Free Nap for Week 17 UK Football Pool 2018/2019 Season

Let me make myself very clear here: I do not buy Football Pool Keys, and I do not buy Football Sequence booklets.

What most people parade as Football Pool Keys Booklets are simply mere observation of what certain teams do when they appear on coupon.

but, what do I do? I simply share information with my fellow compilers and all those who do not the time to sit down and forecast pool.

Now, have a special Nap which I am going to drop below for the benefit of every syaker this week.

The game remains free bit you need to visit my YouTube channel and click on the subscribe button. When you click on the subscribe button, you will become my YouTube registered member and you will have the opportunity to get my free games every week.

To give you a hint: the free Nap is a second time movement setting from Right-On Football Fixtures Record.

There is also a permutation which is set to deliver a potential of 5 bankers out of a possible seven numbers.

To get your free nap for this week, visit my YouTube channel now

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