Exclusive: Investors Set Four Months Target to Dump Racksterli New Website

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is in for more rough weeks ahead as most of its investors into the new website are seriously considering pulling out their investments from the company.

Newsbeatportal.com has obtained evidence that suggests that most investors into the new Racksterli website are seriously losing faith, confidence, and trust in the management of Racksterli and have decided to pull out their investments as early as two months from now.

Some of the new Racksterli website investors admitted to investing into the new platform with the aim of cashing out as soon as possible.

Knowing full well that the management of Racksterli will do everything humanly possible to keep the platform floating for as long as they could, most investors have devised their various exit strategies.

An investor [names withheld], who made his plans known on condition of anonymity, disclosed that he is investing aggressively into the new website in order to pull out as from July, 2021.

“I cannot tell you the total number of investments I have with Racksterli, but I know that I have several Platinum, Gold, Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald Packages.

“My intention is simple. I will recycle my investments for two months and won’t reinvest again once I cashout.

Another investor simply referred to here as Mr Gold, noted that he participated in the double coupon offer in order to reclaim his investments from Racksterli.

“I have 20 diamond accounts, 10 Gold, 10 Platinum on the old website”, he said.

“I retrieve my accounts from the old website strategically because I do not intend to continue investing into racksterli once I have been paid.

A research into some of the discussions taking place on various Racksterli social media groups focused on the durability, sustainability, and longevity of the new Racksterli website.

Most investors took to these various social media groups to express how long they intend to invest in the new website.

Whereas some of them intend to stay for two months, others have decided to stay for not more than four months.

But what could be fueling these decisions by investors to Dump the new Racksterli website after four months?

Most Investors Invested into the new platform because of the confidence they had in Racksterli to always keep to their words and promises.

The confidence levels were further raised when Racksterli continued to refund Invested Capital back to old website investors.

This confidence levels equally made some of the subscribers to embrace the Double Coupon Package Offer floated by the company in April, 2021.

However, most investors became trepidated when it emerged recently that Racksterli had not refunded Invested Capital back to old investors for more than 11 days.

This failure by Racksterli to refund Invested Capital back to every old website investors is damaging the reputation and credibility of the company.

And this has left most unpaid old Investors of Racksterli agitated, frustrated, and disappointed with the management of the company.

The agitations, frustrations, and disappointments expressed by the old website investors are having a sporadic effects on the new website investors.

With each passing day, the confidence levels of new investors are decreasing. And as more investors lose faith in Racksterli, they become even more determined to pull out their investments from the company.

But the management of Racksterli can curtail this from happening by doing what needs to be done.

Investors pulling out their investments from the old website was one of the major reasons that ended the fate of Racksterli 1.0.

History must not repeat itself again; Racksterli has been warned, and the management must act now to bring back transparency, credibility, and, more importantly, raise the trust and confidence levels of the new site investors.


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