Dear Gov-Elect Abubakar Sani Bello: The Task Ahead Of You

I will like to First and foremost, congratulate you and your entire team on a successful campaign and  this well deserved victory. You worked tirelessly for this. For the first time in the history of , Nigerlites can be proud they were actively involved in the choice of it’s leadership. For the first time since the return of democracy, Nigerlites are once again passionate about the affairs of the .

You have every cause to be exultant. You have every cause to rejoice but do not celebrate too much because there is fire on the mountain. You should also be worried. Worried in the sense that Niger state is in dire need of an outstanding leader. The task ahead for you is one of the most delicate and complicated one in the northern part of Nigeria. The reason are simple. Since the return of democracy in 1999, Nigerlites have yet to really taste the benefits of democracy. Now, the people have entrusted  their mandate with you, the most courageous thing to do is put the people first, do not take the people of Niger state for granted. Nigerlites like all Nigerians have found the strength in their votes. 

You must have vision for our dear state. Your greatest enemies will be the sycophants who will encircle you: The politicians. They are the vultures. They are only going to undermine your government. I’m talking about the people who have been responsible for the failure of your predecessors; The praise singers. You must dispense with them lest they undermine your government. You must surround yourself with competent and outstanding men who share your vision for the state. People you can look straight in the eye, demand quality leadership and expect them to deliver. It’s a new dawn in Nigeria and indeed Niger state. You can see how people voted massively to oust -led government which had failed in its promise to perform and move the state to greater heights. You must take a cue from the likes of Governors Tunde Fashola, Rabiu Kwankwaso, etc.

You must avoid the kind of people who were responsible for the failure of Goodluck Jonathan and Muazu Babangida Aliyu. In the end, only they, the elected paid dearly for the failures of their lieutenants. When your administration performs well, you will get the plaudits, equally, when it fails woefully, you will take all the blame for it. You must choose your cabinet members carefully and you must demand accountability from them. They should be able to show you their scorecard every six months or one year.

Dear Governor-elect. Your campaign for the second term starts on May 29, 2015. When you deliver, you won’t need to convince the people about your abilities to lead them, You should be able to your soon to be counterparts like Mallam Nasiru elrufai of kaduna state, Hon. Aminu tambuwal of sokoto state, akinwumi ambode of state etc, in performance. I want my governor to be mentioned in the same light as those outstanding gentlemen. When you deliver, you won’t need billboards like your predecessor Babangida Aliyu to convince people about your achievements.

I want my governor to be a contender when the names of those who will succeed our president-elect general Muhammadu are being mentioned, just like fashola and Kwankwaso were automatic contenders. I do believe you can make us proud once again. The glories will be yours.

My governor elect. You are starting on a clean slate. No political baggages whatsoever. I do not think governance involves performing magic. It requires competent hands and a supervising governor that will ensure all the contractors are held accountable, all the commissioners perform their duties and every worker in the state take their jobs seriously.

One of your key agenda should be how to grow the (IGR) internally revenue for the state, We should not have to depend sorely on federal allocations especially, in this period of declining oil prices. Particular attention should be paid to empower small, medium and cottage enterprises to attract investors to Niger state. Agriculture is also key, our education sector is in bad shape, pipe borne water, building Recreational parks, to mention but few. Give Niger state and minna in particular a facelift.

We supported you wholeheartedly without doubts in our minds but remember, there are many that didn’t, and who will want to see you fail. We will continue to pray for you and you must try your best to make us proud. The era of Godfatherism is done. Your Godfathers are the people of Niger state. When you impress them, they will stand up for you to the extent no Godfathers will go. 

Once again, accept my best wishes as you begin process of our collective  emancipation. 

is a good governance advocate and tweets as @P_Muye

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