had a vision and goal to change lives, help people.

Do you really think that he will abandon all of these and run away with investors funds? Know this: BG is not running away with our money because he does not want to practice what he does not preach. He is fully aware of how hard and depressing it is to have all u have taken away from you.

In essence, I am reassuring everyone out there the CEO of Racksterli is fighting tooth and nail to rescue his reputation, despite the rumours n insults thrown at him on a daily basis.

He wants to prove to everyone that “he is not your regular kind of CEO”, “he is not a CEO of Ponzi scheme”.

Alerts/refunds processing might be slow; but, surely, every investor would have their Invested Capital refunded back to them. Trust me, if he gets enough money today or tomorrow, you will all witness and testify to the massive disbursement of payments.

I know, as investors, we do not have much faith or hope left in us but I want us all to hold on to this phrase: “we all going to get paid; it’s just a matter of time”

I have so much respect for BG, the CEO of Racksterli. The Young man has proven over and over again that he will not let situations define his personality. Let us all give him a chance to clear off these backlogs.

Much respect to every Racksterlian out there that still believes in the system.

*I believe in BG
I believe in refunds
I believe in Racksterli
One love❣️
Therina❣️ cares.


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