Exposed: New Format Investors Use To Make Money From Racksterli Crisis, Chaos

The crisis rocking Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is still unresolved, but smart investors have found a way to profit from all of these chaos and confusions.

We have uncovered a very brilliant format that hundreds of individuals have been using to emotionally blackmail investors in order to have them fooled by their hidden motives.

Sadly, thousands of investors who are really gullible and prone to various kinds of sophisticated manipulations have been falling for these manipulators.

These unscrupulous individuals understand perfectly the crisis rocking Racksterli and they equally understand the mental torture it has on investors.

No wonder, at a time when thousands of investors feel desperately hopeless and frustrated at the crisis wrecking Racksterli, these unscrupulous elements are cashing in on the emotional frenzy being displayed by investors.

So, what is the new format that hundreds of individuals have been profiting from?

The format given below is a laid down sets of rules and procedures that you can use to make money from the ongoing crisis and chaos in Racksterli.

Kindly follow the format meticulously and you will be smiling to the bank after three weeks of rigorous mental hardwork.

1. Join a minimum of 20 Racksterli groups.

2. Start mobilising Investors. Tell them that BlackGold is scammer and they must fight if not he won’t pay or refund their Capital back to them.

3. While you are shouting, swearing, and cursing, move to the next stage by creating your own group, either on WhatsApp or Telegram.

4. Start spitting fire 🔥 everyday, pollute the minds of investors in your groups that BlackGold won’t pay them again, tell them that BlackGold is indeed a hardened scammer.

5. Tell them that you are looking for reputable and highly trained law firms that can fight their case for them and win in court. Emphasize that the court is the only hope because BlackGold cannot be arrested by an federal or state agencies.

6. As you strategize, tell them to get themselves ready and prepare all the resources that would be needed to fight. Tell them that only people ready to pay legal fees will be refunded after the court case.

7. Start mobilising them to be ready to pay as little as N5,000 to N30,000. As you are preparing their minds on the amount to pay, ensure you add more fire to the story. Tell them that BlackGold has abandoned them, and he won’t refund again.

8. Tell them to start reporting his WhatsApp accounts, Instagram accounts, Racksterli ambassadors’ accounts, report their bank account. Tell them to be doing the reporting everyday.

9. While doing the above, remind them that BlackGold cannot be trusted anymore, and he must be destroyed. Tell them that BlackGold cannot be enjoying while people are suffering.

10. If you can successfully do the aforementioned, trust me you will be making between N1 million to N5 million for yourself.

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