Respect In Idoma Land Is Sacrosanct – Comrade Oche Reminds Daniel Onjeh

I do not want to dignify a certain with a response, but I do believe that in our culture and indeed African culture, our tradition is also held in high esteem and respect for elders has always been an integral part of it.

When a young man consistently misbehaves in our African culture, there is always that tendency to ask if his mother was properly married to his father – Daniel arguably fit into this category.

For the avoidance of doubt His Excellency Sen. GCON visited – Elect Gen Mohammed on Thursday 23rd April 2015 at about 2pm on the invitation of the latter as a senior citizen of Nigeria.
Of course there was exchange of barters and issues of National concern were discussed by the two leaders.

The actions of Onjeh, who resorted to pouring all manners of insult on the person of the of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for honouring an invitation extended to him by our respected President-elect, can be leniently described as ‘throwing caution to the winds.’

One wonders when it has become an offence to Honour an invitation. This clearly marks Onjeh out as a child with a very faulty upbringing.

To put the records straight, Sen. does not need to campaign for votes in south senatorial Zone. His land mark achievements are enough evidence to sell him any day.

But as a humble leader, he still went round and visited all the nooks and crannies to canvass for votes; of course, the result was overwhelming as he won the election clean and clear.

Everybody on the streets of Benue south can attest to the quality representation and dividends of democracy including but not limited to 14,685 students of tertiary institutions who were placed on .

Ordinarily, the lot of them would not have had access to education, but did based on the scholarship of Sen. Mark through the David Mark scholarship foundation. This is beside other categories of physically challenged orphan and gifted girl child on full scholarship.

Onjeh should not forget that in respect for elders is sacrosanct. That whatever his ambition or that of his pay masters may be, no logic can diminish the solid facts of Sen. Mark’s achievements.
Above all Sen. Mark adorns a garment made by God and washed by Angel which a thousand Onjeh’s cannot stain or drag into mud.
Comrade James Oche
National coordinator
Door2Door For Mark2015.

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