Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Spouse, By Comrade Abdulbaqi

Marriage has been known among the oldest good traditions that the human race has been practising. With a lot of men and women all around, without institutionalizing marriage, the adultery and fornication will become the order of the day. There will not be father, children will only have mothers, because the fathers of the children will not take the responsibilities of the children.

Marriage is design to be forever. Though there is divorce, but the divorce is unwanted and conditional. There are a lot of factors that one need to look before choosing a spouse so as to have a successful marriage;

Firstly, before choosing a spouse, one need to under stand his religious commitment. This is because, God is the creator of all mankind. If there is any relationship, then it is behind God – servant relationship. If that person that you intent to marry has no commitment to God, has no respect to the rules of God, then I guess he/she will not be committed to you. He/she will not respect you. And he/she will not take any good care of you. God created him/her, it is God that is providing his/her sustenance, and yet that person does not respect God. How will he/she respect you?

Secondly, you should know, learn and find out the level at which your spouse respect his/her parent. I doubt if your proposed spouse fail the first one if he can make the second one. Our parent are responsible for our progress, our development and our up bringing. Our mothers carry us in the womb for twelve months. They suffered all our childishness to bring us to where we are today. If your spouse does not respect his/her own parent, then forget it, if you must marry. him/her, then let you know that your proposed spouse will not respect and care for you as he is not doing it to his/her

Thirdly, before chosen a spouse, you need to know the level of his/her commitment to his/her siblings. Your proposed spouse needs to respect his/her siblings. Because they grow together, play together, suffer and progress together. If your fiancee does not love, tolerate, and respect his/her siblings,
then how can your proposed spouse respect you.

Fourthly, your fiance must have neighbours, friends, cousins and other relatives. Don’t let love overwhelm you, take a look of how he/she treat them, count on that before. You
relationship become stronger.

Among other things that one should look before chosen a spouse are; his honesty, sincerity, generosity, tolerance, understanding, his love to other people and his maturity. These things cannot be over look. One must make sure that he fully scrutinize the person he wants to marry so as to have a successful, responsible and reasonable family in the future.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari


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