Coronavirus Vaccines Will Kill Africans, Says Okechukwu

Joseph Chidi Okechukwu, a famous Nollywood actor, model, writer, motivational speaker, filmmaker, on March 28, 2020 posted a video on YouTube urging Africans not to use Coronavirus Vaccines. According to him, most vaccines out there are dangerous and are actually used to inject Viruses into people’s bodies.

Coronavirus pandemic may be ravaging the world, but the end game of this menace will be to infect millions of Africans with the ‘real coronavirus’ that’s been manufactured and engineered in Laboratories.

“It is not hidden, it is common knowledge. Vaccines kill, but nobody wants to talk about it. Many vaccines kill especially the ones given to Africans”

According to him, US President Donald Trump understands how dangerous vaccines are, and that was the reason he emphasized on using existing drugs (Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin) to fight coronavirus as opposed to manufacturing coronavirus vaccines.

Healthy people should not be tested because there is every possiblity that those tested may be told they had contracted coronavirus.

People who contract the virus may be asked to take coronavirus vaccines that will eventually be used to inject the virus into their bodies.

“Why do we need coronavirus vaccines when we already have existing drugs that actually cures the virus?”, he asked.

“HIV virus was created in the laboratory, tested on a few group of Gay people in the US, and was later deployed to infect over 95 million Africans”.

“The HIV virus was injected into the bodies of Africans under the pretence of vaccinating them Small Pox pandemic”.

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