Exposed: Racksterli Investors Are Selfish, Greedy, Deceptive and Divided

The crisis in Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is not ending any time soon, as the war between the management of the company and investors rages on.

A research into recent activities of investors show that thousands of subscribers are being lured into this war under the perception that the management of Racksterli has swindled them of their hard earned money.

Several misinformation, rumours, and false information circulated on social media groups and channels, are being done to constantly back this narrative that Racksterli have scammed their investors.

However, there have been no established premises, facts, and evidences to buttress the aforementioned narrative that Racksterli have, indeed, scammed their investors.

Since the narrative began trending that Racksterli defrauded investors, thousands of subscribers have mobilised on social media groups and channels to strategised on ways to get their money back from Racksterli.

But, these investors cannot fully cooperate with one another because not everyone is a leader. Some are leading while majority are following the leader.

Based on existing precedence, it has been established that those mobilising and controling these social media groups and channels cannot fight for everyone.

The leaders are only using their followers to enable them get their money; once they get their money, that would be the end of that movement.

When Racksterli began the refunding process in March 28, 2021, several investors equally mobilised thousands of other subscribers on how best to pursue their refunds from Racksterli.

They strategised daily, ranted on social media groups and channels, created chaos and caused panic in the minds of subscribers from March till May, 2021 till they got their invested Capital back from Racksterli.

One remarkable thing to note from the above case study is the fact these group leaders ended their crusades the moment they got paid and abandoned their followers and supporters.

This only goes to buttress the fact that Racksterli investors, especially those mobilising other investors to get their refunds back, are selfish, greedy, and deceptive.

Every Racksterli investor need to wake up to the reality that everyone is fighting for their own personal money, and if you think you can rely on others to fight for you, then continue hoping on them.

Those fighting right now to get their Invested Capital back from Racksterli are only actively involved because of their money with the company.

When these group of people get their money, they move on with their lives and abandon their crusades. If you really think those currently asking for your support will fight for you, sorry.

People will continue to rant on social media, people will continue to get you to spread rumours and misinformation against Racksterli, but you also to think for yourself and question their motives.

People will get you to help report social media groups, accounts, and channels; but have you ever sat down to ask yourself what happens when these people get their money?

Do you really trust these people to fight and help you recover your money from Racksterli? When these people get their money from Racksterli, will they also help you fight to get yours?

The truth remains that the movements people are organising on WhatsApp groups, telegram channels, are controlled by individuals who are fighting to get their money.

There is every tendency that, because of the selfishness of human beings, these people will use you to get their money and leave you behind.

So, knowing full well that investors are selfish, greedy, and deceptive, what then can you do? What are your options?

Racksterli announced recently that the refunding process will resume in September, 2021. Do you believe this statement and still trust Racksterli?

If your answer is yes, then you need to stay calm and wait till September. But if you do not trust Racksterli to keep to its promise, then you need to act.

You must think, strategize, and come out with a good plan of your own to get your money back from the management of Racksterli.

You cannot, and you must not, rely or depend on anybody to help you get your money. You are alone in this journey and you ought to act alone accordingly.

Stop complaining bitterly on social media, and feeling disappointed that nobody is readily available and willing to support you.

Nobody is mandated to support you, nobody is mandated to be readily available for you.

Nobody is mandated to fight your battles for you, everyone fights for themselves. This is the basic survival instinct of life.

Nobody is mandated to believe in your dreams, nobody is mandated to always be there for you to assist you in retrieving your Invested Capital back from Racksterli.

You only need to remind yourself that you have got only yourself and God, and whoever comes your way by divine providence.

You need to get up, push yourself, make efforts to get your money back and never forget to learn from all of these experiences.

Above all, as you learn to improve on these Racksterlian experiences, ensure that you work to develop yourself and create value so much that would want to be around you.

It is only when you finally arrive at this point that you can go ahead to select and determine the company and calibre of people you want in your life.

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