Day 4: Racksterli Refund More Capital back to Investors

For the fourth day running, the management of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme continued to refund Invested Capital back to investors.

Though the refunding process has been painstakingly slow, more investors were paid on Wednesday March 31, 2021.

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It is worth noting here that, based on the screenshots of payments available to, Wednesday’s payments appear to be the highest amount disbursed so far.

Below is evidence of payments screenshots obtained from few that were happy to share statements on social media groups and platforms. Be reminded that most people prefer to keep silent the moment they receive their payments.

In a related development, the CEO of Racksterli on Wednesday March 31, 2021 reassured investors that everyone would be paid back their Invested Capital.

Writing on his WhatsApp status, the CEO debunked rumours circulating on social media that the company was running away with Investors Capital.

He confirmed that Racksterli was still dishing out funds to subscribers, and he reassured everyone that the entire process will continue till every subscriber gets their Invested Capital back.

Here’s exactly what he wrote:

“For 9 months, all we did was serve. We worked day in day out to a legacy, and do what nobody has ever done in the digital marketing field.

“You think it is our Joy to let all of that fade into thin air? It is neither our intention nor would we allow that to happen”

He reiterated the desires of his board of directors determination to resolve this present issues on ground as quickly as possible.

“Yesterday, I had a meeting with our board of directors on the way forward, how to get funds quickly to investors, and move on to the next great chapter in the history of the company”

“We are still ditching out refunds daily, and we won’t stop, even for a day, till that goal is achieved.

He concluded by reminding investors that it “might take a process, you can trust our words”

Were you Paid today? Do you have evidence of payment? Kindly drop your comments below. Are you still waiting for your payments? Let us know as well.

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