Exposed: How BlackGold / Benart Tv Rivalry Is Tearing Apart Racksterli Establishment

The crisis rocking Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme does not appear to be ending any time soon, with several revelations being made day by day.

The key decision that has led to the ongoing crisis boils down to the fact that the management of Racksterli stopped making payments to Investors who had Cashed out from the platform.

The facts on ground suggest that subscribers who cashed out of the system from June 4, 2021 till date have not been paid their earnings. And the last screenshots of payments made available was on June 7, 2021.

Why did Racksterli suddenly stop paying investors? What exactly is going on? Why does everything appear to be on hold?

In order to be able to provide answers to the above questions, one need to look at existing precedence on how the management of Racksterli had handled the company from early January till date.

For more than 9 months, Racksterli had stayed true to its goals and objectives by paying its investors without making complaints.

Even after Racksterli 1.0 experienced a glitch that lasted for over 7 days, Racksterli continued to pay its investors for more than two weeks before the company decided to shutdown the platform on March 26, 2021.

After shutting down the platform, the company began disbursing Invested Capital back to Investors from March 28, 2021 till June 4, 2021.

On June 14, 2021, the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, announced that the company would continue the refunding process as from September 15, 2021.

Meanwhile, investors need to know that right from June, 2020 till March 7, 2021, Mr Michael Chidiebere and the CEO of Fieldsmine, Benart Tv, have been running the company together.

BlackGold and Benart TV were once best of friends; in fact, they both floated and started Racksterli 1.0 together, but their friendship deteriorated so bad that they became sworn enemies.

While Mr Michael Chidiebere was visibly known to be in charge of the company, Benart Tv was working assiduously behind the scene ensuring that everything was running smoothly.

But something remarkably happened between BlackGold and Benart Tv, and this is exactly one of the major reasons why this ongoing crisis in Racksterli is clearly visible to everyone to notice.

The personal lives, attacks, fighting, and conflicts between the CEO of Racksterli and the CEO of Fieldsmine is what is affecting every investor today.

Racksterli did not experience the glitch without a reason; it was an insider attack.

For several months, prior to the glitch, there had been an ongoing rancour between BlackGold and Benart Tv over some unresolved differences.

It is not exactly clear, at the moment, what led to the rift between BlackGold and Benart Tv, or how it all began. Sooner rather than later, things will naturally reveal itself.

But, one thing that is crystal clear right now is that this serious beef between these two individuals is one of the main issue that has fuelled the crisis we are all seeing in Racksterli (both Racksterli 1.0 and Racksterli 2.0).

Recently, an anonymous source confirmed that the management of Fieldsmine invested into Racksterli’s new platform through a third party; it remained unclear how the management of Racksterli got wind of this situation.

Could this be one of the most highly probable reason why Racksterli stopped paying investors?

Investors need to realise that apart from having an investment in Racksterli, Fieldsmine also Invested heavily into crypto currency trading.

At a time when there was significant dip in crypto currency traders portfolio, the management of Fieldsmine had hoped on the payments from Racksterli to help settle its investors. But, Racksterli decided to stop making payments to investors.

The onus at this point in time falls on all investors to think and ask the right questions. This is the time to get logical, and follow the rules of syllogism.

Investors need to come together and focus on the bigger problem here; because the fight between these two individuals is causing everyone else to suffer.

There is no smoke without fire, and there is equally no effect without a cause. Something bigger than the current distractions on social media is going on underground and we just need to open our eyes and see things for ourselves.

Investors need to rally round together and call these two individuals to order; the enmity between them is wrecking everything else for us all.

A house divided against itself cannot stand, and when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers it.

Investors are trapped in the ongoing war between Racksterli CEO and Founder of Fieldsmine. Two best of friends now sworn enemies? It’s not a coincidence.

It is not all about the denotative meaning of the messages these two individuals have sent out to subscribers in the past, we all need to decipher the connotative meaning in them.

In a nutshell, you only need to be rational and logical enough to see that the full blown crisis plaguing Racksterli and Fieldsmine is as a result of an internal war between two individuals.

The war between Blackgold and Benart TV may not be the only reason we are all in this mess; rather, you only need to open your eyes and see that it has been one of the leading factors that have fuelled everything happening today.

Investors need to wake up and stop chasing after shadows and distractions, we all need to rise up in other to think, try to understand everything happening and strategize on the best approach to defend ourselves.

For we do not want to get trapped and suffer, just as the ground suffers when two elephants fight.

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