Day 3: Racksterli refunds Capital back to more Investors

The management of Racksterli Investment platform scheme, on Tuesday March 30, 2021 continued to refund Invested Capital back investors.

The CEO of the company, on Friday 26th of March, 2021 announced in his live Instagram video broadcast that every invested funds would be refunded back to investors.

From on Sunday March 28, 2021, the company have been refunding Invested Capital back to legal and legitimate investors.

The general public is hereby informed that only authentic and valid investors would be paid back their Capitals.

The management of Racksterli also wish to inform the general to disregard rumours, false news, and misinformation emanating from social media gossips that the company do not intend to refund Invested Capital back to legitimate investors.

The company assures all legitimate investors that the refunding process would continue until every investor is paid.

Meanwhile, check below to see evidence of payments from the investors that go refunds on Tuesday.

Kindly be aware that most investors prefer to keep mute, as opposed to sharing screenshots of payments received from Racksterli.

Most people are as always quick to complain about non-payment, but reluctant to share testimonies of payments received.

Have you been paid by Racksterli? Did you receive your payment today? Kind help us drop more evidence below, thanks.

If you have received your payment, kindly testify here. If you have not been paid, be rest assured that you will get your payment in due time. If you don’t receive your payment after 30 days, then kindly reach us here.

This blog is dedicated towards reporting qualitative and informative facts on Racksterli.


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