Derby @14 Away UK Free Football Pool Key

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Do not feel aggrieved by the title of this post, but see it as a way of drawing your attention to focus on what I have for you.

Most authentic Football Pool Keys are hard to come by, so do not think that the information I am dropping here for you to use is a Key which I paid heavily for.

Let me make myself very clear here: I do not buy Football Pool Keys, and I do not buy Football Sequence booklets.

What most people parade as Football Pool Keys Booklets are simply mere observation of what certain teams do when they appear on coupon.

Now, pay attention to this: it may interest you to note that every team that appears on coupon has been programmed to perform a special role on Niger Record Pool Fixtures.

Some teams function as promoters and pointers that aid others to carry their duties very appropriately. While some teams are meant to be ‘servants’ on coupon, others are made to be ‘Masters’ on coupon.

This is the reason why coupon number 1-49 cannot draw in every given week.

I sincerely hope that you read thoroughly what I explained above and you truly understand it. Because, if you do not want to understand how pool works, I suggest you do not gamble or play pool.

Anyway, if you have read this article to this point, it means that you are really curious to know and learn how the pool industry works.

I must commend your efforts and as a result of this, I am going to show you one of the servants of coupon that will work for four Masters on coupon this season.

The Servant I am referring to is Mr Derby County.

Do you know that Derby County has a function it performs when it appears at Away on coupon number 14?

I will show you my own interpretation of the role it performs on coupon number 14 Away with all the references. You can study it as well and use the comment box to drop your observation below.
Derby @14 Away Pool Key:

When Mr Derby appears on coupon number 14 Away, the following happens:

First: Birmingham must pick a draw either at Home or Away.

Secondly, Coupon number 35 must draw.

Finally, the last number on League One and First Number on League Two becomes a compulsory Banker Pair.

Summary: Two Bankers, and a Pair.
First Setting:
Week 16, 2017:
Key: Derby @14ffff
Two Bankers:
Birmingham vs Aston V @9xxxxx
Grimsby vs Cambridge U @35xxxx

Pair: 30/31

Nap: 9xxxx, 30xxxx, 35xxxx
Second Setting:
Week 20, 2017:

Key: Derby @14ffff
Two Bankers:
Sheff Utd vs Birmingham @18xxxx
Coventry vs Crawley @35xxxxx

Pair: 31/32

Nap: 18xxxx, 31xxxx, 35xxxxx
Third Setting:
Week 6, 2018:
Key: Derby @14ffff
Two Bankers:
Birmingham not on coupon.
Exeter vs Newport Co @35xxxxx

Pair: 31/32

Nap: 32xxxxx, 35xxxxx

Fourth Setting:
Week 16, 2018
Key: Derby @14
Two Bankers:
Birmingham vs Sheff Wed @10xxx
Carlisle vs Yeovil @35xxxx

Pair: 33/34

First Nap: 10/33/35
2nd Nap: 10/34/35

UPDATE: the Nap failed to play because Derby played a draw.

Remember to play it again when Derby enters number 14 away, thanks!

The above is my free observation of the role Derby County plays on Coupon number 14 away.

Do you have a contrary observation or sequence, kindly drop it below so that people can play it as well, thanks.

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John Paul: 07030635051
for more information, thanks!!!

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