Delta Guber Result: Emerhor Is Engaging In Shameless Propaganda


I have watched with utter dismay O’tega ’s attempt to discredit the results of the governorship and House of Assembly election in .

Not a few in Delta are amused and puzzled by his antics given the obvious facts on the ground that and Emerhor did not stand a chance of winning the governorship election in the State.

According to the results published by INEC, APC scored a paltry 67, 825 and failed to win in any of the local governments including Ughelli North where Emerhor hails from.

The question to ask Emerhor is: Was he also rigged out in his local government that was won by the Labour Party? If indeed that is the case, does that not prove that he is a political light weight even in his own local government?

Instead of conceding victory and concentrate on rebuilding and uniting his party, which currently has three factions, Emerhor has chosen to in .

I have heard people say that all his bluster is for political relevance; a cleverly designed scheme to gain the attention of the APC national hierarchy for a possible ministerial slot.

If that is the case, I would have thought a better way to go about that is to seriously begin the hard work of repositioning the APC in Delta and transform it into a formidable opposition to the ruling .

At the moment, it has to be said that the only viable opposition to the PDP in Delta is in the person of who, rather dubiously, keeps moving to a different political party at every election.

During his congratulatory visit to the -Elect, Emerhor canvassed for General Muhammadu ’s support for the cancellation of the Delta Governorship and House of Assembly results because, in his estimation, they are not credible.

In particular, Emerhor alleged that there is a discrepancy between the number of accredited voters as captured by the electronic card reader and the results declared by INEC.

Those who have followed this story will recall that even before the results were announced, Emerhor was already calling for the cancellation of the results because, according to him, card readers were not used during the election.

It is ironic that the same person is now claiming that the card readers captured over 700,000 votes according to his figure.

The question is: when did Emerhor realise that card readers were used during the election?

Now that he has admitted that card readers were used, what are we to make of his initial pronouncements that card readers were not used? And did the card readers show that he scored more than the 67,825 declared by INEC? Deltans will like to know.

According to media reports, the banker-turned politician told Buhari that Deltans were poised to vote for change like all other parts of the country but for the alleged violence and intimidation of APC supporters. This is nothing but crass opportunism. While there were constant media reports about political violence and killings in some states, it was not so in Delta.

I was in Delta during the general elections and most people there will testify that the elections generally were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

And they are at a loss as to how Emerhor can make such a wild allegation that has no bearing with the reality on the ground.

It was evident from his remarks to Buhari that Emerhor expected Deltans to vote for APC just because “Delta cannot afford to be in opposition.” That is the type of hollow campaign that Emerhor ran in Delta; a campaign that was based on sentiments, not facts, hype without substance, and exclusionism at the expense of inclusivity.

Before Buhari’s victory, Emerhor was so preoccupied with being recognised as the legitimate Urhobo candidate that he did not articulate a programme for Deltans that is specific, credible, and measurable.

He frequently talked about ending “16 years of PDP misrule” but we were not told how. Yet he thought Deltans, as informed as they are, would vote for him just because APC is at the centre. Deltans know better than that.

They know that being in “opposition” is not a death sentence; that, in fact, it can be a blessing in disguise as we have seen in such states as and Anambra.

Mr Jackson Ekwugum, a journalist, wrote from Lagos.

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