Racksterli Begins Massive Refunds Back to Investors

In line with the latest Refunding restructuring by the company, Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Programme on April 7, 2021 began massive refunding of Invested Capital back to investors.

The massive Refunding Process commenced on Wednesday morning, with most investors sharing evidences of Payments received from the company.

Recall on Tuesday April 6, 2021, the CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, announced a major restructuring of the ongoing Refunding Process of Invested Capital back to investors.

During his live broadcast from the company’s official Racksterli Instagram page, the CEO explained that payments were going to be disbursed beginning from the lowest package (Standard), to the highest package (Topaz)

Newsbeatportal.com obtained the following screenshots of Payments received in various groups on social media on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the massive payments disbursed on Wednesday by Racksterli to investors has brought a great sense of relief to investors, and it is gradually repairing the damaged reputation of the company.

Most investors who had earlier played roles in speaking trash, spreading rumours, and fake news against Racksterli, have taken to social media to tender their apologies for their actions.

As long as the management of Racksterli remain steadfast and stay committed to their plans to refund Invested Capital back to investors, then this approach should really bring calmness to investors.

This should also help give great hope to investors that everyone would certainly get paid.

We will continue to provide more screenshots and testimonies of payments as they become available to us. And we will continue to report daily on payments till every Invested Capital is refunded back to investors.

By the way, do you think these alerts are fake? Do you think these screenshots are not authentic? We like to hear what you think.

Newsbearportal.com commends the management of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme and remind them to make available statistics of payments disbursed so far.

Do you still think Racksterli is a scam? Have you been paid yet? Are you a Standard Package investor? Have you received your payments?

Do you trust this company? Do you think Racksterli will Successfully refund Invested Capital back to all investors?

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