Fundamental Principles of UK Football Pools Banker Draws Betting 2018

Many punters, stakers, and even some compilers often get complacent and think that to win pool and make money from football betting is easy.

In fact,

let me dash your hopes in the words that experience and advanced stakers use:

“Coupon nor be Moi Moi”.

If you must succeed in this world of gambling, you must:

1. Be serious,

2. Be dedicated,

3. Be hardworking,

4. Be transparent.

5. Be honest,

6. Be sincere,

7. Be truthful,

8. Be open minded,

9. Be patient,

10. Be calculative.

Do you know that:

“the amount of time you invest in the above virtues will determine if you will succeed and fail?

If you must succeed:

you must be passionate about football pools draws.

If you want to make a living from this business, you must eat and breathe pool gambling.

If you want to achieve success:

you must be ready to accept whatever good moral challenge that is set before you.
Draws are fixed, cannot draws are fixed.

Everything is programmed.

But, the secret to getting these fixed games is never exposed.

You can crack open the secret of successfully making it in this business when you rely heavily on pure, legal, and legitimate inspiration.

The road to success here is 90% spiritual and 10% physical.

All you need is:

1. Pure mediation,

2. Reflection,

3. Total concentration,

4. True inspiration.

Football pools is never diabolical, so try to avoid negative, evil, congested, tainted, bad, wrong inspiration.

You do not need to tarnish your image in order to be successful in football betting.

What you need is simple:

1. Believe in yourself,

2. Reflect more,

3. Trust that you can succeed.

4. Surround yourself with morally upright people

5. Be in company of and great positive thinkers.

Do you know one of the many roads to success in football pools business?

1. You must always learn from my mistakes

2. You must always be ready to improve upon what you already know.

3. You must remain fully focused.

4. You must avoid negative minded persons.

You can make it in this business.

You can make accurately predict the outcome of football matches in any league.

You can be so precise in your prediction that everything will be according to that direction you predicted.

But, do not forget to pray.

Prayer is a spiritual exercise and trust me:

you need to stay spiritually fit to see the fixed games.

Now, time to pause and articulate more points in great details.

Let me point out here that I do not brag about games predictions.

Why will I want to brag over what I cannot control?

If you have been playing the booking numbers and games that I often post online, you will know that my banker games do not always work out every week; I sincerely say: sorry for your loss!

But, I honestly want to remind you at this point what I have been hammering on from inception on the sole essence of gambling.

What is the fundamental principle and knowledge of gambling?

The basic underlining fact behind football pools gambling is this:

1. You cannot win with my games every given week.

2. You cannot be too sure that your banker will deliver until the centre referee brings the match to an end.

3. Every banker is a dead game and every cannot draw is a banker until full time.

4. You do not boast with coupon, and you must never bet with tangible things because coral can always disappoint you.

5. As I mentioned already on this blog, enjoy every winning and mourn every losses.

6. Each time you win, celebrate; but when you lose, pick yourself up and try again the following week.

7. As long as you breathe and stay alive, there is always an opportunity for you to collect your piece of the cake from the pool industry.

8. Patience remains a big and vital virtue that you must cultivate. In fact, if you are not patient, then you can never be successful in this business.

9. Always remember that you are not in control of the business; so avoid acting as if you own and run the pool games industry.

10. Just accept the basic truth that not everybody is destined to make it in this business.

11. If you are destined to achieve breakthrough in this business, keep your heads low and work hard.

12. If it is not in your destiny to make it, kindly quit.
because no matter how hard you try, you can never win.

13. Create your own fundamental principle of the pool business.

If I am to borrow a leave from the advert of Heineken – UEFA champions league partner – I will remind you to gamble responsibly.

In order for you to gamble responsibly, you must be greatly inspired, and pure inspiration can only come from within you.

When you stay focussed, concentrate, and pray, you will be divinely inspired.

When you add your pure inspiration to your dedicated working formula, then you are on your way to becoming a successful punter.

Like every facets of life, you must think and you must act as well.

Principles are good, but they must be backed by actions.

I must confess:

it is tough to implement the true principles which govern the footballing betting world.

And this is the singular reason why the UK Football Pools industry has always been around and keeps getting stronger since its inception in 1923.

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