Day 4: Racksterli Disburse Payments to Standard Investors

For the fourth day running, the management of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme has disbursed payments to Investors that subscribed for Standard Package.

The CEO of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme, Mr Michael Chidiebere, disclosed this information in the official Telegram channel of the company.

Accompanied by Video proof of payment disbursed to old Investors of the Company, the CEO said:

“Happy sunday.

“How about coming back from church just to return to your refund alert?

“We would keep to this process till everyone’s gets their refund and we won’t skip even a soul 💪

The company is Refunding Invested Capital back to investors following the glitch experienced on Racksterli’s old website, This glitch disrupted the payment structure, which subsequently led to huge backlogs.

In an attempt to settle these backlogs, the company restructured the refunding process by paying subscribers with the lowest package first.

We will provide evidence and testimonies from Investors as they become available.

We will continue to provide information on the entire refunding process till the very last Investor is paid.

The management of Racksterli has reassured every subscriber out there that Invested Capital would be refunded back to them. And it is our Job to give you update till the process ends.

How long will the refunding process last? We do not really know. But we urge all investors to remain calm, and patient till the entire process is completed.

One thing is certain at the end of day, Racksterli is already on course to achieve what many platforms could not achieve or dreamt of achieving. publicly commend the management of Racksterli for their commitment to be more transparent and sincere in providing quality information on how the Refunding Process is unfolding.

To make the Job of this website easier in reporting real facts and information on Racksterli, we are calling on both the management of Racksterli and investors to provide us with relevant information for the general public. continues to publicly call on the management of Racksterli to become more transparent with information as regards to the total number of investors that has been settled since the refunding process commenced.

We equally call on subscribers to furnish us with screenshots of their Payments received.

Have you been paid by Racksterli? When did you receive your payment? Do you have evidence to back your claims? Do you think Racksterli is a scam? Do you have confidence that Racksterli would refund Invested Capital back to investors?

We like to hear from you. Kindly drop your comments below.


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