HOBART Z Aussie Pools Week 2 Keys for July 22, 2017

By Nneka Favour

Yes our Australia Football pools Week 02 fixed live 3/3 Game is Ready now, but let me dash out a pair to the public as usual. My live pair this wk 02 is Number xx13xx pair xxx23xx with proofs and references.

Starting from this Australia wk 48 till date, pick each letters of (HOBART Z.) and add it with code 5, the answer u get and its family digit down is a fixed pair plus our secret 3/3.

Now pick up ur current Record and follow me:

wk48 purple. HOBART (Z). Z=26. 26+code 5=31. Next family digit of 31 down is 41. Number xx31xx pair xx41xx plus live 3/3 (x13xx42xx45x).

Wk49 Brown 2017. HOBAR(T) Z. T=20. 20+code 5=25. Next family digit of 25 down is 35. Number ff25ff pair xx35xx plus live 3/3 (xx13xx23xx44xx).

Wk50 Blue 2017. HOBA(R)T Z. R=18. 18+code 5=23. Next family digit of 23 down is 33. Number ff23fff pair xx33xx plus live 3/3 (x6x25x45x).

Wk51 Red 2017. HOB(A)RT Z. A=1. 1+code 5=6. Next family digit of 6 down is 16. Number ff6ff pair ff16ff plus live 3/3 (xxx8xx13xx26xx).

Wk52 purple 2017. HO(B)ART Z. B=2. 2+code 5=7. Next family digit of 7 down is 17. Number xx7xx pair ff17ff plus 3/3 live (xx13xx23xx41xx).

Wk01 Brown 2017. H(O)BART Z. 0=15. 15+code 5=20. Next family digit of 20 down=30. Number ff20ff pair xx30xx plus live 3/3 (xx13xx26xx34xx).

Now this wk02 blue 2017 final key. (H)OBART Z. H=8. 8+code 5=13. Next family digit of 13 down is 23. Number xx13xx pair xx23xx plus xx0xx xx0xx xx0xx.

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