#Ferguson Killing: Racism Still Biting Hard In The US, By Abdulbaqi

The recent killing of a black teenage boy by a white police officer in Ferguson, of Missouri, Unites State, have re-expose the state of racial intolerance in the and selective justice in the United States of America.

The killing of Mr Brown further shows the lie been promoted by western media that America and western Europe are civilised and respect human rights of. Every human being irrespective of background.

The blacks accounts for about 15 percent of the 310 million population of the United States. Unfortunately, despite Obama as the current President of the US, America&;s policy against minorities has not change in any way despite very long years of advocacy against that. Minorities whether racial, religious, or ideological are been hunted down any where by the United State despite its so called rights to religion. The US is persecuting them for no reason.

Recently, a Pastor named Terry Jones in the US burned the Holy Qur&39;an in a ceremonious gathering in florida. Also, it took years of persistent trial and determination before muslims were finally allowed to build an Islamic center in the former location of the twin towers. Likewise other racial minorities like the indigenous Indians, they too are not spared. In fact even ideological different can cause the US to hunt a person or state down.

During the hay times of Communism in the 1960s, America kept on illegally pressuring smaller nation of the world to abandon Communism or be sanctioned. America was in Vietnam war and Korean war only to stop Communism from spreading. So also was America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc in order to forcefully promote capitalism and so called "De more crazy"

The Judgment of the Grand Jury not to try the white police officer that killed Mr Brown was not a surprise to me at all. Despite the significant number of black in Ferguson, it was only three out of twelve juries that are blacks, hence the majority of the white juries chooses not to vote for the white officers to stand on trial.

Martin Luther King Jr is long gone now. perhaps, he went to his grave with his battle for equality and equity. That was why increasing racially motivated crimes are on the increase in the US, especially in the East cost states.

For the minorities in the US to enjoy a better life and security, they must unite and be their brothers keeper. They should help their fellows by sponsoring their education and securing their future. If not, the 1940s golden time of racism may be resuscitated again.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

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