Wk 03 Aussie Football Pools Tips, Bankers, Naps – July 27, 2019

The 2018/2019 British Football Pools has come and gone, and congrats to everyone who enjoyed a relative little success.

With the conclusion of an era comes the beginning of another. In line with this, I welcome you to this special Aussie 2018 Season.

I am very excited because I believe this season might be slightly favourable to stakers and punters.

So, sit back and bookmark this page; because I will drop here some of the games that I be keeping a close eye on throughout the season.

In a nut shell, you are entitled to our banker pairs games from Week 46, 2019 to Week 03, 2019.

As usual, I must remind you that the games posted here are for informational purposes. If you intend to risk your cash, kindly stake responsibly.

Posting forecast here do not necessarily mean the games will play, but they are only highly probable.

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I have few tips that I am going to drop for you this week, and these games are based on my perceptions of the sequence and movement of teams and numbers in pool.
If you must win pool, then you must learn the price action strategy of the pool industry. What is the price action strategy of this business?
In the real sense, it is simple: team movement, team position, team placement, and number. When you combine the above points together, then you get the perfect nap. But, like you know: nothing is perfect in this life.
No matter how perfect the conditions for a game to play is met, if the number is not among the coupon already fixed to draw, that game may never draw. So, if the numbers I will be dropping below are meant to draw this week, then nothing will stop it from playing draw.
But, how do you now know that a game has been fixed to draw? Honestly, I do not know and in truth, I do not care to know. Why do I have to worry about what I do not have control over? I will simply just pick my games, work hard, and pray it fits into the draws that has been fixed for the week. If it doesn’t work out as predicted, I try again the following week.

Niger record has over a million sequence that brings out potential banker draws and pairs on a weekly basis. Most of these sequence are deceptive because they do not give the actual draws.

Nobody has information on which movement Cardiff board will play this week and in subsequent weeks, this is the reason why football pools market is all about belief system and trial.

Every week, I post likely free banker pairs and potential draws on this page. I also create additional posts on this site homepage to share the movement that I have decided to play in every given week.

You need to be reminded that posting my games on this site do not necessarily imply that you should invest heavily on them. The Cardiff board may decide not to follow in the direction of my forecast.

The truth is this: only the board members of Cardiff has the ultimate say on which teams and pool numbers will draw this week. It is their business to ensure that the industry is regulated and controlled.

The implication of this is that: I can post a game here which will play and can also fail as well. If I am lucky to stumble upon on the minds of Cardiff board, then my games may likely play this week.
It is also possible that the games I post here may have already expired. And that may not be what Coral has decided to play that very week; if this is the situation, then there is no miracle that will make my games to play.
Cardiff has different settings, sequences, movements, and patterns that they follow on a weekly basis. These are very much valid both during the English Football Pools Season and the Australia Football Pools Season.
Most of the proofs that bring about bankers are hidden until they have expired. It is during this period that they become very clear and vivid to compilers and stakers. As you know, by this time, the games are most likely to fail.
So, what strategy can one really follow in this business to ensure profitability? The answer is simple: Believe. You must believe in your self, believe in your forecast system, and believe that you can succeed.

Do you really think that it is really simple and easy to win pool? Do you know the forces behind pool? Do you know the several psychological factors that must be in place before games play or fail? Do you also know the millions of settings and conditions required for a banker to draw?
I am sure you cannot provide answers to the above questions. I do not have answers of my own too and I know I may never have answers to them. So, what is the way forward? Study and learn from your errors and Cardiff may just bless you one day.

Therefore, be reminded that I believe in my games that I post online here and I also believe in the proofs of every banker.

It does not matter whether the games play or not; what matters is that I continue to try because Cardiff must surely bless you this season. You must win, because winning itself is a testimony to bring more stakers and investors into this business.
I am not ashamed to admit here that my games will fail you, but I also know that my games may also bless and bring you wealth.

So, are you willing to persevere with me till the end? Are you ready to play the games I post here whether they fail or not?

Will you not want to learn my strategy of secret money management scheme which you can apply to this business?
I am ready to teach you my money management formula and other formulas that will be beneficial to you as long as you remain a staker. For this information and other top quality information on football betting, banker pool games, and draws, kindly reach out to John Paul.

Now, time to forge ahead and drop the goodness I have for those who are faithful. Read carefully, please!

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Now: the next piece of information I have for you is not compulsory for everyone. In fact you can skip reading it.

This information is meant only for serious minded persons: those who want to join my pools nap draws compiler membership group.

Proof: the pool secret key of our banker pairs are posted on our homepage.

Our primary source of information for the games we post below are Niger Records.

..Banker Nap:

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Do you know that the Pool industry/business started in 1923? And the enterprise is still existing till date? Do you know why? The reason is simple: the secret of the game is guarded deeply. Everything is well structured and programmed.
Last words:

Goodluck!!! If you win with this game, Thanks!!! But, let me remind you once again that football betting involves high psychological and financial risks.

It is not meant for users who are under the age of 18 years. And there is no 100% guarantee in this pool business that games posted here every week will deliver

(…..) Perm these games before on Friday at 7:22 pm.

Kindly stake wisely, thanks!!!

Banker Pair: ………
JohnPaul: …. (…25../..41…) …
For one fixed draw. ( pair online latest Wednesday).

Aussie Pools Pair Performance:

Week 49 Pair: 33xxxx, 35xxxx
Week 50 Pair: 35ffff, 36ffff
Week 51 Pair: 38ffff, 39ffff

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