Exclusive: Aggrieved Investors Block Racksterli’s Zenith Business Account

This is the big story that every Racksterlian out there having an investments with Racksterli should know: your investments are safe and secured, and Racksterli is not in any financial crisis. In fact, Racksterli is financially stronger than ever.

The good news remains: the management of Racksterli has worked their arse out to ensure that there is a solid financial base that the company can stand on in order to withstand any pressure or challenge that may come at her.

The bad news is that several aggrieved Investors have gotten a court injunction to block Racksterli’s Zenith Business account, a scenario that the management of Racksterli has neither confirmed nor denied.

An anonymous voice note that was circulated on social media groups on various Racksterli WhatsApp groups indicate that a whopping sum of N200 Billion was found in Racksterli’s Zenith Business account.

Flowing from this revelation, it means Racksterli has more than enough Money to clear backlogs and pay every Racksterlian in the old website and clear payments in the new Racksterli website.

The voice note, which gained enormous publicity on WhatsApp, was released on Wednesday June 9, 2021 by an anonymous investor.

This voice note was the final piece of the puzzle that helped connect the dots on why Racksterli suddenly stopped operating with Zenith Bank.

It is an open secret that Racksterli operates from two Major Banks: Zenith Bank and Keystone Bank. While Racksterli has majority of its funds in Zenith Bank, Keystone Bank mainly plays a supporting role.

A research into screenshots of payments received by Racksterli investors often indicate that payments mainly came from Zenith Bank and Keystone Bank respectively.

During the Phase 1 of the Double Coupon Package Offer launched on April 19, 2021 Racksterli revealed that every eligible payments must be made into two operational accounts:
Zenith Bank and Keystone Bank.

The company, based on research, continued to make use of both accounts till the Double Coupon Package Offer closed on Friday May 7, 2021.

When the management of Racksterli introduced the Phase 2 of the Double Coupon Package Offer scheme, eligible investors retrieving their accounts from the old website were specifically told to make payments into Keystone Bank.

This new development was the very first clue we needed to affirm that something was going on behind the scene as regards why Racksterli was no longer operating their Zenith Business account.

As long as the system was flowing, investments were rolling into Racksterli and payments were being disbursed daily to eligible investors, it was difficult to observe that the company had issues accessing their Zenith Business account.

The final straw that broke the Carmel’s back came on Monday June 7, 2021 when Racksterli launched the Phase 3 of the Double Coupon Package Offer scheme after closing down the Phase 2 of the same scheme on Friday June 4, 2021.

Coincidentally, this was the last day the management of Racksterli made payments to eligible investors from Keystone Bank, based on the screenshots of payments made available on social media groups.

From June 8, 2021 till the time of writing this report, Racksterli have neither disbursed payments to eligible investors in the new website nor refunded back Capital to investors from the old website.

The most notable thing to to take away from all of these new revelations is that the management of Racksterli has proven to be fighters that will dig deeper enough to weather whatever storms come its way.

The management of Racksterli will definitely fight tooth and nail to ensure that they regain access to their Zenith Business account again.

In a nutshell, investors ought to know that their investments with Racksterli are safe and secured, and remember that Racksterli is not in any financial crisis.


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