Breaking: A Clarion Call For Michael Chidiebere To Step Down As Racksterli CEO, Someone Else Must Take Charge

The CEO of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme, Mr Michael Chidiebere, demonstrated on June 7, 2021 the opposite of everything he has stood for since the coming of Racksterli; and it is so disheartening and disappointing.

The management of Racksterli continues to disappoint investors, but they cannot continue to toil with the emotions and feelings of subscribers day in day out.

Can investors just enjoy a whole month of stability, peace, and tranquility in Racksterli without fear, panic, or anxiety? warned few months ago that Racksterli ought to be sensitive to fear, panic, and anxieties of investors. These were the factors that were most likely to destroy the confidence level of investors.

But why are those making these decisions continue to torment and frustrate investors, why? You cannot make a rule today and break it tomorrow.

Racksterli continues to sit on a time bomb, as long as the confidence level of investors remains unstable.

Racksterli cannot thrive in chaos, anarchy, and tension. If those making the decisions cannot lead, then they need to step asideside for others to take charge.

In a proper financial institution, Mr Michael Chidiebere and his current advisers would have been asked to resign immediately and let others take charge.

This is therefore a clarion call for Mr Michael Chidiebere to step down. He may have created Racksterli, but he must cease to be the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli.

Someone else has to take charge, someone else must take charge. If not, Racksterli is going to go down for good.

There is no positive justification for all of these confusions and frustrations, unnecessary anxieties and headaches.

So, this is passionate appeal to Mr Michael Chidiebere: if you love Racksterli, if you really care about investors, if you don’t want people to suffer again, kindly let someone else take charge.

Do the honourable thing by stepping down, that’s what honest men do.

You can remain in the background because this is your company, you can be in charge of other things, but let someone else take charge.

You are destroying your company, you are destroying the loyalty of your investors, you are breaking hearts, and you are disrupting the trust people have for you.

We call on you to step aside, and let those who understand how to find a middle ground between management and investors take charge of Racksterli.

The bulk of the crisis that plagued Racksterli in the year 2021 falls on your shoulders; you need to take the blame, and you must accept the blame.

You cannot lead this company forward, you need to let others take control.

You have done your best, you have tried, but your best is not good enough anymore at this point in time. You need to consider the greater good of everyone, the greater good for every investor out there that is suffering.

You need to prove you love Racksterli and you need to also prove that you want the company to survive. And the Best Way to Show you love someone is to let them go.

It is a known fact that you love Racksterli, and that is exactly the reason why you must let it go and let someone else take charge.

You don’t need to come out anymore and appear in a live Instagram broadcast, let someone else do that.

There is nothing you say now that will make meaning to majority of Racksterlians, you have broken their trust, their hearts.

The atmosphere in Racksterli became toxic right from the moment you took that reckless decision to reopen double Coupon Offer without clearing backlogs from the previous offer.

But then, could this chaos even be a necessary evil for proper restructuring to take place in Racksterli?

Racksterli needs a new face, someone who can calm nerves, calm investors down, enforce the rules and regulations, etc.

This is the bitter truth: Racksterli can only thrive in a calm environment. But the company has been under immense pressure for far too long.

Mr Michael Chidiebere is a good man, an honest guy, a guy with a zealous heart; but this is a corporate affair we are talking about here, no sentiment.

Mr Michael Chidiebere is Racksterli, and Racksterli is Blackgold; but it is time for Racksterli to act as an entity.

Mr Michael Chidiebere must separate himself from Racksterli, and the time is ripe for him to do just that.


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